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Fandom Reacts to New Klaroline Stills from 5×01

My voice is raspy and sounds like I’ve smoked a pack of cigs a day for the past year because I haven’t stopped screaming since Tuesday at approximately 10:02AM CST (11:02AM EST, 4:02PM UK, 6:02PM RUS etc etc). I’m screaming because Entertainment Weekly released NEW PICTURES OF KLAUS AND CAROLINE!

Thanks to a heads up from Jeffrey Lieber, a writer on The Originals, we knew to expect a “trailer” on Monday morning, and when that was a let down, he also hinted that we could expect something on Tuesday. And here we are. Not one, but TWO stills from 5×01! My skin is clear, my crops are flourishing, and WE ARE BLESSED! I know so many long time shippers, including myself, that felt like we were in the golden days of Season 3 and 4 with those new pictures! It’s 2018, TVD is over, but somehow, Klaroline is still here.

Since we are all hungover from so much excitement and still in a state of shock, let’s take a moment to relive the fun by checking out a few my favorite fan reactions from both Twitter and Tumblr!










I am POSITIVE there is so much more coming, and I hope these tweets & posts brought a smile to your face. Until next time, oh, and remember Caroline Forbes flew all the way to Europe to find her Last Love and knock some sense into him. She’s the only person who could ever ‘Bring Him Back’. Kthanksbye!