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We caught up with the 2016 Klaroline Awards winner for Best Underrated Author Helen, aka CelebrienTinuviel on FFN and klarolinessecondbreakfast on tumblr.

KM: To those who don’t know you, quickly describe who you are as a fanfiction writer and Klaroliner.

Helen: I started watching TVD on Netflix while season 4 was airing, and I was already primed to like KC because my friend told me about them! I started writing fic two years ago, just for fun and to challenge myself. I mostly write drabbles/one-shots that are mostly AU/AH, but my very first fic I wrote is my multi-chapter fic (that I’m still working on!).

KM: How did you feel when you learned you’d been voted Best Underrated Author?

Helen: I was floored! The nomination came as a total surprise, as I’m a terrible updater and I thought that people weren’t reading my fics anymore. It felt great that people remembered and appreciated my work.

KM: Do you think this will bring more attention to your wonderful fics?

Helen: I hope so! As long as they don’t mind my sporadic updating!

KM: What are your favorite kinds of stories to write?

Helen: I’m definitely better with AH/AU than canon. I really enjoy writing musicians/artists/actors AUs, and celebrity ones are fun too. I’m pretty open to writing anything, but happy endings are a must!

KM: Do you have any fics planned for the future you can give us some hints about?

Helen: No concrete plans yet, but I’m hoping to write one for AU week in October!

KM: What are some of your favorite Klaroline headcanons you like to include in your fics?

Helen: -KC are possessive as hell once they get together
-Caroline becomes best friends with Klaus’ siblings, which makes him annoyed in public but secretly pleased
-Klaus always wants to draw/paint Caroline, which she constantly uses as a bargaining chip
-Klaus is the bigger cuddler
-Caroline picks out Klaus’ wardrobe (which he may or may not adhere to)

KM: Do you have anything you’d like to say to those who voted for you?

Helen: I just want to say thank you so much for thinking of me and supporting my writing! Our fandom is so special and has such wonderful people, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.


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