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In this interview we talked to Lauren, aka ssklarolinewrites on FFN. She is the author of many drabbles and stories such as Blonde Ambition, Glossary, and Words are Weapons.

My name is Lauren. I’m in my 30s and I live in the Northeast part of the United States.

KM: On your profile, Much Ado About Caroline was the first fic you published. Did you have any stories written before this that you wanted to publish but decided not to?

Lauren: I actually had some one-shots published first, but I deleted them. Really though I started Taking Care of the Other One first. I just finished Much Ado About Caroline much more quickly. TCOO went on for a really long time and I might still add to it. Sometimes it gets read more often than my new stories! I haven’t ever written anything that wasn’t Klaroline.

KM: When you first joined the Klaroline fandom were you an active fanfic reader or writer?

Lauren: Reader. I used to stalk the Klaroline tag on Tumblr and see the amazing things there. That’s what lead to me getting a blog and reading FF. Only much later did it turn into me writing.

KM: Klaroline is full of iconic moments. Which one would you say is your favorite?

Lauren:“I intend to be your last” is absolutely iconic. It should be the tagline of a movie, but other than that I’d say Klaus telling Caroline that there was a whole world out there to be explored is my second favorite moment. It opened the door to everything that comes after.

KM: When did you notice that Klaus was enamoured with Caroline?

Lauren: I hated Klaus before I loved him, but his feelings for Caroline were very clear, especially at the Mikaelson Ball. He couldn’t look away from her.

KM: Since Klaus and Caroline both have kids does it create a roadblock in the progression of their relationship?

Lauren: Not at all and now that both of them are parents, it gives them something more in common.

KM: We know that Caroline goes to NOLA and Klaus is not there. How do you think Klaus will feel when he gets informed that she’s there and looking for him?

Lauren: I think Klaus would be worried about her. He might be out of New Orleans because of his enemies and he wouldn’t want them getting her. I also think he’d have a huge smug grin on his face. I’d love to see it! I need to see it!

KM: If you were the CW which show would you renew? What would you do with the characters on the show that you didn’t renew?

Lauren: They both were renewed at this point. Merging characters sounds like a good idea, but it wouldn’t be easy. I want to see Caroline and Marcel sing karaoke together and Bonnie and Davina perform magic together.

KM- Describe the KC phone call in three words.

Lauren: Sweet, thoughtful, and promising.

KM: Klaroline consists of two complex characters. Do you have a challenge portraying them in a consistent way?

Lauren: YES! Writing Klaus is not my forte. I have a hard time keeping him in character where Caroline is easier since she’s a product of our time. I often turn Klaus into the person I want him to be versus the person that he is. It’s a constant struggle and I probably fail more often than I succeed.

KM: Blonde Ambition takes place in the 20s. What type of research did you have to conduct before beginning to write this fanfic?

Lauren: I was watching a documentary on Prohibition which introduced me to the journalist Lois Long who was the inspiration for my story. I read a number of books about the 20s, learning about flappers and what were the trends at the time. I made copious notes about the clothes, the drinks, even the slang. Even as I continue my story, I’m still looking online and watching movies set in the 20s to get those details.

KM: Were there alternate versions to any of your fics, like different endings or forks in the writing process?

Lauren: There was a big early fork in Words are Weapons. It was going to be a dark story with no-humanity!Caroline and you can sort of see it in the first chapter or two. Only a few chapters in Caroline developed into someone with this sense of humor that I couldn’t ignore and then came the idea for magic bracelets where they couldn’t be more than 10 feet apart. I went with it and the story turned much more ridiculous even as it still dealt with her turning it on and Dahlia coming after Hope. I’m thrilled with how it came out, but it wasn’t the story I thought it would be.

KM: What other pairings do you like to incorporate most into your stories?

Lauren: I try to change up the side pairings and even the friendships outside of Klaus and Caroline. Only they stay the same and it’s a fun challenge to make new combinations (I still think Rebekah and Enzo would make an amazing couple though!). Glossary has a lot of Hope which has been a huge source of inspiration. She’s sometimes Caroline’s mini-me and she’s fun to include in just one story.

KM: Why did you decide to have Caroline humanity-less in Words are Weapons? If she had her humanity on how would the storyline change?

Lauren: I tend to write canon-based stories. Only a few have been AH or AU. I’d written a short story, Rave On, that dealt with Caroline not having her humanity. I wanted to really dig into the subject and that’s where Words are Weapons came from, plus in canon Freya dug around in Klaus’ memories. She would have seen Caroline there. The idea was to combine the two- Caroline without her natural empathy and Klaus exposed with Caroline and Hope in danger. Of course, Klaus was Caroline’s emotional trigger too. That vulnerability of hers was key.

If Caroline had her humanity on, the story would have been completely different. There probably wouldn’t been a story if she didn’t have her humanity off. She wouldn’t have been in New Orleans yet. She wouldn’t have admitted her attraction to Klaus. Klaus wouldn’t have been given the chance to show Caroline that he could be a real source of strength, a real partner, to her.

KM: If you don’t already have the next chapter for a story in progress do you reread the last chapter you wrote and decide to go from there?

Lauren: For anything that isn’t a drabble series, generally yes. Risky Business I had completely outlined. For Blonde Ambition I have certain things I want to include, maybe a historical figure who would have been around, or a certain pair I’d like to get into the same place as Klaus and Caroline get closer. I read a chapter I’m writing over and over (which does not excuse all of my errors at all) so I almost have them memorized by the time I’m moving on to the next. I try to have at least one chapter more than I have posted written, but that’s not always possible. I update quickly which helps keep things fresh in my head.

KM: Can you give us a snippet of the next chapter of Blonde Ambition?

Lauren: Smut! Smut is in the next chapter of Blonde Ambition. The 20s was all about excess, including women being more sexually independent. Women were much more liberated than they would be in the decades following.

At the end of the chapter something big is revealed. There are a lot of secrets in Blonde Ambition and one gets a little closer to being revealed.


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