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Vote for your April 2017 Fanfic Update of the Month

Hey there Klaroliners! We’re back with the winner of last month’s Update of the Month Poll! We’ve counted all the votes, and the fanfiction update you all couldn’t wait to get your hands on is…

Renegade Knights by Biana Delacroix

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If you haven’t checked out the most recent chapter, be sure to check out her story and leave a review! Comments and constructive criticism is always appreciated and it might bring about that next chapter just a little bit faster.


For this month’s poll, we’ve chosen 5 fanfic updates for you to choose from! Here are the selections:
Letters to Hope by Ashleighxx

This recent update complete’s Letters to Hope. Ashleighxx wraps up her piece with an epilogue, giving us a glimpse of Klaroline up to Hope’s 21st birthday, and a look at the gift she chooses to give to them after all that they have given to her.

Double Crossed by Wreckless Righter

Klaus’ visions have been getting worse. Not only is Tatia voicing his insecurities, but the appearance of another Mikaelson long past has begun to haunt him: Henrik. It’s the final straw in Klaus finally telling Caroline what’s going on in his head.

Without A Map by LaLainaJ

Part one of the epilogue takes us from day fourteen where Klaus and Caroline are heading back home and on through their new found relationship. Long distance is hard but calls, packages, and frequent visits keep it all together, especially an extended trip Caroline takes for Klaus’ birthday.

Fever Pitch by xxredwineandambiencexx

Caroline is back in Texas and ready to start training again. It’s good to be back, but when faced with the juvenile efforts of her competition, Hayley, and the reappearance of Tyler-the-cheating-ex Lockwood, it puts a damper on her return. But have no fear because Klaus, who’s been made Captain of the Olympic Team, is there to reassure her. It’s time to get her head in the game.

Not a fairytale by OoHarleyQuinnoO

In this chapter, everyone is celebrating the death of the wolves, but according to Ayanna’s sources, this will only be the beginning of what’s to come for the village. Elsewhere, Klaus worries that the sweet girl he’s about to marry may be mamuna offspring. And if Caroline is, what is he to do?


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Be sure to cast your vote and tune in next month for the winner of April’s Update of the Month!