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For this interview, we had a conversation with Lynyrd Lionheart, also know as Lynyrdwrites on tumblr. She is the author of many stories and drabbles such as, Salvation, Beneath the Skin, Conversations With Myself.

I am a tasteful mess of kittens and Nonsense, with bonus dragons… because dragons make everything better. I started to write for KC post S3, because I finally found a TVD ship that got me writing. These days, I mostly live in fanon and headcanons that involve no magical babies.

KM: When and why did you start to ship Klaroline?

Like many others in the KC fandom, I started shipping them with “Our Town.” Caroline was my favorite character, and while I did enjoy Forwood, I felt like we had missed out on a lot of their development, and they were beginning to grow stagnate for me. Then Klaus shows up on her birthday, and he was the utter j*** that put her in that situation… but for the first time I could believe he was 1000 years old, and there was Caroline, FINALLY realizing what being a vampire could truly mean, and it was just so beautiful. The small glimpses we got of them in later episodes made me fall completely in love.

KM: Why did you start to write Klaroline fanfiction?

I started to read fic between S3 and S4, and I got the idea for my unfinished fic “Conversations With Myself”. At the same time, I got involved with Tumblr and started writing Klaroline one shots. And I’ve never looked back since.

KM: Salvation is a crossover with the Psy/Changeling series by Nalini Singh, why did use the pairing of Klaus and Caroline?

It happened in a conversation with goldcaught. We were discussing the series, and how Klaus would be a total wolf Changeling. That led into, “okay, what would Caroline be?” While she brought up a maternal dominant, I thought that Caroline’s type A personality just screamed not only Psy, but one with a dangerous enough ability to make her terrified of losing control. From there, the outline of “Salvation” began, and I’ve loved writing in the world.

KM: In your story Beneath the Skin, Klaus and Caroline are archangels. What inspired you to write them as these creatures?

A combination of yet another conversation with goldcaught and the music of Of Monters and Men. I was listening to the song “I of the Storm” in particular, and I imagined a KC love story that spanned centuries. It fit so well with the aesthetic that I wanted for BtS that the outline actually came together pretty quickly.

KM: How did you come up with the title for Beneath the Skin?

It’s from the title of Of Monsters and Men’s second album. I also used song titles from that album for each of the chapters. It really was the soundtrack for this story.

KM: Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?

The Hades/Persephone myth is one I’ve always loved for them but have never actually written. So many other authors have done it so wonderfully, and I want to figure out my own unique twist on it before I give it a shot.

KM: In addition, is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole?

Honestly, the only one I can’t got after is the idea of Klaus learning about Caroline’s past with Damon and punishing him for it. This is for a couple of reasons – one is that I can’t see Caroline allowing it. The other is simply that Klaus typically puts so little store on human life, that him attacking Damon for it seems very hypocritical. And being a hypocrite isn’t ooc for Klaus, but it’s just something I’ve never really felt the urge to explore.

KM: Do you have a specific type of fic that you immediately gravitate to when reading Klaroline fanfiction?

I love canon fics from before S6 TVD/S2 TO, especially if they conveniently ignore baby plots. And of course supernatural AUs, particularly ones where Klaus is still a hybrid but Caroline is a different supernatural creature.

KM: I know that Klaroline not being on the same is discouraging, so what inspires you to continue writing?

Honestly, I think I’m sometimes even more encouraged BECAUSE they’re not on the same show. Some of my canon ships are tougher to write for, because I don’t feel the need to write as much. But Klaroline? There are so many avenues to explore, and so many ways to twist canon on it’ head.

Plus, the more the writers seem to want us to leave KC behind, the more they’ll have to tear them out of my cold, dead fingers.

KM: Which of your stories was the hardest to write?

“Still Doll” gave me so much trouble at the end, which is probably why the end was kind of terrible. And CWM and “Kol’s Horsemen” were both never finished, which shows you the trouble they gave me.

My all human one shots are also tough, simply because it’s not something I typically enjoy reading or writing. I like my KC to have supernatural to it.

KM: Do you have a word/phrase you know you overuse, but can’t get rid of?

“So,” “and,” I often overuse “said.” I can also use names too many times in a sentence/paragraph and need to go back and replace some with “he” or “she”.

KM: What’s the hardest part of a fic to write for you?

The end. It’s always the end that’s toughest. I realized with BtS that it works much better when I have an outline, so I’ve started to use those. Even if the middle ground changes somewhat, at least then I have an end goal that I’m aiming the whole story towards.

KM: If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which one would it be?

Right now, I’d say “Beneath the Skin.” I love the image of the angel’s wings, and a lot of the locations involve mountains and, in my head, are just gorgeous. So I feel like BtS would be really aesthetically pleasing.

KM: Share three of your favorite fanfic writers and why you like them so much?

Ah, this one is so freaking tough. The fandom has so many amazing authors…

cupcakemolotov: Ravyn writes some of the BEST supernatural AUs that appeal to me so freaking much. Plus, her Klaus stellar, and everything I wish my Klaus could be, but I just can’t get his voice the way she does.

thetourguidebarbie/Angelikah: Angie is capable of taking on so many different tropes and scenarios and making them come out the other side completely fresh.

hummingbirds-and-champagne/Biana Delacroix: Two words to start – Renegade Knights. I love that fic. It keeps up the mystery, and has an amazing relationship between Caroline and Kol, as well as slow burn Klaroline and Mikaelson drama. Plus, she writes all sorts of Carenzo/Koroline/Kolenzoline BroTP fic. Her married Carenzo fic (BroTP with romantic Klaroline) are the BEST!!

KM: If you were the writer of TVD would you change anything about Klaus and Caroline’s journey, if so what would you change?

Is everything after S4 a valid answer?

Honestly, I would have dropped the TO baby storyline and made TO about the actual Originals and the complicated relationships between Klaus and his siblings. I would have explored more between Klaus and Marcel as well, and how they really influenced and shape each other.

For Caroline, I would have brought Forbes family history into the mix. I would have delved more into Bill’s past, and how he became a vampire hunter, and given Caroline a family history of vampire hunting, probably that intersected with Augustine in S5. I might have explored Steroline a bit, but only as a vehicle for Caroline realizing that a small town WOULDN’T be enough for her. And I would have had her search into her family’s past lead her to witch covens, and eventually down to NO. Her introduction would have started slow at first – sort of a mysterious woman from Klaus’ past. I don’t know that I’d ever have her cross over full time, simply because I imagine Caroline spending the start of her eternity exploring the world and finding herself, but I definitely would have made her a recurring character across both shows, her exploration of her family history meaning that she gained incredible amounts of supernatural intelligence that could help the core characters of both TVD and TO out.

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