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4 Things We Learned about Klaroline from FEARCON

Hello my little elephants! I hope you’re all still alive after finding out that Caroline will head to Europe to find Klaus per Rebekah’s request! Klaroline reunion in Europe!! On top of this great news, Joseph Morgan was at FEARCON in Germany over the weekend and he gave us a few more things to fangirl about!

Whenever Joseph is going to be at a convention, it’s kind of a big deal but with the new season of The Originals only a few months away *squeals* these cons are even more important and Q & A panels are our best way of getting details. Tweets from convention goers definitely made it sound like Klaroline and Caroline were very popular talking points, much to antis bitterness *heart eyes emoji*.

Big shoutout to all the KCers who went and provided the information below (especially @josephsarmy and @xbenqcatx who I twitter stalked :D), not all heroes wear capes!

Joseph’s favorite scene from The Vampire Diaries is from 3×11 where Klaus healed Caroline. Hi!! Yes! It’s the moment our ship was born! I also LOVE that of all the scenes he’s had in TVD, he said this one is his favorite. Oh captain, my captain!

“It was great [working with Candice again]. It was really nice to see her again and you know we worked together so much on The Vampire Diaries. I know it’s hard to come to a new show…but it was really easy. It felt like we slipped back into the rhythm of the characters’ dynamic really easily.” The characters’ dynamic. YAAAAS! If there’s one thing the entire fandom and the media can agree on it’s that the chemistry between Klaus and Caroline is off the charts! It’s why we fell in love with Klaroline and I’m so FUCKING EXCITED to see them together again!

“I can tell you most of her scenes have been with me.” Joseph also went on to say there has not been a Klarokiss yet. Alright alright, I know some naysayers are going to cling to this no kiss thing and say it’s a loss for us, but honestly, for a long time most of us really thought we’d never see them share a screen again. I’m going to take what we can get and go out on a high note! Besides, YET. YET. YET. And Joseph said most of her scenes are with HIM! The banter, the bickering, the sexual tension! THAT’S what we fell for, not a kiss or the 5×11 sex. Yes, I want the physical relationship, but want the secret smile, the laughing, and the comfort and bond that comes from knowing person for over a decade.

“She’s [Candice] been a part of this show, there’s been at least another episode that she’s been in…I’m sure there will be at least one or two more…” *FAINTS* DID YOU READ THIS??? YES! Joseph tried to play it off like he didn’t know but OH MY! He thinks Caroline will be in AT LEAST ONE OR TWO MORE episodes!! Can you imagine? 4 episodes with Klaroline! I always knew it wouldn’t just be one or two! Money is on the final 2 episodes! Anyways, I’m screaming, dying, peeing, vomiting, you name it!

In conclusion, what’s it like to lose? Guess we’ll never know cuz we have Klaroline scenes coming!