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Authors Spotlight: HelloCutePanda


There are many different types of writers out there in the world, just as there are an abundance of individually unique stories. Even if it’s the same plotline, characters, location etc being used, the style of each author and their interpretation of these elements are all distinct. Even the simplest of ideas can easily be brought to life, and this is something that I have found with every story so far written by HelloCutePanda (a.k.a Amanda). She has an ability that I admire and wish to develop myself – the ability to take such a simple idea and turn it into something so much bigger and grander than it already was. The ability to be able to find the true magic behind even the simplest moments and bring it out.

It takes an abundance of different elements to make a story truly great: the chosen genre, point of view, character and plot development, the motivations, goals and values of each individual character and a good hook to drag readers in right from the get-go. Amanda’s writing meets all of these, and it is especially evident in her story Love in London. Each character has their own storyline and goals that motivate them to do every little thing they do and help decide on the choices they make, making the characters three-dimensional and realistic. Along with these individual storylines, there is an overall plot that leads the entire story also, providing even more excitement for the reader. Safe to say, there is never a dull moment when it comes to stories and drabbles written by this talented young woman.

This writer’s ability to add humour into such a serious genre like crime fiction is also commendable, and it clearly shines through in her other multi-chapter story, Chicago Vice. The fact that Caroline and Klaus are always at each other’s throats is thrilling to read, the obvious sexual tension makes the hearts of Klaroliners beat rapidly, and the idea that the two of them need to go undercover as a married couple even though they claim to despise each other gives plenty of opportunities to add in comedy to provide some light-heartedness in a genre that usually has a more serious tone.


“Oh come on.” Damon said when he caught Tyler’s last look. “There is no way they have the hots for one another.”

“I don’t know, man. Caroline always gets this angry look whenever Hayley flirts with Klaus.” Tyler said as his hand lifted to stroke his jaw.

Oh I know plenty about finesse, sweetheart.

“Of course Caroline would look angry. Hayley tries to sleep with anything that has a dick between their legs. I am pretty sure every single woman in the office hates her.” Damon said.

“I have never seen Caroline getting angry when Hayley is all over me or Matt.” Tyler countered.

Well if you call that finesse it is no wonder you have to sleep with a different woman every night.

Damon just stood there, his eyes squinting as he watched Caroline and Klaus as they ranted and raved at one another.

“It’s going to either be a gun or a kiss.” Damon said, finally conceding to both Tyler and Katherine on their observations that there was a sexual tension that was between Klaus and Caroline.

Are you questioning my prowess in the bedroom?

“Twenty bucks on Klaus.” Tyler said. “Gun or kiss.”

“My money is still on Barbie.” Damon replied.

No, I’m questioning your definition of finesse because your finesse in the interrogation room is zero.

“I am going to have to go with Mikaelson.” Katherine said.

– Chicago Vice, chapter 6


The balance between these genres and themes truly make Amanda’s stories unique, and I think all of her readers would agree that it is one of the things that keep them coming back for more. Whether it be her ability to produce exceptionally written stories in whatever genre she puts her mind to, or her ability to develop a well-rounded plotline that captures your interest right from the beginning, she is always coming up with something new to share with her readers.

She has two brilliant multi-chapter stories in progress currently, which I am always so eager to read whenever I see she has put up a new chapter. They are:

Love in London

Chicago Vice

If you want to start off with a more light-hearted multi-chapter story of hers, I would recommend Chicago Vice first, then get into the more heavy reading for Love in London.

If you are looking for something more of lighter reading, HelloCutePanda has plenty of fluffly, comedic, historical and even smutty drabbles for you to enjoy and pass the time with.


Check out Amanda’s ff.net profile here and stalk her on Tumblr here


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