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Playlist: 25 Songs of Klaroline Feels

Hello, dear Klaroliners! Happy weekend!

Have you ever heard a song and just think of Klaroline? Or have you wanted a playlist that inspires you to write, or create something Klaroline? I hope you enjoy this playlist filled with some classics that all of us will know and some hopefully new songs for you to enjoy as well.


As an alternative, here is a version on Spotify:

So what do you think guys? Did you like the songs? Do they give you Klaroline feels?

Are there any songs that aren’t on the list but scream Klaroline to you? Because let me be honest, sometimes I hear a song on the radio or a playlist and just boom – feels. I am always on the lookout to find new Klaroline songs so let me know what songs you would add to the playlist in the comment section below!


Here is the complete list:

A thousand Years – Christina Perri

Adore (Acoustic) – Jasmine Thompson

All I Want – Kodaline

Bloodsport – Raleigh Ritchie

Devil’s Backbone – The Civil Wars

Don’t Let Me Go – Raign

Find My Way Back – Cody Fry

Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran

Hello – Adele

I Found – Amber Run

In Another Lifetime – Zoe Sky Jordan, Kyler England

Moondust (Stripped) -Jaymes Young

Never Let Me Go – Florence

Never Forget You – Zara Larson

Poison & Wine – The Civil Wars

Silhouettes – Of Monsters and Men

Start of Time – Gabrielle Aplin

Stay – Rihanna

Surrender – Natalie Taylor

Talk Me Down – Troye Sivan

Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran

Work Song – Hozier

You – Robin Stjernberg

You’re the one that I want – Lo-Fang

Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

I hope you enjoyed this playlist and maybe even discovered some new songs. Have a most wonderful weekend!

  • Дилевич

    Beautiful songs indeed!

    I would add these ones:

    Cary Brothers – Belong ( This 4×23 moment! Ahhhhh!)
    Young Summer – Why Try ( “Friends, then?”)
    Elizabeth Harper & The Matinee – Pictures of You (“…could you please go back into your creepy trophy case of family collectibles and dig me out something of royal caliber?”)
    Trent Dabbs – Wrap My Mind Around You (Klaroline is looking for a dress to wear on Mikaelson’s ball, gives up and accepts Klaus’s gift 😀 Hell yeah!)
    Trading Yesterday – For You Only (Fanvideo caused it :D)
    Barcelona – Please don’t go
    Christel Alsos – Found (However it wasn’t playing in 4×23, it will always be associated with this episode considering how I was Inspired to make fanarts after seeing it 🙂 )
    Christel Alsos – Still ( I made a Klaroline video to this song, so it’s really dear to me 🙂 )

    and others:
    Snow Patrol – What If This Storm Ends? (The Lightning Strike)
    J. R. Richards – Never Forgotten
    Cary Brothers – Take your time
    Glee Cast – My Man
    Matthew Perryman Jones – Until The Last Falling Star
    Safetysuit – What If
    Armin van Buuren Feat Christian Burns – This Light Between Us

    Thank you for your patience and reading till the end 😀

    • Monika

      Thank you so much for these!

  • Jusea

    Thank you for these beautiful songs.