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7 Things We Learned About Klaroline From Comic-Con 2017

There are certain significant days in the Klaroline Fandom, the Australian 5×11 promo day, the 7×14 crossover confirmation day, and now, the Klaroline reunite in 2018 day. It’s been almost 72 hours and I’m still in a state of shock from everything we learned about Klaroline at Comic-Con this weekend!

While we weren’t lucky enough to have a surprise visit from Candice King herself, we did get lots of information that has the Fandom feeling well fed! From the panel, to video interviews, to the articles, let’s take a look at what stuck out, in no particular order because it’s all amazing!

  1. Klaroline FEELS right! Both Joseph and Julie said that telling this story at this time just feels right. Excuse me, I’m having heart palpitations. I’d like to remind you all that we’ve always said Klaroline was the secret weapon and would be pulled out when Julie was out of cards to play, looks like that time has come since this is the final season of The Originals. Source: Panel Video (1:34)
  2. Klaus and Caroline WILL have a scene together in The Originals Season 5! WHAT?! YES! Joseph Morgan confirmed that he read Klaus and Caroline scenes! Source: Panel Video (2:25)
  3. Klaus and Caroline will have at least THREE scenes together! Again, our Captain blessed us! Joseph said there are three Klaroline scenes! He said anything can happen this season! AHHHHHH!!! From 0 to 3 in ONE EPISODE, BYE NARDUCCI! Source: Originals Facebook Live (3:11)
  4. Caroline Forbes will be SO Caroline Forbes! According to Julie Plec (my mother and savior), Caroline will have no problem telling Klaus where he can take his self-pity and whining! I AM ALIVE! Can you imagine the bickering?! Caroline snapping at Klaus. Klaus being ABSOLUTELY TURNED ON BY THIS BEAUTIFUL STRONG WOMAN FULL OF LIGHT! Source: EW (4:18)
  5. Caroline Forbes, outside of Klaus’ family, knows him BEST. Julie straight up said that Caroline’s known him for so long and has seen his transition from Klaus the Terrible to Klaus the Father. LADIES AND GENTS CAROLINE KNOWS HIM. Basically, they’re soulmates. Source: Panel Video (2:50)
  6. Caroline DROPPED the Salvatore. Well, not positive on this one but Captain Joseph Morgan went in for the kill and made this remark during an interview and it lit my ass on fire. Any bets on how long it takes Klaus to mock the hyphenated last name? Source: TVLine
  7. Candice will be in MORE than one episode! This one is not 100% confirmed BUT let’s look at what we know:  
    1. a. Julie said she has an open door policy for anyone from TVD and we will hopefully see Candice in more than one episode. Source: Panel Video (4:45)
    2. Media articles announced Candice’s guest appearance in the premiere and Julie said “in the first episode she really just has scenes with Josh”, but Joseph has read scenes with Klaus and Caroline in them. If Caroline’s having scenes with Josh in 5×01…then when are those 3 KC scenes that Joseph mentioned? Must be a later episode?! Source: TVLine
    3. Carina is excited to see Candice on set because she will see Florence. Now I don’t have any kids, but I don’t know if Candice would pack up Florence and fly to ATL for ONE guest appearance. Feels like she’d bring her along if she plans on being there for a while. Source: Carina’s tweet

You still alive? I barely am! It’s crazy to believe that after all these years we are about to have real face-to-face Klaroline scenes! I’m really hoping we will see the fire that Joseph mentioned at Bloody Night Con in May! Our OTP has never been short on chemistry and I’m already dying thinking about it.

I’m ready for the breathy way they will say each other’s names, the eye sex, the secret “I’ve seen you naked” smirks, but most of all, the familiarity and level of comfort being around each other will bring. These two have known each other for over a decade, they’ve seen each other vulnerable and they’ve seen each other be strong. They trust each other, they’re so much more than friends.

Season 5 premieres in Spring 2018, Joseph is already on set, and Candice will be on set July 31st. I pray we get TONS of behind the scenes pictures and news as they continue filming (JODICE JODICE JODICE). Next year is looking bright and the fandom has so many possibilities, I’m excited and you should be too!