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This week I caught up with the author of Letter to Hope, Ashleigh. We talked about Klarloline, her writing, and other things.

Hmm, I love reading, crocheting and drawing when I am not too busy with my two toddlers that are crazy and wild. I find it difficult to express my self tidy. My partner lists my qualities as sarcastic, sadistic, organised, neat freak with a filthy mind and sick sense of humor.

KM: How did you get into writing fanfiction?

Asheigh: I got into FanFiction a few years ago while obsessing over Nick and Jess (New Girl). I read a lot of stories and wanted to try my hand at it and from there I jumped over to a few more fandoms and got stuck in the Klaroline fandom.


KM: Which do you find hardest to write: the beginning, the middle, or the end. Why?

Ashleigh: I get stuck mainly at the end of the fics. I think its to do with continually questioning myself if it end right, or sometimes its that I know its finished and I’m not ready to let it go.


KM: Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of and explain why you like it?

Ashleigh: Im really fond of my current story Letters to Hope. I’ve had the idea in my head since last November and I planned all of the gifts and letters ready and waiting till i gathered ideas for the story around it. It has taken a lot of planning and it has been really enjoyable planning and typing it up.


KM: Do you listen to music when you write or does music inspire you? If so, which band or genre of music does it for you?

Ashleigh: Music definitely helps me when writing. Indie or rock is my genre to listen to in general, so that type of music helps me focus and get the inspiration to write.


KM: If someone was to read on of your fanfics, which fic would you recommend them and why?

Ashleigh: Oh, I would probably recommend Letters to Hope simply because I love it. It’s a slow burn to get to Klaroline but with cute Klope moments.


KM: Have you ever changed the plot in the middle of writing a fanfic?

Ashleigh: With some of my one-shots they sometimes don’t go to plan. I have some that started the way I planned and came out totally different, but it worked better than my original plan, so thats all good.


KM: In your opinion, is writing harder or more stressful than editing?

Ashleigh: I think finding the motivation to write is harder than the writing. When I get into the flow and am focused its very easy to get lost in the story. Editing is harder for me too, hence why I have and amazing Beta to help me out on Letters to Hope.


KM: Now that TVD is on it’s last season do you think that they’ll move Caroline over to the Originals? If so, what would you like to see happen to our favorite Barbie Vampire?

Ashleigh: I would love to see Caroline on The Originals. Who wouldn’t in the fandom? I’d love to be optimistic and see her go to NOLA and join Klaus, but I would be happy for the closing of the series to show her turning up at his door step in a flash forward and give us a Klaroline ending.


KM: What about Klaus and Caroline’s relationship pulled you in and made you start to ship them?

Ashleigh: I totally love both characters separately but the chemistry when they are in scenes together is amazing. I love the idea of the man who thought love was vampires greatest weakness fell in love with the girl who thought there wasn’t anyone in the world capable of loving her.

Their characteristics are very similar to each others which is intriguing yet I love the difference in their actions to situations. Where Caroline will chose to forgive and help and see the good in others Klaus will act in anger and focus on the betrayal.


KM: What inspired the plot of Letters to Hope?

Ashleigh: I think it was my way of coping with the baby plot on The Originals and trying to find a way to incorporate her into Klaroline fiction.


KM: When the sender is revealed as Caroline, how will the story move forward? Will it be angsty, fluffy, action packed, ect.?

Ashleigh: I’m going to go with mainly fluffy and light hearted.


KM: What is Caroline’s reasoning behind sending Hope gifts?

Ashleigh: She wants to connect with Hope. I don’t think Caroline would want to prompt Klaus into getting to know his daughter, but a subtle reminder that he is doing great and its okay to love, he is capable of it, as you can see.


KM: When Caroline finally joins them will there be animosity between her Hayley and Camille?

Ashleigh: Oh, with Hayley I am gonna say yes. They still have some grudges against each other from canon events. Camille will be a different story, it can go either way and I haven’t decided which way to travel down.


KM: I know you can’t reveal who finds out that the sender is Caroline, but is it a possibility that one of them already knows that it is her?

Ashleigh: On the current chapters no one know. Klaus is heavy in denial so its not going to be him, he is going to be just as shocked as everyone else when she arrives. Some on will know for definite though in future chapters.


KM: Lastly, can you give us a sneak peek of the next chapter of Letters to Hope?

Ashleigh: I will be uploading chapter 10 tomorrow (Monday) so here is a sneak preview for chapter 11.

His favourite time of the week was when Hope asked him to teach her how to paint, or when she insisted on still having Little Red Riding Hood being read to her while cuddling into him.

It wasn’t just that.

He enjoyed these gifts and letters as they brought the family together in different way. Of course there were fights and squabbles and tantrums over anything and everything, but they were family above all.


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