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Authors Interview with Moultipass1


Read our interview with Two Lost Soul’s author, Moultipass1 below:


Uh, Boss? What does she want? Right now I am very busy watching some wonderful Klarovideos edited by the lovely Jess K and I really-

“We have a contact. Be on the trail and see what you can find out.”

I eye her suspiciously, trying to understand what she is talking about… contact? I remember vaguely we must have talked about something like that somewhere. I try to give her my best professional smile. Uhm…

“Oh dammit, don’t tell me you forgot? But you were there during our weekly editorial staff meeting, weren’t you?”

Ah the editorial staff meetings, right! I love them! There are always a lot of chocolates and cookies and I-

“Alez! Focus! We said we have an important interview this month and since this guest has a tight schedule, we had to pull some of our connections to get in contact with her. Are you ready for the mission?”

Of course Boss, I am always ready.

“You better be! Now, follow this indication. It should lead you to our guest, and mind you, no bloody mess this time! I don’t want another injunction against our Magazine because of stalking,” she eyes me menacingly, giving me a slip of paper with said indications.

Now Boss, if I may say something, it was a big misunderstanding last time. Maybe I was a bit overenthusiastic but to go as far as claiming stalking is a bit too drastic-

“No bloody mess and now OUT!”

While I scurry out of the Klaro-newsroom, I take a look at the indication.


How do hell do I get there?


I take my place in the bleachers. Even if it’s cold and the sky threatens snow the place is packed with students and teachers and everybody is waiting in anticipation for the players to enter the pitch.

My contact said that our guest would have to meet me here and I am a bit excited to see her … also I have never been to a Quidditch match so I am overwhelmed to be here in the famous Hogwarts’ court. Apparently our guest loves this game and it’s her favorite place where her mind wanders when she is on a creative spree.

Suddenly the crowd gets loud and starts to cheer enthusiastically. Oh! The players are in! The Gryffindors dart in the field riding their magical flying broomsticks. I am so excited that I jump up and down from my seat, risking a fall directly over the balustrade.


I am so busy fangirling after the Gryffindor players in the hope to see the one and only Harry Potter that I almost fail to note a presence getting closer to me.


Oh my KC fandom! It’s her. Moultipass1 is here.


After the match (no, I didn’t get to see Harry Potter unfortunately, he was on Auror Duty apparently), I invite Moultipass1 for a mug of Butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks and I already feel we will totally hit it off.

Dear Moultipass1, first of all I would really like to thank you for your time and the great honor that you are doing to our magazine and to our readers.

“My pleasure.”

So let’s start soon with some questions, shall we?

“Sure thing. But please I like privacy so if you could…”

Oh don’t worry, easy-peasy questions like: give us a bit of disclosure, who are you? … Actually never mind that. I already know that your name is Séverine, you are 29 years old and you live in France.


You were in Argentina last year and only came back to France in November, you like the movie Back to the Future and Joss Whedon, you like to dance like crazy to ‘I love Rock’n Roll’ and-

“Wait a second, were you by any chance stalking me?”

What? Stalking? Me? Of course not. I would rather say deeply researching and by the way I just love the jeans that you bought two weeks ago and-

“Uhm, I think I should get going, sorry I just remembered that I have a lot of work to catch up on.”

Before I can panic by imaging my boss becoming Cerberus and biting my head off something hit me hard on my head.

Gosh. It’s a Howler … from my boss. It basically explodes in my face.


Hell. Does she have cameras, even here? In Hogsmeade? Is that even constitutional?

Please Séverine don’t leave. I promise I will behave. Please?

“Ok. But I prefer to sit close to the door… just in case.”

Great! That’s the spirit. So back to the interview…


KM: Give us a bit of disclosure. Who are you?

Séverine: My name is Séverine, I am 29 years old and I live in France.


KM: Do you know already what your goal in life is?

Séverine: I am an economic journalist and I like what I am doing right now. Sometime in the near future I might want to try to write for travel specialized magazines.


KM: Who is your most inspiring person (it can be anyone, from Art, Culture, Religion etc.)?

Séverine: I find a lot of inspiration in Joss Whedon, famous for The Avengers and very well known in the fictional world for Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel and Firefly. He has strong female characters of course, but also complex, interesting plots, and he’s great at playing with our emotions, at mixing comedy with emotional moments and throwing some action in the middle of it. Last but not least, he’s a master at keeping his characters (and stories) consistent in spite of everything they go through, while still having them evolve and grow up, which is something that SOME writers could learn from him!


KM: Which books have you read lately and who are your favorite authors?

Séverine: I really like thriller and mystery books such as Harlan Coben. But lately I have read Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. It’s a book full of suspense and it talks about this guy, Odd Thomas, who is silently approached by the ghost of a young girl who was brutally raped and murdered, and through his unique ability to understand the dead, he is psychically led to her killer. Koontz soon discloses how Odd was named and begins, layer by layer, to show how Odd’s dysfunctional upbringing has shaped his life and what his supernatural abilities are. The plot is great, but what I like most is the humor. It’s a very dark and sharp kind of humor.


KM: What’s your favorite movie?

Séverine: A bit outdated maybe but I do love time travel movie, so how could I ever forget Back to the Future by Steven Spielberg? For example in Back to the Future 2, Marty and Doc go back to 1955 and hide the DeLorean, and then Doc goes into an explanation about how they have to avoid seeing their other selves, that are here from the first movie. He’s running up and down the road looking like the crazy scientist he is and Marty is trying to keep up with him. I know those 3 movies by heart but this scene still cracks me up every single time.


KM: What was your last journey?

Séverine: I went to Argentina for a year last year and came back to France in November.  I really liked how friendly and happy people are there. It’s a bit different from France where people are always in a hurry and seem to always be worried about something.


KM: What’s on your to-do-list before you turn 30?

Séverine: I don’t have such a list because I did almost everything I wished for! I travelled a lot and experienced a lot of things. I can’t complain. I didn’t visit Asia yet, but I am planning a trip to Japan or China soon.


KM: What’s the craziest and most adrenaline driven thing you wish to try at least once in your life?

Séverine: I already tried actually; bungee jumping in New Zealand! It was such a great experience! It was scary, the guy had to convince me to jump, but eventually I did. At the end I was really happy I did it. It gives you a lot of self-confidence and satisfaction.


KM: How does your inspirational process work? How do you deal with writer’s block?

Séverine: I started to write when I was 10 years  old; I was writing a lot of essays and I was also good at it so just kept writing and writing. The inspiration is always a work in progress. For instance, for Two Lost Soul, everything started with the idea “what if Caroline and Klaus had their emotions switched off?” I wanted to see that particular scene play out and since the TV authors were busy with the most dubious plots (Babies and body swaps), I took the matter in my own hands and I started to write. The problem is how you get there. You have the main idea but then you have to work for detailing the story and giving the narrative some substance.

I’m really bad about the writer’s block. The thing is the way I write or get inspiration (often out of order, with scenes way down the road sometimes being written before the chapter I’m supposed to post next) helps a bit, because I’m always eager to see the readers’ reactions to that scene I was so desperate to see and write. So I usually manage to do what I have to to get at least to that point, but after that, it’s a bit of a gamble whether I’m going to be able to finish the story. Thankfully, for Two Lost Souls, the epilogue was one of those scenes I thought about a while ago, and it helped me get through the action chapters, those are always a struggle for me.


KM: What made you start shipping Klaroline and, eventually, inspired you to write about them?

Séverine: I actually didn’t care about them at the beginning! I was just watching the TV show and I didn’t like it so much. So I was close to giving it up when I started to randomly read some fanfictions in the TVD section and I came across stories like Love Interruptions, Give me love, Timeless and Prowl. I was intrigued. So I went back to the TV show and watched again the episodes with the so called Klaroline moments. And then I was done for- “That’s what they are talking about! I am definitely in.” From that moment on I had a serious problem of Klaro-addiction but I was happy. Till the moment the TV writers decided that they didn’t care after all about the audience and they decided to separate the characters with the most chemistry.


KM: If you could pick an AU/AH situation for Klaroline, which one would you pick and why?

Séverine: I actually prefer the vampires’ world with supernatural abilities and magic always at hand. However, if I had to choose an AU/AH situation I would go for an accidental roommates situation. I’d have Klaus and Caroline stacked together for some reason and … well you know there is only way how it could end up.


KM: Would you ever want to do collaboration with another author and who would you pick?

Séverine: I really like the stories from MasterRoo and Idiot-Wind89, so I would be pleased to work together with them. But I have big time constraints at the moment so most probably I would have a bit of a problem to fit my schedule with the team work.


KM: You play a role in your fanfictions. Which character would you be?

Séverine: I cannot imagine myself as a character in TVD but I could imagine playing a role in Mentalist or Castle. I would be the victim killed in a gory way. I like when they start to investigate, collect evidences and interrogate people about the victim’s lifestyle. And then they always find out some little dark secret that can explain the murder. I’d love to write about my friends being investigated, it would be fun!


KM: You receive a call from the CW to be a part of the writing staff in The Vampire Diaries or The Originals. You can only write for one, which show do you pick and why? What do you fix/get rid of, and how would you go about keeping the Klaroline flame alive?

I would definitely be the writer of TVD. TO is not really my cup of tea. I tried to follow the show at the beginning but after so many swings in the plot and so many inconsistencies with the previous story in TVD, I simply gave up. I would get rid of Steroline without a second thought. I see them as close friends but to have them involved in a romantic relationship? It is just so wrong.

I liked how in TVD S5 they kept making hints to the Klaroline OTP. For example, Demon throws at Caroline witty remarks of being Klaus’ sweetheart . Or you have Enzo saying things like “Oh, yeah, Damon mentioned you have a thing for accents.” So I would definitely keep Damon as an “antagonist” (being an ass) character against Caroline and I would keep the subtle reference to the Klaroline pair. I would not put soon Caroline together with Klaus (I know many fans won’t agree with me here) because I think she needs first to understand who she is and who Klaus is and what she wants from life. She needs to grow up and develop fully her personality and potential. Most probably I would like to see her in a romantic relationship with some dude really sweet and caring (possible human) and at the end when she is confronted with the question “Do you really want me?” she would finally understand that the only one she ever wanted is Klaus and she would pack for NOLA to “fix” things.

I would not rule out a crossover with Supernatural. For example, I am intrigued about the idea of Caroline together with one of the two Winchester brothers. It could be kind of hot. But Klaroline will be always the endgame.


KM: What’s your next project?

Séverine: I finished recently Two Lost Soul, so at the moment I am planning a break, but I already have in mind the idea for my next story. I am thinking about a crossover with Walking Dead that features Klaus and Caroline in an apocalyptic scenario. I would love to write a vampires-against-zombies scenario! I cannot tell you more. You will have to read it.


KM: How did you come up with the story idea of Two Lost Soul?

Séverine: As I said before, everything started with one scene forming in my head after watching Elena switching off her emotions; what if Caroline and Klaus have their emotions switched off at the same time? Then in my mind popped another scene of Elijah asking a with-emotions-on-again-Caroline if she might ever love his brother. Of course there would be just one answer, YES, she might. It goes without saying that Klaus would casually listen to the conversation and from there the drama would play out. In order to get there and to have further development, I had to outline the main plot with the main twists and turns of events. And last but not least I really wanted to teach a lesson to Marcel.


KM: You also won the Klaroline Awards Best Dark Fiction 2014 award. Did you expect and celebrate it?

Séverine: I didn’t expect it! I actually voted for Splendor in the Grass by gwrageddnc. So when I learned that I actually won, I was smiling all week long. At one point my colleagues were eyeing me suspiciously because I had this fixed smile on my face without an apparent reason. But I told my family and my close friends. They are my supporters and they enjoy reading my stories, so they were happy for me.


KM: In your story the main characters (Klaus & Caroline) development goes together with the idea of redemption. It is a slow path that starts from the “allure to darkness” and little by little it rolls towards the “allure to lightness.” The risk could have been  Klaus a bit OOC. How did you avoid this risk?

Séverine: I was not so concerned about Klaus because from the TV show (TVD) you could pick up that, yes, Klaus is the evil guy but yet he is not completely lost.  He is also capable of human emotions above all when he is confronted with Caroline (love) or with his family (fear, affection, loneliness etc.). Since he’s such a complex character, you’re not surprised when you see him slaughtering an entire room of people and then in the next breath, he goes to comfort Caroline. So it was not an issue to walk through the path from Darkness to Lightness. I was more concerned about Caroline’s character. She is the good character, the one that should prompt Klaus’ redemption, but at the same time she should also know that compromises are necessary to be together with Klaus. But till which point could she compromise and forgive without losing her true nature? So I had to find a balance between what she could live with without hating him or herself, and how much he was willing to hold back his murderous impulses for her.


KM: Which role did you have in mind for Caroline when you started your story? Did you see Caroline as the heroine who was eventually able to win the love of the Evil character?

Séverine: Like I said before, Caroline is the good character, the one who is able to see the good in people. But she also proved in the TV show that she could be a pretty badass one (when she beats up Damon to save her father, when she kills the cops that were threatening Damon and Stefan’s lives, when she kills the twelve witches, etc.). She can be strong and get her hands dirty because she protects the ones she loves. So when I thought about Caroline as a dark character I had to find an expedient that would have allowed continuity with the good side of her and at the same time that would have allowed exploring different directions. With emotions off, Caroline could indeed take human lives without so much of a thought. The next step was to deal with Caroline with her emotions back; she couldn’t get stuck in self-pity, regrets and guilt. She had to accept that she couldn’t change her previous choices and actions but she could somehow atone for herself by pulling Klaus out of his emotionless state and saving innocent lives. So at the end Klaus’s salvation from the pure darkness is also her own salvation.

She didn’t have to ‘win’ Klaus’ love, I started this story with the understanding that he already loved her (when he has his emotions!) and that she knew it. It was more about her accepting his love and returning it.


KM: What’s in your opinion the main feature of the secondary characters Rebekah and Elijah (behavior, personality, and development)?

Séverine: Elijah is the cool character; the fact that he wears a suit on every occasion oozes coolness from every pore. And let’s not get started on how he extracts hearts from chests and cleans his hands with a handkerchief. What I like about Elijah is his stubbornness in attempting to pull Klaus back from the precipice of pure evilness. He never gives up. I’ve based his entire character in the story on his words from episode 4×20, “I’ll stop searching for his redemption when I believe there is none left to be found.” He is the big brother watching out for his family and despite fights, betrayals, and lies he will always stand by his siblings’ side.

In Two Lost Soul I didn’t picture Elijah romantically involved because I could imagine him with Katherine only. And I was really pissed that in the TV show he doesn’t even show up for Katherine’s death. Like everybody showed up but him! Come on, what’s wrong with you (the TV writers)? In order to twist the canon I needed to resuscitate Katherine and that would have required additional effort and chapters to properly develop a storyline. I preferred to keep the focus on the Klaroline pair because the plot was already complex and challenging.

Rebekah is the little girl of the family. Her character swings between a spoiled and superficial little girl and a caring woman who loves too easily. She has this conflicted relationship with her brother Nik between love and hate, jealousy and compassion. She can be sympathetic and below her cold and bitchy surface, you can find her longing to be loved and have a family. That’s what I have tried to picture in Two Lost Soul; she taunts Caroline with snide comments but she can also be kind (she helps Caroline to fight Klaus’ compulsion). It was easy to create a sort of bond between Caroline and Rebekah because if the first one is the girl who is always able to see good in people, the second one is the girl who wishes for love; so the match was almost complementary. Plus Caroline can also hold her own against Rebekah when she’s in queen bee mode! She can be just as petty and bitchy as Rebekah when the occasion calls for it.

The Stebekah was an almost natural ship to feature; Stefan and Rebekah were together in the 20’s and I have seen enough chemistry between them. Also, I will always support whatever helps Stefan to get over Elena.


KM: The hot scenes in your fanfiction are famous in the KC fandom. If you could choose to use one of your “hot scenes” in the TV show, which one would it be?

Séverine: I would like to say that I didn’t indulge in the hot scenes just for the sake of them (mostly!). It was more an obligated path; with emotions off what were the characters supposed to do beside sex? I would like to see on TV their first emotional time in the cabin in Peru. It is a mix of romance and passion, desperation and comfort. I loved writing the whole build-up, with Klaus feeling guilty about what he did to Caroline when he was emotionless and Caroline just snapping and trying to get him to see that she’d forgiven him.


KM: Do you have any idea about Kol’s character? Could he feature in your next story?

Séverine: I like Kol. He is fun when he is evil (think about the jokes he throws while he tries to kill Jeremy). I think he could fit in my next story. It would be fun to imagine an interaction with Caroline. I think they could make a good pair. I like the canon version of Kol in TVD, so I would keep his evil side but not just for the sake of some action. He is a different kind of evil compared to Klaus; Klaus is evil because he is hurt and he suffered severe trauma during his human life and he lashes out, but at the same time, he is capable of a sort of empathy with his victims. Kol is not evil strictly speaking; he just thinks that vampires are superior creatures compared to humans and so he acts accordingly. A hunter does not say sorry to its prey. And well maybe he is also a tiny bit wicked too. It would be difficult to imagine redemption for him.


KM: Another story very well known in the KC fandom is “The Deal.” Please, make a big shout out!

Séverine: We needed that! Klaus and Hayley have sex together? Puh-lease! The story shows how Caroline and Klaus even after several betrayals and disputes are still willing to put some trust into each other. It’s a slow path; Caroline admits she feels something for him. She wishes she could give him a chance and she hates herself for that because she hates thinking there is something good in him even when he commits atrocities. Klaus, even though he cares for Caroline to the point that he threatens to kill the doppelganger if she lays a finger on her again, doesn’t let Caroline forget that he has no qualms about destroying everything around her if the need arises.


KM: There is one of your stories that is still waiting to see the light. “The Debt”, what it will be?

Séverine: Actually I’m hoping to finish it soon. I am just missing a few pages for the final chapter and epilogue and then I am done with it. I have to admit that for this story I actually experienced the so called writer’s block. Then I started Two Lost Soul. After that I got so caught up with the plot that I had to keep the focus on the new story, I didn’t want to risk losing interest in it. But I’m going to start working on The Debt again after spring.


KM: “Catch-22”. Why did you choose this title for the sequel to “Forgotten Mistake”?

It’s a song by Pink. I always choose the title of my stories in relation to the lyrics of songs I like. If I feel a connection between a song and what I am writing that will become the title of my story. For Two Lost Soul I picked up the title from “Not Romeo Not Juliet” by Bryan Adams. When I listened to “We’re just two lost souls and baby we got no regrets, now it’s just you and I, we’re nothing unless we try”, I understood that “that” would be the title of my story.

Catch-22 lyrics that inspired the title are: “You’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t, we’re always doing all the things that we say we won’t,” which is exactly how Klaus feels when he has to give back the memories of their night together to Caroline.


Dear Séverine, I would really like to thank you for your time and your patience and … dear Klaroliners what are we waiting for? Let’s dance Rock ‘n Roll together with our wonderful and most unique writer Moultipass1!

Video from Jess K

Author’s note: I would really like to thank the wonderful Jess K for being so amazing and creating a video especially for this magazine. Check out her other videos on her youtube channel. They rock! Also thanks to Moultipass for her patience and for going along with my crazy ideas and questions. It was really fun!

Dear Readers, enjoy!


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