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Author Interview with the Klaroline Awards Best Angst author 2016 : these dreams go on

We’ve tallied all the votes for the Klaroline awards and the polls don’t lie! We’re spotlighting the winner in the category for Best Angst Author, these dreams go onIn honor of our winner we’ve decided to interview this wonderfully talented author so that you readers can get a taste of what goes on behind the scenes for one of the fandom’s best writers.


KM: To those who don’t know you, quickly describe who you are as a fanfiction writer and Klaroliner.

these dreams go on: As a fanfiction writer I’m die-hard Klaroline and Kalijah. I tend not to keep in canon because I never watched full seasons of TVD but cherry picked episodes so I write AU mostly. I came pretty late into the Klaroline fandom.
KM: You won the Klaroline Fanfiction Award for Best Angst Author. What do you think the genre allows you to bring out in the characters? Is there a certain aspect that you like to explore?

these dreams go on: Angst is a great genre because you get to explore the characters’ reactions and write about them in a way that typically wasn’t shown on TVD. When it comes to action, you explore the characters in their flight or fight response but in angst you have to write them as humans and figure out what their instinctive response would be to any issue.
KM: Is there anything specific that draws you to Klaus and Caroline separately?

these dreams go on: I’ve written a theory about why the Klaroline fandom is drawn to Caroline before- she’s a survivor of abuse who continuously makes the best of her situation, with a passionate ambition and drive while also retaining her nurturing nature towards her friends. She’s also a kick-ass vampire who hasn’t lost her love of throwing parties and decorating everything around her. It’s rare you see a strong female on t.v. who also maintains a feminine side. Klaus I enjoy writing because of his dynamics with his family whom he adores and hates in equal measure and because when you take the time to figure out his character, you understand the slow progression from the little boy terrified of his father to the villain that first entered the show.
KM: Are you surprised that your fanfics received as much popularity as they have? Especially enough to win you an award?

these dreams go on: Last year I won most underrated author and I was hoping to win that for a second year. However, I’m flattered that I was nominated at all this year when there was so much great work out there. I’m surprised by which of my stories become popular, you can never quite tell with the Klaroline fandom when you publish a work how well it will be received.
KM: Seeing that a lot of your writing is Alternate Universe based, where do you get your inspiration for your plots?

these dreams go on: My imagination is always going, when I’m reading a book, seeing a movie or watching a tv show, part of my brain is trying to figure out how it could become a Klaroline AU. It can be the strangest thing that inspires me, a newspaper article or even a picture.
KM: Do you have any tips for authors when it comes to writing angst? What mind set do you put yourself in when writing the characters in these situations?

these dreams go on: When it comes to angst? I suppose when you’re writing just think of what situation/scenario you plan to put your characters in and then figure out how quickly everything could go wrong for them. Also, always end the chapter on cliffhangers, but give your readers a break occasionally or they might just hunt you down with pitchforks. When writing the characters in these situations, my mindset is ‘if this were a soap opera, what would happen next and how much can I break my readers hearts but keep them coming back?’
KM: Do you think winning the award and the exposure of your work is going to influence your writing?

these dreams go on: Winning the award was great and I did suggest to my friends that I could add even more angst to my stories but I don’t think it will influence my writing, I’m pretty set in my ways.


There you have it! Congratulations to these dreams go on on her victory! Be sure to check out more of her work on Fanfiction.net or visit her tumblrs @these-dreams-go-on & @klaro-addict!