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15 Humanity-Less Klaroline Fanfictions

Love it or hate it, turning off the humanity switch is a common theme in Klaroline, vampire fan fiction stories. I personally love this concept, mainly because we are seeing our two favourite characters in a totally different light for a change.

In some cases, it brings out their more daring sides resulting in some hot and heavy chemistry and in other cases it shows one’s more caring side as they try to bring the other back from the brink.

When Caroline turned off her humanity in season six it was the perfect opportunity for her to head on down to New Orleans, visit Klaus and cause a little trouble. I am still upset to this day that it was ignored in canon but lucky for us there are some amazing Klaroline authors and fan fics that have explored not only this but other fantastic scenarios.

So, grab a stiff drink and devour these amazing humanity-less stories!

1.Demeter’s Daughter by AmericanWordsmith

The best way to describe this story is a wicked ride of debauchery and destruction as Caroline leaves a trail of violence and blood drained bodies in her wake, as only a humanity-less vampire can do. Soon after flipping her switch after Liz dies, Caroline heads to New Orleans; she figures what better place to enjoy her newfound status than the Big Easy?  Enter a very protective Klaus to try and control her with humorous and in some cases very sizzling results.  

2. Gold by LalainaJ

Her mom’s gone and Caroline’s humanity is off. There’s nothing left for her in Mystic Falls. Giving her friends the slip had been simple, but they call in reinforcements, and Klaus isn’t so easy to shake. It becomes a game between them, but who’s the cat and who’s the mouse? This is a wonderfully written story that captures a humanity-less Caroline perfectly. So strap yourself in for an exciting and sexually charged ride between our favourite couple!

3. Words are Weapons by ssklarolinewrites

What happens when a humanity-less Caroline Forbes is trapped in New Orleans in the midst of Dahlia’s plan? How will the Original Hybrid react? This is a thoroughly enjoyable and unpredictable read that features a lot of the characters we know from the TV universe. You’ll love this deliciously sexy and humorous story featuring strippers, Brazilian waxes, and general craziness.

4. When the Devil Wants to Dance With You by Withinaniceheart

A story with a humanity-less Klaus for a change, which I love.  A coven’s spell in New Orleans has resulted in Klaus losing his humanity. With his emotional switch broken the monster inside him roams free. He still craves blood and destruction but somehow above all else what he longs for the most is Caroline. This is definitely a dark fiction but it’s something that will grab you from the outset and keep you hooked.  

5. Gone by Dunno12345

Caroline cannot deal with her mother’s death and as a result, switches off her humanity. Transforming into someone with no control and no conscience, she refuses to return to herself. That is, until someone else decides to pick up the task and try his luck when everyone else has failed. Caroline has no intention of letting Klaus fix her but the Original Hybrid is persistent and has other ideas. 

6. Paradise Lost by Sweet Little Darling

After the death of her mother, Caroline Forbes decides to turn off her emotions making her a heartless vampire. She joins an unusual trio with Kol Mikaelson and Katherine Pierce. When Klaus hears he is determined to get the real Caroline back, but will she let him? I absolutely adore the premise and combination of characters in this story, it is a refreshing change and a great dynamic.   

7. No Choice but Surrender by Knows-it-all

Talk about tough love! Klaus kidnaps Caroline to make her turn back on her humanity after receiving word from her friends in Mystic Falls. However in true Caroline style she is being stubborn and is determined to keep it off no matter what. The question is, who is going to win this battle of wills? I love the characterisations in this story. Unfortunately, it is only two chapters in so far and I would dearly love to read the rest! 

8. Put the Car in Drive by Austennerdita2533

Overwhelmed with flipping the switch and causing damage, Caroline leaves Mystic Falls and finds herself feeling lost and alone. She calls Klaus. What happens? What does she say? This is definitely one of my personal favourites and something I’m sure you will enjoy just as much as I have. Who knew one phone call could contain such wit, surprising emotion and honesty between our favourite couple and as you read on further it only gets better!    

9. I Wrap My Hands around Your Neck with Love by UglyTruth

Without her humanity, Caroline realizes she’s better off taking time off from Whitmore to escape any emotional triggers. Her road trip will not only have her discover the cities she’s never experienced, but inevitably drive her to New Orleans to set some things straight with the Original hybrid. This is a well set-up story that intrigues you from the outset. 

10. Turn It Off Caroline! by yolione13

I like the original concept for this story. Caroline once again is asked to be the blonde distraction by the Mystic Falls gang but this time she gets fed up with their request. So fed up that she decides to turn her emotions off completely! Will Klaus help her turn her emotions back on or will he encourage her to keep them off permanently?

11. A Portrait for Caroline by darkangel9314

Set during the scene in 6×15 with Caroline and Elena. Caroline has finally turned off her humanity switch and is now causing havoc over Mystic falls, but when Caroline spirals out of control will Klaus be the one person who can save her before she goes too far? I love the premise of this story, especially all of Caroline’s calls to Klaus for advice (including that cheeky request for vampire/hybrid sex). 

12. Rave On by ssklarolinewrites

Caroline’s humanity is off and Klaus finds her at a rave, attempting to save her (I especially like the line where she tells Klaus she likes playing with her food these days). He pleads with her to come to New Orleans but she’s not easily convinced and jet sets around the world only to find Klaus there at every stop along the way refusing to give up on her as only our favourite hybrid can do. Sexy, fun and filled with feels you won’t regret reading this gem.    

13. Caroline’s Humanity by Elizabeth-Alice-Violet

Caroline turned off her humanity when her mother died and ever since has been terrorizing the streets of Mystic Falls. In a strange twist of fate, not only will she have to come to terms with what she’s done – but also the dangerous interest in two over-looked lovers. This story is two chapters of plot set-up but I would really love to see it continued to know how it plays out in the end. 

14. Dimmer Switch by lilycody

This is a lovely one-shot to read. Caroline flips her humanity off after her mother’s death and heads to the Big Easy. Her intention is to drink more of Klaus’ delicious blood, but what happens when seeing him again stirs up some unresolved feelings? Blood sharing and sexy times, you can’t ask for much more than that!

15. Klaroline by Draco-Harry-Lover-1

This story definitely starts off with a fiery bang and immediately grabs your attention. Caroline finds Klaus to tell him how she feels but stumbles upon him and Hayley post sex (awkward much). Pissed off is an understatement of how she feels. When Klaus comes to talk to Caroline and explain he catches her in bed with her best friend Stefan Salvatore. Can the two get past it and work out their issues?

All of these stories are so entertaining and interesting, so I suggest you take the time and read all the amazing humanity-less fics on offer.