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Authors Interview with Klaroline Awards Best Drabble Author Winner 2015: Realynn8



The Fanfiction team had the pleasure of interviewing Monika, this year’s Klaroline Awards winner for Best Drabble Author. Monika is best known as realynn8 on Fanfiction sites and Tumblr.


KM: To those people who don’t know you, quickly describe who you are as a fanfiction writer and Klaroliner.

Monika: My name is Monika and I have been in the fandom for two years now, I think. Or at least on tumblr. I have considered myself a Klaroliner even before then. As a writer I’m someone who just needs to get their otp fantasies out on paper, write their story as I think it should go, and try a few different scenarios along the way. In the end I like them happy and together.


KM: Congrats on winning your category! How did it feel when you got that message in your inbox saying you were nominated for this prestigious award?

Monika: Thank you so much! It felt amazing. I never saw it coming, not this category. But I was super excited and really thankful to everyone who had nominated me. I was so happy and it was a truly beautiful day.


KM: What is it you enjoy about writing drabbles vs full length stories?

Monika: I just love to take a dip into their world and let inspiration take its course. I think drabbles should be easier but that is not always the case. I always have to include so many details and cover a lot of ground and that makes it hard to write short drabbles. So more often than not they end up longer. But I do like the idea of a prompt or just a situation my otp finds itself in and writing about it, seeing what they will do, how they will act and where they will end up. With full length stories it’s a longer process. I need to develop the storyline, think of all the details and background, plan everything, and then actually write. Which is usually the hardest part.


KM: What advice do you have for newbie writers who are struggling to write drabbles?

Monika: Do not give up, never give up. Write and get your ideas and stories on paper. It takes some time to get to the point you want but you can only get there by writing. Talk to other people in the fandom, ask for help and opinions when you need it, and remember that we all struggle. We all sometimes lack inspiration or motivation, have troubles getting our ideas on paper, or with the characterization and dialogue themselves. It’s hard but it’s worth it. Also, never be afraid to try out different things, different genres.


KM: Alongside your drabbles, you are also writing Birds of A Feather, can you give us a teaser as to what we can expect in the next chapter?

Monika: I am. It’s not going to be a really long story, probably around 6 chapters. As for the next one, I think we are getting closer to some smut. There has been plenty of teasing and I think Klaus and Caroline deserve some fun now. Don’t you?

[Sidenote: Yes, we do]


KM: What did you enjoy most about this year’s awards?

Monika: I really loved how many categories there were and how many different nominees. It was such a great fandom event. So many people took part and voted and they were just the uproar this fandom needed. It isn’t always easy being a Klaroliner, there is always some drama and all the negative comments from certain show runners definitely don’t help. But we are always so united and so strong when we need to come together. We have so many projects and the awards are definitely a bright spot in this fandom.


KM: And lastly, what can we expect from you next?

Monika: Now that the Klaroline Vacation Gift Exchange is over I plan on posting another Klaroline drabble soon and then I’m going to finish Birds of Feather. Once that is done, I’m thinking more drabbles, because I find it very difficult to write multi-chaptered stories when I am busy with work and other stuff. And that’s not fair to the readers.


Check out Monika’s fics on AO3 and Fanfiction.net but mostly on AO3 cause it’s better.


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