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Authors Spotlight: Klovec

Fanfiction holds no bound. Writers can do whatever they wish. They get to take two lovely characters and explore them to the depth they want and the readers are eternally grateful for their time spent in creating such beautiful stories and sharing them with the world.

The Klaroline Magazine decided that it was Jay’s time to shine here in the spotlight. Why, you ask? Well, there are many reasons.

When reading fanfiction you want to get lost in the story, you forget everything else that may be going on around you right now and you focus in on the story that is being told in front of you. Jay excels in drawing out your inner emotions and connects you to her story telling of Klaroline. You already have a love for the pairing, but what she does is add to the love you have with beautifully thought out plots, powerful vocabulary that undoubtedly pulls you into her universe and makes you want to tag along for the ride in which Klaus and Caroline will be dragged through next.

While reading many of her works, I had the pleasure of indulging in Jay’s interpretations of storylines mentioned in both shows and how she tweaks certain aspects of those in order for them to adapt to her fictional world. There were a lot of happy moments, sexy escapades and a ton of heart-wrenching parts. But most importantly, through all of this her characters shine and develop as her stories evolve. We get to see how Klaroline can advance in every aspect through each chapter.

She succeeds in bringing out snippets of the “not so important” emotions too, but they are definitely meaningful ones.

Contrary to popular opinion, Niklaus Mikaelson did know how to be patient. The Original Hybrid knows how to bide his time but the wait tonight was making him desperate. He paced the room going from one end to the next. He looked at the chair he had been sitting in for hours just waiting.

And nothing happened.

He walked to the window and looked out. It was dark outside and he wondered if it was merely a reflection of his feelings. He turned and looked behind him then back into the night.

He just needed to continue being patient. There was that word again.

Yet, dawn was coming.

         The Hybrid, Chapter 2.


Such a short piece of text and yet you are instantly imagining Klaus pacing the room, emitting the uncertainty and anxiousness her feels right now.

Jay may have not been writing fanfiction for long, but she sure knows how to express her thoughts with us and in a unique way, just like every author has a particular way of telling their stories. The motivation to publish her stories however appeared when Klaus and Caroline’s scenes became a less occurrence and Jay started to enjoyed reading other peoples fanfiction and then decided on a whim to start her own. Her story Saved was originally a one-shot, but Jay got so immersed in the poetry of Klaroline’s relationship that she had to continue. This girl certainly loves to write poetry too.

She is currently working on a Three-shot called The Bad Ones after being hit with lots of inspiration, which she received simply by listening to some of her favourite music.

To start off slow, how about checking out her drabbles. Then, if you like what you read try out these fanfics:

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Also, here is her Tumblr.


Written by Annalise. Find her on Tumblr