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Author Spotlight: linzackles


This time I chose Lindsay, mrslackles on tumblr, linzackles on fanfiction.net to be featured in an Author’s Spotlight!

Why you ask? Well, the question should be why not?

Lindsay has written pretty much every genre under the sun and if by any chance there is a genre missing from her work, I’m sure that will be rectified in the near future. Each and every drabble, oneshot and fanfiction she has written has a unique take to it and is a delight to read.

Here’s an example for you:

Caroline debated with herself for a whole second then whipped out her phone and dialled.

It only rang twice before Klaus picked up.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?”

She could hear that he was smiling and Caroline felt a grin of her own spreading over her face.

“I was thinking about you.”

“Really? What are you doing?” he asked, abounding amused.

“Watching my woodshed burn down,” she replied.

She swore she heard him trying to withhold laughter.

“Is that some sort of metaphor?”

“No! I’m literally watching a woodshed burn down. We’re all up at the Forbes cabin.”

“And how did the fire come about?”

Caroline sighed. “Enzo’s ghost decided to try and kill Damon and Stefan but ended up killing my woodshed instead.”

“That unsavoury character strikes again… from beyond the dead. Interesting.”

–          Their Nightly Ritual, Chapter 9.


Isn’t it beautiful? I think so and I hope to think you guys do too, this fanfic is centered around Klaus and Caroline interacting through simply phone calls to one another and this fanfic just shows how deep there connection and feelings for one another really goes.

As I said up top, Their Nightly Ritual is only one of many of Lindsays wonderful works, she has an amazing talent to capture the beauty of Klaroline’s relationship through even a sentence, her drabbles are a blessing as she posts them quite frequently.

However, her full multi-chaptered complete fanfic called Our Dark Souls I’m told by many is a truly amazing story to indulge in. While I haven’t read it myself – although, I fully plan too – from hearing from many other Klaroline fans at how much they love this fanfics, I can assure that you will enjoy this one.

I personally recommend you try the following to get a little taste of what Lindsay has to offer:

–          Their Disease

–          Unaccounted For

–          Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 of her Klaroween contribution.

Be sure to give her a follow over on her Tumblr mrslackles, where she posts drabbles quite often. And give her a follow on her fanfiction account linzackles to be alerted on her new fanfics or updates on her current ones.


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