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Authors Spotlight: Hybridlovelies


What do you do when the news about Klaroline is discouraging or even worse there is no news at all? How do you cure your thirst for Klaroline feelings? There is just one answer: our wonderful fanfiction world will help us deal with the bitter and sorrowful reality. The author spotlight of this month is going to introduce you to a wonderful fanfiction writer, the wonderful Katie aka Hybridlovelies.

Katie was one of the first authors in the Klaroline fandom. Her Klaroline obsession started in November 2011 during the 3rd season after the episode Homecoming. Originally she was a Forwood fan but was intrigued by the idea of Klaroline and she fell deeper than expected down the rabbit hole and never came back, luckily for us. She is also one of the most recognized and appreciated authors in the Klaroline Fandom, winning in multiple categories for three years in a row in the Klaroline Awards from 2012-2014.

Katie’s writing style is varied. She is able to imagine different scenarios and different plots that inevitably but rightfully end in one way, Klaus and Caroline together. Her stories are never rushed or banal. She is able to tease and maintain the readers’ attention with a skillful mix of adventure and originality, irony and sexiness. Her ability to draw truthful and interesting characters is another element that I like in her stories. Klaus is not a sappy dude who acts like a knight in shining armor. He is bad and he doesn’t hold back when the situation requires it. But he is not just evil. He is a complex character who struggles between what is his nature (or what he thinks is his nature, a murderer, a beast without hope and no honor) and what he unconsciously craves; family, companionship, and even love.

Let’s take for example Timeless. It’s a time travel fiction. A classic, must-read for every Klaroline shipper. Caroline is catapulted to 1492 when Klaus is attempting to break his curse for the first time. Their first meeting has nothing romantic about it. Actually, Klaus is so close to killing her that she doesn’t even have time to ask “Seriously?” Slowly but surely, Klaus starts to feel something for the bubbling blonde vampire whose main target is to kill the Big Bad Hybrid. And she is solely focused on that task. Let me show you:

“A couple moments passed before Caroline realized that instead of falling onto the sword she was hanging above the ground, enveloped by Klaus’s arms. He had flung his sword away, catching her quickly. She gripped his biceps, the muscles flexing underneath her fingers, as she slowly opened her eyes one at a time. Klaus’s face hovered above hers, his grey-blue eyes flicking around her face. The air seemed to prickle around them as Caroline became aware of Klaus’s hands pressed into her spine, one at the small of her back and the other at the base of neck. She swallowed hard, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath from their sparring.

“Maybe next time don’t close your eyes love,” Klaus said, his voice low. Caroline could feel his breath ghost across the skin of her nose; he was so close. She nodded lamely, still gripping onto him, as he continued to hold her in midair. He leaned in closer, his nose barely caressing the side of her face and Caroline unconsciously tilted her neck back, the smallest of sounds escaping her throat.

“Brother,” a voice said behind them.

Klaus dropped her unceremoniously to the ground. She hit the floor with a loud ‘oof’, the cold stone hard on her backside”

-From Chapter 2, Timeless.

Humor and bittersweet banters permeate the story so that the reader is engaged in the plot and connects with the protagonist’s racing pulse, feelings, and confusing thoughts.

Caroline is no traditional heroine. She doesn’t hesitate to help her friends even when she has to travel back in time all alone and exposed to unknown dangers. But she is not fearless. She cries and she feels desperate and dejected above all when she has to face Klaus’ anger or his switch of mood. Still, she doesn’t let her fear eat her up; she fights and pushes back whatever or whoever tries to dominate or manipulate her. By challenging herself to never give up, she challenges Klaus to get out of the bloody path of plotting and revenge.

Many fanfictions talk about how Klaus “sees” Caroline. In Timeless, it is the other way around; Caroline “sees” Klaus. Yes, he is a manipulative killer, somebody who cannot be trusted. But he also has massive potential. He is not a victim of his circumstances. He chooses to be the Big Bad Hybrid. And since it’s his choice, he is also able to choose to be somebody different. That’s the turning point that makes Caroline wonder over her feelings and motivations.

“Oh so you’re being nice and funny again,” Caroline retorted.

“I’m never either of those things,” Klaus mused, “perhaps funny. When the moment strikes.”

Caroline rolled her eyes before hoisting up her skirt and climbing onto the bed, coming to rest on his chest. Her reaction caught him off guard; he hadn’t actually expected her to climb willingly into his arms. But he didn’t question it. He just wrapped his arms around her.

“Hmm,” Caroline hummed, “I like you like this.”

“Like what?” Klaus asked.

“Light, nice,” she replied, “you’ve been so angry all day. It was kind of scary.”

Klaus remembered Gretchen’s words from the morning. She had said that Klaus had been scaring Caroline. “I apologize for frightening you”.

-From Chapter 15, Timeless

Sweet and romantic, passionate and sexy. Katie’s stories won’t let you down if you are searching for some sparkling moments and wild passion. The antagonistic feelings, the bittersweet banter, all brings the two protagonists to grow fond of each other until the point where they cannot ignore their attraction and magnetism any more. Katie is able to describe intimate and private moments of the couple without getting tasteless. Let’s have a tiny peek:

–Warning M rated–

“Slowly he walked her over to the fountain and laid her down on the ground next to it. There wasn’t time for this, other things were calling for his attention, but he had never been able to control his impulses around this girl. They kissed one another, their passion increasing, their lips becoming more urgent. Hands flew to laces and ties as clothing was removed until they lay there together, completely bare, skin against skin.

Klaus trailed his fingers down the sides of Caroline’s body, watching her shiver underneath his touch. She cupped his face in her hands, letting her thumbs brush over his stubble. Her eyes flicked around his face.

“You’re so not who I thought you were,” she whispered to him.

He leaned down and captured her mouth once again, her kiss like a sweet wine. Klaus shifted his weight and Caroline opened her legs to him. He positioned himself and entered her slowly, filling her inch by inch. Caroline closed her eyes and arched back as her walls welcomed him in, as if she were made for only him. He began rocking slowly against her. They gasped against each other, Caroline’s body thrumming with desire with each thrust.”

-From Chapter 20, Timeless.

Originality. Katie shows a vivid imagination with her AU / AH fanfiction “The Madness Underneath”. The story won the 2013 Klaroline Award for Best Mystery/Crime Fanfiction and it is based on the idea of Elementry/Sherlock Holmes.  This story talks about a bright girl, Caroline, who is studying psychology and has a job as a sober companion. That might be quite challenging from time to time, especially when the impassive Elijah Mikealson is involved. But what kind of job could Elijah Mikaleson assign to our dauntless student? To look after his genius younger, but completely crazy, brother Niklaus who also has an addiction to drugs. But Caroline is not the type of girl who gets easily scared. Yes, this Nikalus or Klaus-dude is mad as a hatter, but she can manage him. She is a perfectionist after all.

There is just a tiny, tiny detail. She is somehow swallowed up in a world of police investigations and horrendous serial killer crimes, where the turns of events are multiple and dense till the point that she and Klaus have to face a dangerous sect that threatens the whole world. And last but not least, how is she going to deal with the bothersome but massive attraction she feels little by little for the crazy detective?

In this story we can see Klaus as the genius but anguished protagonist who will make you hold your breath.  And Caroline will make you smile with her passion and determination. Twists, stolen kisses, and pulse racing feelings. You will find that and much more in “The Madness Underneath”.

“Someone’s coming,” April yelped. Caroline heard it, too. Outside the door she heard shots and some sort of altercation. She rushed Shane down to the floor and all but grabbed him out of the small elevator.

He grunted as he stood and Caroline opened her mouth when they heard the door knob jiggle.

They backed themselves against the wall. Caroline placed herself between whoever it was and April, wanting to protect the younger girl. She raised her gun ready to shoot if necessary. Before she had been avoiding actually killing anyone, but she resolved that she would do what she had to do to get them all out of the hotel.

The door opened and she sucked in a breath, seeing a dark figure creep around the frame. A gun was in the figures hand, but it dropped as soon as it filled the door.

A heartbeat later, she dropped her own gun, relief exploding through her.


She darted forward and crashed into him. His arms banded around her and held her tight, scooping her up. She held to him like a life raft, saying his name over and over again, a few tears pricking at her eyes from the rush of emotions.

He’d come for her. He’d found her.

She pulled back and his hands went to her face, fingers pressing into her, but she didn’t mind the pressure.

Everything flashed in his expression, so fast, that she would forget it as soon as the moment was gone, wondering if she instead projected her own emotions onto him. There was horror and relief and amazement and a prayer, thanking the powers above that she was in his arms.

He pressed a kiss to her forehead and her eyes fell shut, breathing him in. Rain soaked his clothes and into her dress, but she didn’t care. All she cared about was feeling his arms around her and the odd sense of safety that came along with it.

But they weren’t safe yet.”

-From Chapter 21. In a heartbeat. The Madness Underneath.


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Side Note:  If you’re unaware, a tragedy has befallen Katie, she has lost her home and the majority of her belongings to a fire. One of our own has fallen and it’s up to us to make it feel like she never missed a step.

That is why on Saturday, January 17th The Klaroline Magazine is hosting a fundraising event for Katie on our Tumblr blog. On the 17th, well known writers and graphic makers within the fandom will be donating their services to any and all who donate during the event!

If you’d like to donate now, please go here. $1 is just as meaningful and effective as $100. Give what you can! If you’re unable to help financially, but would like to help in other ways, you can fill out this form, as well as drop Katie a message here, if your heart so desires!


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