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Authors Spotlight: Moultipass1



The Author’s spotlight for this month has the pleasure is one of the most loved author of the Klaroline Fandom. I am talking about Moultipass1.

I had the pleasure to have a lovely chat with her a few weeks ago and she is really fun!

Her name is Severine, she lives in France and her favorite hobby is travelling around the world.

Severine is an eclectic writer and on her fanfiction page you can find the several fandom she writes for; from Game of Thrones, Upon Once Time, Mentalist to Firefly, etc.

Lately she focused her attention on The Vampire Diaries and more precisely on Klaroline. (Lucky us)

Why did she fall in love with Caroline and Klaus rather than one of the main triangles aka Elena and Demon/Stefan?

“Come on, it’s like the whole male population of Mystic Fall drools after Elena. It’s unnerving”. Is her simple but truthful answer.I am with you there, dear Severine, I am with you there.

On the other hand there is Caroline, the girl who no one chooses. No one but Klaus. Since the first moment, he “sees” her.

The dichotomy of Klaus’s character is what most inspired Severine; he is the bad guy and he does evil things and yet, he is capable of human feelings, more so  when Caroline is concerned.

And Caroline is the sweet and caring girl who likes to have everything under control but when Klaus is involved, he is able to turn her world upside down.

The challenge of putting together these two characters is about finding the right balance between what Caroline could live with without hating Klaus or herself for the evil things he is able to do and how much Klaus is willing to hold back his murderous impulses for her.

These themes mostly appear in Severine’s stories. What I like most about her style is her ability to slowly build a sort of understanding first and then a romantic relationship between the two characters. Caroline struggles to accept Klaus’s feelings and this path is not rushed or taken lightly.  On the other hand it doesn’t take forever which is also a good thing; in certain stories we are at the umpteenth chapter and Caroline is still questioning herself about what to do with Klaus. A bit too much of suspense if you ask me.

She is also a pro with the characterization of the secondary characters like Elijah, Rebekah and Stefan. Elijah is the rational and respectable brother whose life goal is to redeem his evil brother and bring his family together again. Rebekah is the spoiled little girl who can be pretty petty but who is also able of empathy and compassion. Stefan is the older brother who Caroline always wished for. On that note; never mention in front of Severine, Steroline. You could cause her a seizure.

Last but not least Severine’s stories are full of passion and sexiness. Above all – Two Lost Soul. The hot scenes are very graphic but never inappropriate and they are able to communicate to the readers the lustful yearning that the two protagonist feel for each other’s.

Severine prefers supernatural environments and her stories take place in the vampire world. Some stories take their lead from Canon moments like The Deal (4×16), Une Dernière Danse (4×19), Untill next time (5×11) and Love  me more than you hate him (5×05). Others imagine completely new situations where the two characters, after their initial banter, finally give into each other’s feelings like “Forgotten Mistake” and “Catch-22”.

But her masterpiece is Two Lost Soul, also winner of the Klaroline Awards 2014 for the category “Best Dark Fiction”. The story starts with Klaus experiencing a scorching and heartbreaking pain because of his son’s death under mysterious circumstances. The pain is so excruciating that he doesn’t want to feel anything anymore. So he turns off his humanity and from there he leaves a path of death and blood. Elijah and Rebekah make it their mission to bring their brother back and when they realize that they need some backup, they turn to the only person who ever had an hold on their brother’s heart; Caroline. Perfect move, right? Yay! The only problem is that she switched off her humanity too. What they are going to do?

So Elijah and Rebekah have first to bring Caroline’s emotions back, when she is not otherwise occupied, and then they can think all together a plan on how to make Klaus feel again.  The succession of sweet and funny moments, bitter and light moments create a really exciting and passionate story that hold the readers’ attention for all the 38 chapters.

But let’s have a peek to one of the parts I found more romantic and heartbreaking.

“My brother. You’re doing this for him.” When she just sighs in acquiescence, he asks, “Do you love him?” “No.” “But you care for him.” Caroline gives a single nod, wondering if he really still doubts it after everything he’s seen over the past few days or if he just wants to hear her say it. This is something she should have admitted to long ago. How many days of misery would she have avoided had she had the courage to seek Klaus out when things didn’t work out with Tyler? How many torments would she have spared herself had she let herself rely on him when everything was so hard back home? How many lives would have been saved had she been there for him when his son died? “Do you think you may come to love him someday?” “I know I will,” she says, so quietly that he would have missed it weren’t it for his vampire hearing. “Why do you think I’m terrified?” On the other side of the study door, the original hybrid feels his heart give a hard thud and he almost jumps in shock at the unfamiliar sensation. It’s been so long since he’s felt something even remotely close to this that it takes him a while to recognize what just happened, what he just felt. When understanding dawns on him, he feels his breath catch in his throat, his head almost spinning with possibilities. This tightening in his chest, those somersaults his stomach is doing, this trembling in his fingers… There is no mistaking it. It’s hope.

From Chapter 15 “Hope has A Place”

Ok, Ok, a tiny peek also to the steamy scenes is in order-warning M rated

A grateful moan falls from her lips and she breaks the kiss, throwing her head back and arching into him in an attempt to increase the contact between their chests. For the first time since he barged in, she catches a glimpse of him, and another jolt rushes straight to her core when she sees his hybrid features. Yellow, wild eyes. Black, moving veins. Angry scowl. Only the fangs are missing, and how twisted is it that she wishes he would let go completely when she knows that it could very well kill her? His face in that moment is the darkest, most dangerous, most beautiful thing she has ever seen, and she feels her entire body start shaking with need. “Holy…” she doesn’t get a chance to finish her incoherent curse because he’s now sucking on her pulse point and the only word she can remember is “Klaus.” At the sound of his name, he groans against her skin and his thrusts get harder and shit why are they still wearing pants?

From Chapter 4 “Bad Things”

So, dear readers! Enjoy your reading!


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