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Today’s Author Spotlight is focused on none other than AddriannaDestiny. AddriannaDestiny was one of the first few Klaroline writers I discovered on fanfiction.net and I’ve always loved her stories, so it was a no-brainer for me to pick her for this article.

Addrianna is a girl of many talents when it comes to writing. As a Creative Writing major at uni, I’ve learnt all the little tricks behind writing a good, polished story, and I still find myself struggling with some of these occasionally because such skills take time and practice to develop, but it appears to come so naturally to Addrianna. The care and time taken to develop these stories is evident with the detail in each of them, and it is clear each story, character, plot, etc. has a purpose. This is evident in her drabble Muse and also in one of her more recent multi-chapter fics, Handle With Care.

“I have the biggest crush on you.” she openly told him. “The kind that makes me feel lightened up just thinking of you but you were right… we can’t do this.”

He caressed her face one more time before taking his hand away with a painful expression.

“I got so wrapped up in what I’m feeling because I never felt this way about anyone but I’m not the type of girl who steals a guy from another girl already choosing a wedding gown. She was here first…” Caroline sadly smiled and slid down from the hood.

She pushed her hands inside the pockets of her jacket and had a deep stabilizing breath, this wasn’t her, she wasn’t ready to become a full-time home wrecker. No matter how much she was falling hard and heavy for Klaus, she couldn’t do this, she had already taken this too far and it was time to put an end to it.

“I’m just a kid crushing on the hot older guy with an accent.” she said as if repeating it enough would fade her real feelings away.

“You sound mature enough to me Caroline.” he stood up.

Face to face Caroline found strength to smile naturally at him. “I promise I will behave from now and I won’t get in the middle of you and the future Mrs. Mikaelson.”

“I think we should end this with a dance, it’s what you came here for and no one will blame us for being caught up in the moment.”

Caroline looked at his hand waiting for hers and slowly left the safety of her pocket to enjoy the way it gently got lost inside of his big warm hand as he closed it around hers. Klaus pulled her closer to him softly, his hand started off by oly brushing her back, then as she puzzled her body with his, Klaus lowered his hand from the middle of her back to her waist line with a strong feeling of her body.

His shoulders became a nest for her hand and Caroline started moving with him expecting the dance to remain casual,not to have him press her so close that she was entirely outlining his burly body with hers.

Then he did the unthinkable, he rested his scruffy cheek against hers and closed his eyes while having a deep breath.

It hit Caroline then, the dance wasn’t for her.

It was his own goodbye gift, a farewell to something that didn’t even start because like she said before, she wasn’t here before Camille and now he was stuck with doing the right thing instead of cracking his shell open and letting Caroline fill his life with joy and light.

She danced with him silently while they basked in the feel of an impossible love.

Handle With Care, chapter 6

Also take note of how she has the ability to create such emotional and raw pieces; it allows you to sympathise with the characters – which goes to show that they are solid and realistic – and is able to make you feel feels that you won’t be able to get over for the rest of the day (I know this from past experience from reading her stories).

Another thing that Addrianna should be credited for is how each character she brings into her fics have their own backstory, plot, and solid character arc. Not a single character so far in her stories has been pushed to the side as a minor character – instead, she utilizes each character and their potential. Not only that, she also has the ability to make popular and typical fanfiction tropes into her own by adding her own twists to them – something which is hard to do, especially when an idea is so popular.

Something else that also stands out about AddriannaDestiny’s stories is that she is able to produce pieces from several different genres, whether it be romance, angst, comedy, mystery/crime, fantasy, etc., she has written something for them all. Whether it is Klaroline’s first meeting, a dark Klaroline AU, romance blossoming then hurting the two etc., she has the ability to do it all, and it is something that I too wish to be able to do as a writer in the future.

AddriannaDestiny has an abundance of stories for you to get lost in, but my top favourites that I recommend are:

And one of her most recent one:

Happy reading!


Check out her fics HERE


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