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Author's Interview with PurestHeartsLove

For this interview we got in touch with the absolutely lovely and talented Mimi, otherwise known as PurestHeartsLove. We talked about everything including; her love for Klaroline, their future together and her writing.

Hi, you can call me Mimi if you wish 🙂 I am an Egyptian Muslim girl who loves fiction waay too much to be healthy.


KM: When did you start shipping Klaroline? Was it a particular scene or episode that made you fall in love with them as a couple?

Mimi: I started shipping Klaroline about 2 years ago when I first watched The Vampire Diaries and the show itself was very captivating to me as I am a tremendous lover of supernatural genres and entering the third season I was a die hard fan. Our town was very beautiful as an episode and the prospect of Klaus and Caroline seemed as clear as daylight to me and from there to the end of season 3 it was non stop falling into the abyss that is Klaroline.


KM: Why do you think Klaus and Caroline are so perfect for eachother?

Mimi: Well, both Klaus and Caroline are very complex characters and they managed to bring out both the best and the worst in each other and somehow made it work. They confronted each other with things they normally weren’t confronted with and shattered the other’s perceptions and I just love that so much. Of course you can never ask why Klaus and Caroline are perfect for each other without the inevitable answer ‘there’s a whole world out there waiting for you’.


KM: We all know Klaroline are endgame, that’s a given. But if you could look into your crystal ball and predict Klaroline’s future, what do you think it would hold?

Mimi: I am personally a fan of waiting out the endgame until Caroline has her own time in the world but after that when they start out their relationship I can see them travelling across the globe and ruling the supernatural world.


KM: What made you start writing fanfiction in the first place?

Mimi: Well, I have adored reading since a young age and after watching every single Klaroline scene I began reading fanfiction for them, and I started wondering what if a particular scene went a little differently than what the writer wrote or what if a canon scene took a particular route. I guess I realised that I could answer all my question and create my own world and it did so happen that I liked to write too.


KM: You have written a number of drabbles, do you have a particular favourite and if so, why?

Mimi: Of Monsters And Men which is a what if AU set in the second season where the gang trades Damon’s cure with Caroline instead of Stefan. I like it because it turned out somewhat poetic, there was darkness and temptations, there was Caroline a baby vampire who was struggling to escape a situation her friends forced her into and slowly but surely becoming attracted to her captor, there was a lot of issues and it was the first time for me to deal with such an intertwined plot, then, as opposed to my previous more simple drabbles.

Also Gods And Monsters a role reversal AU of the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone. I really enjoyed the final result of the first part even if it did give me plenty of headaches while I was in the process of writing it. I liked the animosity that was between Esther and Caroline and how Klaus played a role in the outcome. Plus the sassy dialogues were fun.

KM: One of my favourite drabbles of yours would have to be I’ll Leave My Happy Home for You which is a soulmate AU. Are there any other particular tropes you like writing?

Mimi: Thank you for your kind words. I like mate tropes (even if I did write only one for it) however I am actually someone who likes breaking the tropes if that makes sense? And it’s not out of hate for them but it’s wonderful for me to take twists and turns with things and write them out differently.


KM: Your latest drabble, and another I enjoyed, Dangle Your Heart, I’ll Give You Mine is such an interesting and original concept. How did you come up with the idea?

Mimi: My incentive receiver requested something with the greek goddess Nike and doing my research I didn’t find any telling information beside her being the goddess of victory which kind of complicated matters for me in terms of how to make them meet, thus inspiring the whole warrior role for Klaus and the festivities that I start with. I guess I just rolled with the words until I got the final result.


KM: So, what’s next writing wise? Can you give us an idea or a little tidbit of what to expect?

Mimi: Well I am currently writing a drabble where Klaus takes over Lord Forbes’ mansion hiding from Mikael and Caroline happens to be a dragon who is not amused.

And there’s another one which is inspired by my intense love for Star Wars but I have yet to write anything, I do have it somewhat mapped out though.


KM: What is your favourite part about writing?

Mimi: Disregarding the fact that the writing process itself is – to put it mildly- exhausting, I enjoy writing the dialogue, especially the back and forth, sass filled ones. Setting out scenes and describing the events from either Klaus’s or Caroline’s perspective is something that’s kind of fun too.


KM: Do you find reviews useful in your writing?

Mimi: Absolutely. There are a lot of things about my writing like punctuation and the sort that have improved because there were people who pointed them out plus having opinions about the lines, the interactions help me constantly to improve the quality of my work. And besides it’s nice when someone tells me that they had feels onslaught, lol.

KM: Who do you prefer writing in fanfiction, Klaus or Caroline? Is one character easier to characterize than the other?

Mimi: It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Caroline to the stars and back so I am a little biased when I say that I prefer writing Caroline more, however I love writing Klaus as well. And in terms of characterization I have to admit that writing Caroline is more of a struggle because you’re taking a character who managed to represent feminine aspects that are a part of her, who has her little quirks that are a part of her and is unashamedly a monster so I have to take care of every little thing I make her do or say but obviously I won’t be able to shed light on all her aspects while I am writing a single oneshot.

You can check out all of Mimi’s amazing works on FF HERE and find her on Tumblr HERE