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This week we chatted with Eloise, aka Manon’s Dragon on FF.net who is the author of “Little Bird” and “Too Beautiful”

My name’s Eloise and I’m 16 and live in Melbourne Australia.


KM: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Eloise: Most of my life I guess (which hasn’t been all that long) I have always enjoyed reading and writing.


KM: How do you make time for writing in your daily life with work and your family?

Eloise: I usually have my nights free so I use that time to write.


KM: On average, how many hours do you devote to writing a week?

Eloise: About 4 hours on my actual stories posted and sometimes others. However some take longer to write than others.


KM: Once you started getting reviews did you start trying to speed up the writing of your chapters?

Eloise: I did but I find if I rush chapters they’re not too good.


KM: Do you find it challenging to write Klaus or Caroline? Why?

Eloise: On occasion it’s hard to write Klaus because he’s Klaus and I can never make him too mushy if that makes sense.


KM: In your first story with Klaus you paired him with an OC. Did you ship Klaroline while you were writing the story? If so, why did you write him with an OC instead of Caroline?

Eloise: Yes I did and the reason I didn’t do a Klaroline story I really had my mind set on my OC and wanted to give it a try.

KM: What gives you inspiration to write Klaroline fanfiction?

Eloise: Hmm, I’m not really sure, I absolutely love the pairing and I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube though that have inspired me a little I suppose.


KM: Do you enjoy writing All Human AU’s or Supernatural ones?

Eloise: Absolutely love writing both.


KM: You currently have two KC fics in the works. Is it hard to balance between the two and also, how do you manage?

Eloise: Sometimes I guess because in my human one Klaus isn’t as mean but otherwise as long as I don’t pressure myself too much it’s not too hard to manage.

KM: Has anyone ever stumbled across your writing? If so, what did they think of it?

Eloise: If you’re referring to family or friends, they all know I write but they don’t really read anything.


KM: Do you think that Plec and her team will fulfill our wishes and bring Caroline over to The Originals? If so, how would you want it to happen?

Eloise: I think she might, there is always a chance and if she did I want her to finish TVD and say goodbye to Alaric and Stefan and then head to New Orleans to help the Originals defeat Marcel.


KM: What authors do you read? Have they had a strong influence on your writing?

Eloise: I read a lot of Sarah J Mass’ stuff, two of her series ‘Throne of Glass’ and ‘A Court Of Thorns and Roses’ really got me more serious about writing my own stuff and not just fanfiction.


KM: How do you come up with the plot of your stories? Do you base them off of dreams, expectations for the ship, etc?

Eloise: Um, I don’t really get any of them from dreams or expectations, if I have writer’s block on almost all of my stories then I’ll just sit down for a minute and think about what I could write and because I love Klaroline so much it’s about them a lot of the time (I hope that makes sense).


KM: Do you have any chapters in the works for any of your fanfiction? If so, can you please give us a snippet?

Eloise: For ‘Little Bird’ I have a quote which is “What happens if you’re so in love you’re blinded by the truth? This, this is a connection love, Tyler is just a fool who does not deserve your loyalty.”


KM: Do you have any last thoughts for your readers?

Eloise: Thank you I guess for all the review and follows and favourites.


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