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This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the winner of Best Fluff Author in the 2016 Klaroline Awards, Kaitlyn, aka soapmaniac22 on Fanfiction, aka @she-walked-away on tumblr.

KM: To those who don’t know you, quickly describe who you are as a fanfiction writer and Klaroliner.

Kaitlyn: I started shipping Klaroline the summer before season 6, aka during the dark times, and I published my first one shot in September that year. I’ve been writing fanfiction on and off for about ten years, but I was never really that serious about it until I started publishing fic for this fandom. I stick to writing mostly fluff, but I’m drawn to crack fic too, lol.

KM: How does it feel to be nominated and to win?

Kaitlyn: UM, AMAZING! Last year was suuuch a shock to be nominated for a few categories and I wasn’t expecting to win anything then because there are so many great writers and stories out there! Then this year, I felt the same because it’s such a wonderful honor and it makes me feel happy that people like my writing! I am in awe of all of this fandom’s amazing writers so being nominated is a great honor and when I found out I won, I practically fell on the floor in shock! Like, I still am walking around in a daze with a big silly grin on my face.

KM: Is fluff your favorite genre to write, if so why?

Kaitlyn: Oh my gosh, YES. I looooove reading fluff, and since the shows are so heavy in terms of our characters and OTP, I like to remedy that with a little bit of happiness. I find it very calming to write. Even when I try to do something angsty for our OTP, I have to make them touchy feely or something. Writing fluffy things is kind of a disease, but I’m pretty much okay with it! LOL! I basically rate how fluffy I write on a scale of “Making myself smile” to “How much do I want to punch myself in the face?”

KM: Are your fluff scenarios inspired by real life situations or television?

Kaitlyn: Funny story, some of the exchanges or banter moments in some of my drabbles are actual conversations between my boyfriend and I. I do draw inspiration from other shows, and I always try to point that out or see if people can guess the little hints in them. There is a moment coming up in one of my AU Week drabbles that alludes to Friends, so I hope people spot that and like it 🙂

KM: Is it hard to get on track with the action once fluff commences?

Kaitlyn: Sometimes it can be! When I was writing Unexpected Exposure, I would be writing something kind of intense, like when Klaus found out about Jenna knowing what happened to Ansel; there were a bunch of affectionate moments there that I didn’t plan on happening. Then earlier, Klaroline were caught by Kol when they were spying and that kind of pulled off the edge of what they were doing so I had to pace it a little bit differently. However, it was kind of a heavy section so I didn’t mind the little cute, bantery, fluff moments. And hopefully, neither did the readers!

KM: How do you get in the mindset to write fluff? Do you have a special playlist you listen to or something along those lines?

Kaitlyn: This is really random but I actually get in the mindset to write fluff usually when I’m trying to fall asleep at night, or when I’m working my retail job. I’ll have some downtime when I’m folding clothes and I’ll run lines in my head. I’ll go write them down on a piece of receipt paper to keep if I don’t want to lose them. If I have trouble going to bed, I’ll brainstorm and then keep some notes on my phone to use for later!

KM: Do you think of drifting into other genres, such as angst or writing a dark fanfic?

Kaitlyn: Well, Dirty Little Secret was my first attempt at angst and it went pretty well, but at the same time I just wanted to push them together the entire time. Writing it was fun but I missed the adorable fluff moments at the same time. So, I am open to it, but I just don’t write it as much.

I’m not really into writing dark fic, just because I don’t think my brain works in that direction, but I do enjoy reading it! I will leave that up to dark author experts 🙂


Read Kaitlyn’s stories on fanfiction.net and check her out on tumblr.