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Author's Spotlight: LoveOblivious



There are many different types of fanfics. Some leave you happy, some leave you sad, but only special ones leave you needing more.

And that is exactly what LoveOblivious, aka Sophie, has managed to accomplish with her ongoing fanfic Coven.

She has created an AU world that is both unique and also gives us a look at how The Originals could (or should) have been done.

Sophie plays off the tried-and-true forbidden love that we Klaroline fans hold so dear to our shipper hearts. But Coven is not your typical Klaroline story. It’s not just her friends that keep Caroline from admitting her true feelings for Klaus, but the fact that they are on opposite sides of warring factions vying for control of New Orleans. And their illicit affair is that much more appealing as a reader because of this.

“You need to go!” She said more urgently, unable to use her powers in case

she caused a scene,

He seemed to consider her panicked words; “I’ll consider it, but I want

something first.”

“Fine! What?” She said distractedly, both of her hands now resting on his

abdomen, ready to push him away at any second,

“A kiss.”

“What?” She hissed, furious at his boldness, all of her attention now fully

focused on him.

“Just one, little kiss. And I’ll go.” He told her innocently, his hands

itching to pull her closer,


“No! I’m never kissing you again!” She muttered angrily in return, furious

at his pig-headedness. He could start a whole other war with his actions,

as well as grievous bodily harm from her three warlock cousins. And maybe

make the vision she had about him come true.

“Just one kiss, and I’ll go away. For now.”

“Why? Do you even know how wrong this is?” She told him, the recurring

theme for the past couple weeks coming forward. Wrong.

“I don’t care how wrong it is. I want you. And I know that you want me

too.” He told her, his intentions becoming clearer, “And I believe your

man-child cousins are on their way out.”

Unable to think of anything but getting rid of him, Caroline leant up and

grabbed his jaw, crashing her lips to his. His arms immediately wound

around her, pulling her to him as his tongue invaded her mouth, her own

meeting his hesitantly. In moments she was immersed in the kiss, the only

thing on her mind being him as she wound her fingers into his hair.


-Coven, chapter 3

It also doesn’t hurt that the first instance of Klaus and Caroline getting together, in the biblical sense, happens in the first chapter, and many times after that. So if you’re looking for a Klaroline fic where they don’t take ages to get together, look no further. Admitting their feelings in a timely matter, however, is another story.

Sophie has a very fun to read writing style, her banter between Caroline and Klaus is spot on. She has a great handle on who these two really are and she writes them accordingly.

You’ll find yourself quickly sucked into the new world she has created around them, wishing for more every time you reach the end of a chapter, which is a great feat for a writer in and of itself.

I usually am not a fan of original characters, but Sophie seems to have a knack for writing them, especially Grandma Lillian. They really fit right into the world she creates, making TVD almost seem like it’s missing something by not having these characters in canon.

And why does Sophie continue to feed our need for Klaroline?

After writing five stories of Klaroline and loving them through the seasons, she feels like she knows them.

They’re very personal to me, and with the shit that’s going on in both TVD and TO I want them to get the stories and happy endings I feel they deserve.

I can definitely relate to that, as can most, if not all, Klaroline fans!

What keeps her going is her readers. The response to Coven has been “phenomenal,” and every time she updates Sophie feels the love from her fans. The lovely reviews she receives helps keep her going when writing gets tough. She also loves the Klaroline fandom, her tumblr dash “is like a happy, fluffy, Klaroline bubble that inspires me to write.”

Coven has definitely been Sophie’s favorite story to write so far. She loves combining all the different supernatural elements, especially witches, which have always fascinated her, and merging all her favorite genres into one fic.

For now, Sophie is planning on focusing all her writing energy on Coven, much to her fans’ pleasure, I’m sure. She is always coming up with potential story ideas for the future, though. One idea she would love to try one day is a Klaroline Harry Potter AU, putting our favorite couple right in the middle of that universe. I would certainly love to see that, even if we have to wait until after Coven is complete.

And in thanks to her readers for being so patient with her sporadic updates, Sophie has shared some upcoming Coven teasers:

There will be Klaroline grinding in a club, there will be some NSFW Professor Klaus as well as ‘I love you’s’ and some drunken Caroline crashing at Klaus’ place. Also, Kol.

I don’t know about you, but that definitely makes me eager for the next update!

Written by Jess. Find her on Tumblr