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10 Katherine/Caroline BROTPs in Klaroline Fanfics

Having Klaroline as an OTP, I think it’s safe to say that we are all generally fond of these two love birds when it comes to the cast of The Vampire Diaries. But sometimes it’s nice to see our ship through the lenses of another character, and who better to provide such input than Katherine Pierce herself?

I think we can all admit that she is one huge, manipulative B-, but there’s just something so fun when we get to read about her and Caroline pairing up to cause trouble and mayhem.

So to celebrate the awesome friendship that could have been, we’ve compiled a list of Katherine/Caroline BROTP fics for your reading pleasure:

Beauty & The Geek by jomosfamilyjewels
An AU/AH where Comic book store owner Klaus Mikaelson and his co-owner brothers, Elijah and Kol, are thrown for a loop when they meet the new proprietresses of the lingerie boutique next door. Katherine and Caroline are about to shake things up for their nerdy neighbors, but always for the better.

Null & Void by liarfaker
An AU/AH taking place in Chicago, Caroline is one of the best lawyers taking up residence in the Windy City. Known for her ability to dominate in divorce court, she is soon to meet her match in her latest client, Katherine Salvatore’s husbands opposing counsel, Klaus Mikaelson. Heads may roll, but the sparks are flying too!

A Tale of Two Sires by BabyBSweet
Caroline wants nothing more than to be free of Damon Salvatore, only there are pesky little things like sire bonds that make that a bit difficult. Turns out her freedom from the elder Salvatore can be won with the help of one Katherine…if she can get her freedom from Klaus in return.

Remember Me by Angellus08
A 50 First Dates AU one shot, Klaus meets a beautiful waitress at a small diner in Chicago and things go rather well between the two. That is until he comes back the next day and finds out she doesn’t remember who he is let alone whatever connection they shared the previous day.

A Tree Called Life by Quills and Inkwells
Taking place after having the cure shoved down her throat, Katherine is spending her last human days at Whitmore with the TVD lady squad. But when Caroline learns of her last great love, she is determined to get her a happy ending by reuniting Katherine and Elijah. Queue a not so consenting road trip down to the Big Easy, and let the adventure begin.

Dangerous Liasons by winchestersauce
Sent down to New Orleans on assignment in this AU/AH, Caroline and Katherine are undercover agents trying to infiltrate and take down the cities most infamous assassins. But there is way more to the story than meets the eye, and it could change everything.

Bucket List by Lynyrd Lionheart
After taking the cure, Katherine’s life expectancy has dropped exponentially since being turned human. So to make the most of her last days on earth, Caroline is determined to help her complete everything on her bucket list, even if it means going all the way to Paris to drink wine on top of the Eiffel Tower, or New Orleans to antagonize a certain powerful Vampire/Werewolf hybrid.

Avowel by AddriannaDestiny
An AU where Klaus returns to New Orleans after having his werewolf half messed with by vengeful gypsies. Seeking a fix for his problems, he looks for the powerful witch he’s heard so much about, and how convenient that she be the pseudo-daughter of his protege, Marcel. Of course he wasn’t expecting the girl that was for all intents and purposes off-limits to be the enchanting blonde he’d met at Mardi Gras the night before, and Caroline wasn’t expecting her Nik to actually be NiKLAUS Mikaelson.

Eternal Bonds by Klausismyeverything
Caroline is determined to take the family back to Mystic Falls to spend Thanksgiving with the gang, but the Mikaelsons are not known to go anywhere without a fight. Let the hi-jinks and general ridiculousness ensue. Klaroline & Kalijah.

Don’t Blame Me by honestgrins
Determined to reverse the effects of the cure, Katherine and Caroline travel to Greece in search of the solution to the newly human’s problem. Running into two of the Mikaelson brothers was unexpected but no matter how much the girls may protest, it’s not entirely unwelcome. Well, not for very long at least.


And there we go! Ten Katholine BROTP fics for your reading pleasure! Be sure to read through our picks and leave some feedback for the author, and if you feel something has been left out, shoot us a message and let us know what your favorite Katherine/Caroline friendship fic is!