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Authors Spotlight: imstormborn



The Klaroline Magazine decided that it was Ilaria’s turn to be the face of the next Author’s Spotlight.

Ilaria, known as imstormborn on fanfiction.net and mikaelsonlover on Tumblr, is currently writing 4 stories and each and every one of them has at least one unique twist.

I can guarantee you will not find stories that even come close to all the ideas that are flying out of her brain. This girl really knows how to stretch her imagination to the limits and oh how grateful we are for it.

Ilaria recently just completed her fanfic In The Arms of Hell which I had the wonderful chance to read and one of the things I enjoyed most was the new levels she brought to the Klaroline fanfiction world that I myself had yet to indulge in and I was incredibly satisfied and very impressed by.

Here’s a snippet to see for yourself;


“This is why the mirror showed me you” he murmured, standing in front of her. Caroline looked at his face, looking for more answers to the questions that floated in her mind.

“The mirror?” she asked.

“A mystical object capable of showing you your past and future, your fate. Once you watch through it you can’t ignore its effects. It hunts you in your sleep, its voice whispers things in your head when you’re awake. Curiosity forces many men to look for it, those who’ve found it have gotten mad, some of them have died.” He said. He had lived the effects of the mirror on his skin, everything had stopped when he had found Caroline, twelve years before.

“What did you see exactly in that mirror?” She asked again, concerned. Klaus sighed and he glanced down.

“I saw us.”

–           Chapter 10, In The Arms of Hell.


Now the one thing that stands out to me in this piece of text and through the rest of her work is Ilaria’s mythical ideas are just that – a myth – yet when I read on and get invested into the story, I don’t think about how out of this world the ideas sound but about how real this feels, as if this is the way everyone lives in life. Ilaria manages to drag me straight into her story with the magical and smooth way she writes and the detail she has invested into these ideas.

How about you try out her newest fics;

–           Oblivion


All of Ilaria’s stories can be found here.

Written by Annalise. Find her on Tumblr

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