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Author Interview with isle-of-fervor

Recently the magazine got to chat with Isle-Of-Fervor on fanfiction.net, author of A Dangerous Game.


I’m an 18 year old Taurus with a huge affinity for star signs and binge watching TV shows, currently in the process of relocating to Australia to become a rock band groupie. I’ve been watching The Vampire Diaries since the very beginning and have cried over it more times then I’d like to admit. I love writing and do it whenever I get the chance in hopes of one day getting the opportunity to do it all day every day for a job.


KM- What fics are you currently working on at the moment?

Isle- Currently, I am writing A Love to Kill. I have a lot of ideas that are spanning from new crossover ideas, but I want to finish ALTK before I begin anything else.


KM- I noticed all of your stories are AU, is there a specific reason for this? How would you feel about writing an AH story?

Isle- For me, season 3-4 of The Vampire Diaries is when I became obsessed with the show, and Klaroline. I loved everything about it; the storylines, the characters, the relationships that were developed. I tend to take Klaus and Caroline’s character from the way they were in that season, and then throw them into whatever story I think of. Writing is what I want to do, so trying to make up my own plots and story development while having these phenomenal characters has been such a great tool for developing my writing. I still have yet to diverge out of The Vampire Diaries, Mystic Falls, Klaus-a-hybrid, Caroline-a-vampire canon so I want to one day write a fic where I put them in a completely different world.


KM- While reading your stories, I noticed you are able to really stick to the characterisation of the characters, especially that of Klaus. How do you manage to do this? And do you experience any difficulty with this?

Isle- Bad Klaus is easy to write! What I find really hard is trying to interpret some of his feelings for Caroline in a way that doesn’t compromise the deadly Big Bad Season 3 Klaus, but yet still allows enough vulnerability for Caroline and him to further their relationship. I love writing ruthless Klaus though, so I usually self-sabotage myself by making him do something ruthless and then making it only harder for him to bridge the gap with Caroline.

KM – In your story ‘Dangerous Game,’ you basically killed off all the main characters, which for me personally was shocking at first but really awesome! How did you go about deciding to do that? And what made you make such a bold and really exciting move?

Isle- To be completely honest, at the start of A Dangerous Game I only had the intention of writing a short ficlet and wanted to try doing something radical and edgy. Being able to write Klaus with absolutely no inhibitions in that was so much fun. Unfortunately, I finished it and realised I was an absolute monster, and that there was no way I could leave it like that and have spent the rest of the time trying to redeem Klaus and salvage Klaroline’s relationship.


KM- Your story (Dangerous Game) shows a very different side to Caroline, as she deals with the aftermath of losing her friends. How do you manage to write her character so well and deal with all those emotions ?

Isle- It’s really hard, and I honestly struggle with it every time I write any thoughts or feelings of hers. I’ve obviously never gone anything like what her character has gone through, and I find it hard to try and write her expressing herself without spanning into huge, long emotional speeches. Klaroline is obviously endgame in ALTK, but I also want to stay true to Caroline’s character and how she would feel if Klaus had done something like that to her, and I want to try keeping it as organic as possible and letting their relationship grow slowly.


KM- What inspired you to start writing fanfiction?

Isle- I’ve always written stories, since I was six, usually about a chapter before I got bored and moved onto the next one. I’ve been watching The Vampire Diaries religiously since the pilot, and it’s the first TV show I’ve ever followed like that and as such the characters really grew on me and I found myself always thinking of possible story arcs the characters could go on. Actually, in Season 1 I wrote a terrible and atrocious Bamon fanfic that no longer (thankfully) exists.


KM- Do you have any favorite authors and genres? If so, which ones and why those specific genres?

Isle- My favourite authors are willowaus, Anastasia Dreams, and linzackles, and I love Dark Klaus (of course), as well as ones where Caroline is kidnapped by Klaus, and Angel/Devil character tropes. I also am in awe and have read she…colour’s Greek AU fic’s over and over and over.


KM- A lot of writers experience writer’s block. Have you had any experience with this and how do you manage to overcome it?

Isle- Of course! For a long time in high school I stopped both reading and writing (everything, not just fanfiction) completely, and you can see that in the giant hiatus between chapters in ALTK. Eventually partying and the things that distracted me in the first place became boring and I realised what I really enjoyed and sank into my introverted, Nanna self and wrote. At the moment, I am out of the house 12 hours a day at work and I share a room, so I find it tough to find time to write. When I get the opportunity, I usually have so many pent up ideas that I just nonstop write all out.


KM- We just found out recently that both shows have been renewed. What are your thoughts on this and where the story lines are at, where they could lead and most importantly, what does it mean for Klaroline?

Isle- Honestly, I am disappointed. I really think The Vampire Diaries has run its course and that it should instead take some of its key characters (aka Caroline) and move to a fresh environment like New Orleans. Ok, I admit, I just want Season 3 dynamics again. Klefan bros! Klaroline! Give me back the magic!


KM- If you could have Klaroline meet with any other ship from any other show, who would you want them to meet up with and why?

Isle- I think I’d have to say Khal Drogo and Khaleesi. Karoline in Game of Thrones in general would be amazing.


KM- Are you active on social media? If so, which ones?

Isle- I have a Klaroline tumblr account, kl-aroline, that I am not nearly active enough on. I’m actually a huge creepy lurker, I read through hours and hours of posts and blogs but never get around to commenting or taking part myself. I’m sorry guys, I’ll try to do better.


KM- When did you start shipping Klaroline and when and how did you get involved in the fandom?

Isle- I’ve always loved Caroline, but I never liked who she was paired with on the show. Matt obviously was still into Elena, I was never a Forwood fan, and then Klaus came along and I felt like it was so obvious. Both of them made each other develop and change in ways that I don’t think any other pairing would have, and I jumped into the fandom because it was so amazing to find so many other people with the exact same views as me. The fanvids, by xXWhisperOfDreamsXx, used to be my s***.


KM- What other series do you watch and what other fandoms are you a part of? And do you have any other ship preferences besides Klaroline?

Isle- I watch a heap of shows! I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Orange is the New Black and so many more! But, out of all of them, The Vampire Diaries is the one I’ve been watching the longest (since it started, week by week), and it’s definitely the fandom I’m most invested in. I spend a lot of time in the tag on tumblr, and of course writing fics, which I don’t really do with other shows (usually I’m satisfied with just talking with my friends about them).


KM- In one of the episodes of TVD, in the flash forward, Caroline turns up in New Orleans looking for Klaus. What are your personal ideas or theories on why she is there and any personal theory on what might happen?

Isle- She’s going to him for protection, right? I think Klaus has been able to distance himself from Caroline and carry on with his life because he truly believes it’s better for her (to get her normal life, break things off naturally with Tyler and Stefan, etc) and has convinced himself in his mind that to love her is to leave her. But, if Caroline is going to him for help, that means that he would be what is better for her.

KM- There’s been some shippers experiencing different emotions at the moment. Some have renewed hope for Klaroline, while others are upset over the news of the renewals and that things might not look so good. What are your thoughts on this? What advice can you give the Klaroline fandom to stay motivated and keep fighting ?

Isle- There was a time at the end of last season that I nearly gave up. Julie Plec had sent out those ‘final’ tweets and basically just shut it down so much that I truly believed it was completely over. The scenes between Caroline and Stefan while she was searching for his third doppelganger were kind of heart-warming, and I could see them trying to push Klaus further and further away from anything Mystic Falls in The Originals. But then, Steroline happened for real, and it was literally just so freaking dull. At one point I was actually kind of rooting for them, but I’ll admit that they’re never going to be anything more to each other than best friends. The phone call between Klaroline bought out more genuine emotion in them than the entire season, which just kind of makes them impossible to give up on.


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