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Goodbye to The Vampire Diaries

On July 23, 2016 it was revealed that season eight would be The Vampire Diaries last season. We all knew it was coming with Nina leaving at the end of season six, Kat saying this would be her last season, and Ian basically telling us from the get go that it would be the final season. Also, honestly, the show hasn’t been that great since season four. The season where we lost Klaus and his villainous attitude to the a new show, called The Originals, which would give the remaining Originals their own television show located in New Orleans. Since then, our beloved show has been dropping ratings faster than Lil Dicky can drop beats.

Come May 2017 we’ll be saying goodbye to Caroline, Alaric, Damon, Bonnie, Enzo, and Stefan, saying goodbye to a show most of us grew up with. The show started before my freshmen year of high school, which means I literally went through high school and college with these kids. I watched them go through trials and issues at the same time I was going through these issues (minus the whole avoiding vampire fangs thing.)  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s ending, the show should end with some sort of dignity and hopefully with lots of Klaroline, but it’s hard to watch something that’s been apart of your life for the most important years of your life end.

As far as what we know from the panel at Comic Con, we got a lot of information. We do know that Kevin Williamson will be coming back to write for season eight, focusing on Damon’s storyline, and he has already started on episode one with Plec. We also know that Bonnie will be magic-less and fighting to get through the issues that she was left in last season, knowing Damon and Enzo are missing because they were trying to save her. The good thing is that Caroline will be with her every step of the way, THANKFULLY. The big bad for this final season is rooted in ancient times, farther back than Silas and the Originals and it is one big nasty, only known to us as “Evil Herself.” According to Paul Wesley Stefan is still being a little baby, fighting to get his brother back, trying to fix everything. Caroline of course is trying to maintain the relationship with her daughters and Alaric, but also trying to be there for her friends.

Not to forget about our favorite human man child, the last we saw of Matt Donovan, he was leaving Mystic Falls and all the supernatural crap behind him. At SDCC we were told that we would next see Matt trying to figure out his life and get a better “understanding” of who he really is. The biggest thing though, is that according to Plec, Nina made a promise to return for the series finale of the show and she has almost guaranteed that Nina will return for the final episode.As far as the the episode titles themselves, they will be a line of dialogue from previous seasons, fan favorites, and it will be a very “nostalgic” season by returning to our Season One and Two roots. The season will be shorter than it was in previous seasons, only lasting sixteen episodes.

Here we are guys, the ending of eight years of creation. So many of deaths, so many choices all reduced down to sixteen episodes. Will all our plot holes be fixed? Will Caroline finally go to New Orleans and be with Klaus? Will Damon and Elena finally reunite? I’m just not confident enough in previous seasons to be sure that they will be able to handle bringing this to a close cleanly and give us everything we want. We want all the characters to be happy, we want Klaroline, we want all these characters to ride off into the sunset, but how can they give us everything we want when they haven’t been able to in the past seven seasons. I guess we’ll just have to sit and wait to see what is going to happen ladies and gents.