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“From the moment he stepped into her room,” said Abby and made me to recall the sweetest moment from TVD season 3, when Klaus first directly spoke to Caroline, showed his hidden side to baby vampire, and saved her from Tyler’s fatal bite.

This time we caught up with the upcoming talented writer Abby, alias 3tinkgemini, for an Author Interview, who gained very quick attention from readers with her multi-chapter work Above All Else and a few other drabbles she started recently. Let us get to know a bit more about her:

My name is Abby. I go by 3tinkgemini because 3 is the magic number as well as my favorite! Tinkerbelle was my favorite Disney character before she was “mainstream.” Hello! She is in every Disney movie! And I’m a Gemini. I’m a 33 years old Domestic Engineer, or stay at home Mom if you want to be lame about it. 😉 I love to sing, dance, read, write, and spend time with my family. I dream of seeing the world and all it has to offer. And I have a non-stop jukebox playing in my head! My ambition in life is to make people smile and laugh.


KM: At what point did Klaroline draw your attention?

Abby: In all honesty? From the moment he stepped into her room and I realized he wasn’t there to kill her. Oh that speech he gave her! I mean, who didn’t hold their breath as he spoke to her like that?! As far as the wonderful world known as Klaroline Fanfiction goes? I actually stumbled on some Rumbelle (OUAT) fanfiction by accident and once I read everything my little pocket computer (my phone) could find, I hit myself upside the head and thought, Oh My GOD! If there are all these amazing Rumbelle fanfics out there just WHAT am I missing with Klaroline?! And then I was hooked!


KM:  Your first story, Above All Else was nominated as Best Debut Fiction this year. How did you feel about that?

Abby: Wow. How do I even begin to put that feeling into words? I still feel it all to this day. Honored, humbled, ecstatic, thrilled, like it isn’t real. I still can’t believe that what started as a little fantasy running through my head so many, many months ago has turned into what it has today. That something I wrote sitting on my porch or in my little writing nook in my house has spread all over the world and has been so well received. Grateful… I feel grateful. To each and every person out there who nominated the story, reviewed, voted, followed, added it as a favorite, and read it.


KM: What kind of genres do you find comfortable to write/read?

Abby: Hmm…I have always been a sucker for Supernatural/Mythological Romance and Historical Romance. I read just about anything I can get my hands on but those two are my top favorites. As far as writing, I am still finding my niche. I branched out a little with my drabble series to test the waters so to speak and see what I can do. I’d like to say that after that, I feel like a jack of all trades but master of none! I am definitely willing to try and write them all!


KM: They say that we should learn by writing and also by reading. Name a few novels or fanfictions you’ve read that have influenced you.

Abby: Oh boy! How long do we have here? LOL. I feel like I will leave someone out by naming fanfics, so let’s just say as far as that side goes, I have read nearly everything out there and each one has inspired me in some shape or form.

My favorite published authors are Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, P.C Cast, Lynsay Sands, Margaret Mitchell… Just to name a few. I collect books, old and new, so I could go on for days.


KM: Writing needs inspiration. What is the drill for you to be able to write different Klaroline scenes?

Abby: If I find myself stuck or in need of inspiration the first thing I do is chat with my friends online, whether on FF.net or Tumblr. The support we Klaroliners give each other is like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. I also take the time to answer reviews from my readers. Our correspondences back and forth really helps me to understand what they like/don’t like about the story, where they would like to see it go and it really inspires me to see if I can make that happen for them and stick to my plans as well.

I have a playlist on my phone titled, “Songs of the Moment” where I put any and every song that reminds me of Klaroline or plays a story through my head when I hear them.

If all that fails, I check out all the amazingly awesome fanfics out there as well as YouTube videos and such. Nothing inspires you more than reading or viewing a great Klaroline story/plot! That’s what started it all for me in the first place!


KM: Has Klaroline changed your life in any way?

Abby: Klaroline, the ship itself, has changed me as far as opening my eyes to what I really would like to do with my life. As a happy Domestic Engineer I didn’t look beyond my husband and my children. Why would I? I love my family and I love being there for them 24/7… even when I want to string them all up in the yard and use them as a piñata sometimes. Can I say that? You can edit that part out if it’s too graphic. Are you sure? Oh… okay good. But I would love to write my own storyline one day with my own characters and I think, no I know, that without Klaroline I would have never started to make that dream a reality.

But more than anything I feel it is the Klaroline community that has changed me. Like many of us who “hide behind a computer screen” (those who know me know I love to poke fun at myself) we have social anxiety issues. Which surprises many people about me. I just look at them like, seriously? Do you not remember how long it took me to act like my normal crazy eccentric self?! But as a whole we Klaroline fans all stick together, we support one another no matter what. You can randomly ask any Klaroliner a question and they are all for chatting it up! As a person who lives out in the middle of nowhere USA smack dab in a giant mess of corn fields, that interaction and pure and honest connection means so much to me. I’ve made so many wonderful friends thanks to Klaroline.


KM: What are the challenges you’ve faced as a writer?

Abby: I think what every writer faces and struggles with: feeling like their work is not “up to par” or good enough. Always second guessing even when the reviews pour in.


KM: What are the other OTPs you would like to see collaborating with Klaroline?

Abby: Hmm… I have tried to think about this one, a lot actually and I really can’t say. I like all my OTPs on their own? I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at throwing them in with any of the Marvel, Star Wars, Gossip Girl, Friends, or Once Upon a Time universes.


KM: What is your favorite Klaroline scene?

Abby: Oh BOY! ONE? Let’s see… I would say a tie between them in Professor Shane’s office and in the woods right after. And then the newest phone call! I’ve watched that way too many times now!


KM: What is your favorite Klaroline one-liner from your story Above All Else?

Abby: You are really making me work for this aren’t you! LOL. There is at least one per chapter. My latest is: “Unicorns, sunshine, fairies and…” She glanced around the room for inspiration before looking back at him with an evil glint to her eyes, “Kol making out with Damon.” From chapter 28.


KM: What is your message to fellow Klaroliners?

Abby: Klaroline is like fairies, if you believe it will happen! LOL But seriously, my main message would be, don’t be shy! All my inboxes are open! To chat about Klaroline or whatever else is on your mind. And prompts! I am so totally open for prompts! (That was completely shameless of me, fishing for prompts, I know) hehehe.


KM:  As a writer what are your suggestions for fellow writers?

Abby: I would have to say use the tools available to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other authors, many- myself included- are happy to do so! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s how we learn anyways! And the biggest thing is write from your heart. Go with what you feel passionate about, that story that stays with you but you are too worried others won’t like? The odds are that they will.


KM: How did you feel when you first heard about the Klaroline Magazine and other platforms and an entire fandom dedicated to Klaroline?

Abby: I was completely blown away! I had no idea there were so many that felt as I do about the shows and the Klaroline Ship! I must have been living under a rock not to have noticed sooner.


KM: Do you think Caroline will end up with Klaus by the end of season 8?

Abby: Is it my fondest wish? Yes. Will it happen for the ending of season 8? Doubtful. HEY! Stop throwing things at me and let me finish! I think it would be more natural if they slowly ended up together. I would actually enjoy watching them over the next season on The Originals getting to know each other all over again and build on what they have.


KM: Can you give the readers a brief preview of your upcoming drabbles or stories?

Abby: Above All Else is sadly coming to an end, but a sequel is in the works! We will pick up roughly a few months after the events of AAE. After taking time to process and grieve, Caroline has something special planned for Klaus’ birthday and a special guest. That special guest will come not only to see him but bring a word of warning that will lead our group down to New Orleans. The story will follow Caroline as she learns and tries to get a handle on her newly formed powers as well as Klaus and his constant struggle with learning not only how to balance between but also what is more important, Love or Power? Their journey will take them through many places and things and they will also encounter a few surprises along the way. 😉

I do have another multi-chapter fic in the works, though I am not sure when that will be hitting your screens just yet.

I also have many new and continuing stories for my Drabble Series, Songs of the Moment, coming very soon! The much asked about and anticipated sequel to Perfect Night of Last Loves will be hitting your screens very very soon!



You can find Abby on Tumblr or FF.net.