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Authors Spotlight: Psyc0gurl0

Sometimes, you feel that all is hopeless. Everything hurts. Sometimes, you lose sight of the beauty and the light.

Sometimes, you are so caught up in the drama that you forget how it began. Because everything is anger and sadness. And then you come across a story. And you remember. And you feel it again.

And the warm feeling envelops you and you know you are home. Because you know that you will find it again, even in the darkness. Everything you thought you had and lost.

Everything you wished you had, everything that seems out of reach, is suddenly yours.

This is how Emma makes me feel.

Emma gives me hope. She makes me feel like anything is possible. Probably because she does not let anything get her down and does not let any form of negativity get in her way. And because her imagination is just out of this world.

Emma is fun and creative.

And she cultivates that difference. Because difference is change and change is creation.

Writing is what she does. Writing is what she wants in life.

Writing is life and Klaroline has become her inspiration. Ever since that ball at the Originals’. Her favorite moment.

Emma writes. A lot. She is a versatile writer. A diligent writer. Her stories are her own but at the same time she crafts them so that everyone will be able to read something they like. She never writes the same story twice. Have your pick, you will definitely find something. Something light, something dark. Something that pulls you in another world. A world where the supernatural is the norm. Or a world of missed confessions and human mistakes. Or again a world where you are transported in an other time.

Different worlds and yet the same. For, every time, two beings are pulled towards each other.


He got off his horse and tied him to a tree before running silently through the woods to hear who the intruder on his peaceful time was. As he came to a clearing he saw a woman on a broken tree root humming to herself. She was picking the petals off a flower and staring at the ground as f it was normal for a woman to be in the woods at such a late hour. He stared at her in awe of her beauty, he’d never seen anyone as lovely as she was. The moonlight glowed upon her as she sat on the log picking at her flower, oblivious to the world. (…) He knew then that he wanted her like he wanted no one else. She would be his, he vowed as he watched her throw the flower stem onto the floor.

He turned away from her reluctantly and went to go retrieve his horse and then he rode it over to her as if that was what he’d been doing all along. He made sure to be loud as not to scare her and he reached the clearing he was surprised to find her not there. He frowned in annoyance and dismounted his horse getting ready to search for her. Just as he stepped away from the stallion a branch came flying out of nowhere and he caught it easily before it connected with his body.

”Oh!” the woman said, surprised when she was him holding the branch she tried to swing at him.

”Oh. Indeed,” Klaus said with a small chuckle.

–  In The Mouth of the Wolf, Chapter 2.

Writing has been part of Emma most of her life. She began immersing herself in imaginary worlds very young and started writing when she was about ten years old after she started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She may never have published any of her work related to the Slayer but it was enough to make her take that creative step.

She has written fanfiction and original fiction. But there is something about Klaus and Caroline that inspired her and it got translated into The Morning After, a story in which Caroline falls for Klaus not knowing that he is in fact the enemy. She never stopped writing for this epic pairing after that.

She keeps her muse content with music, anything by Death Grips, The Veils or Animal Collective, and tries to steer clear of the drama. Klaroline is – and should remain – a happy place. An inspiring place.

And inspired she continues to be.

She is currently writing on The Parisian Brothel and is planning to finish Until We Bleed, a short sequel to The Nobodies with Alternate Klaus And Caroline. Her next story will probably be an AH/AU story. (My favorites!)

The thing about this awesome klarogirl is that she is dedicated; she updates quite frequently and most of her stories are completed or in the process of being completed. And it takes time and work and generosity.

Emma’s contribution to Klaroline is infinite and invaluable. She is a breath of fresh air that keeps Klaroline burning. She gives us patience during this time of long, long waiting. Until we finally get it.

Our always and forever.

And, once again, we can revel in our luck for having people like her in this fandom, people who keep Klaroline a happy, fun place amidst all the drama.

And, just for that, she deserves all our love and respect.


If you haven’t read any of her work (yet), here’s a few selected stories:

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You can see her page here with more info and more stories. And you can visit her tumblr here!


Written by Samia. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter