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Authors Spotlight: these dreams go on


We all know that all every Klaroline fan really wants is for Klaus and Caroline to get together already. Now, because of the fact that they are currently on different shows, that is proving to be a little more difficult than we would have liked it to be. But the one beacon of light that the entire fandom seems to hang on to is the possibility of a crossover.

Crossovers didn’t really take off as much as we had all hoped last season, but one good thing did come out of the idea of a crossover; tons of crossover fanfiction. And when I mean tons, I mean tons. And here’s just a handful of stories that I’ve read:

  • Crossovers where Klaus moves back to Mystic falls for Caroline.
  • Crossovers where Caroline moves to New Orleans for Klaus.
  • Crossovers where they meet in Paris (or Rome or Tokyo).
  • Crossovers where they save each other.
  • Crossovers that involve a pregnancy, however unlikely it may be, (it did happen for Klayley right?).

But the problem with most crossover stories—even though they may be exactly what we need to mend our shipper hearts— is that everything happens too fast to be realistic.

Caroline simply won’t come running to New Orleans and express her undying love for Klaus, no matter how much we want her too (or how much we know she really loves him).

So the good crossovers, the believable ones, the ones that are so beautifully angsty that you want to cry and yell at someone at the same time, are the ones that make you wait…

Crossovers like in the stories New Lives, New Paths and New Choices, all of which are written by the wonderfully talented these dreams go on.

The realistic portrayal of the “Klaroline situation” is one of the first things that drew me towards the stories.  This particular series of stories started with the aftermath of the quote we all know and love “however long it takes,” and brings Klaus and Caroline together in the most unexpected way. But we all know that writing is much more than just plot. It’s also the way that words are chosen, and writing somehow feels much cleaner when you have just the right amount of words.

These dreams go on manages to tell a story full of adventure, suspense and most importantly romance, with the authenticity that is missing from the, dare I say it, Vampire Diaries right now. Her storytelling often finds you catching your breath, searching your mind for ideas on how this could end well.

And at the same time it is also very practical; the ending makes sense. Instead of giving up their current lives for each other they simply come to a mutual understanding about their relationship. That even though they have separate lives in separate places, they can set times to be with each other for the time being. Because don’t forget, Klaus did say “however long it takes.”

“ When he looks back in the rearview mirror he can see her with her hands on her hips, rolling her eyes and fighting her own amusement at the situation.

I shall see you soon my love.”

New Paths, Epilogue

Beyond the plot or the word choice, an even more difficult aspect of writing is when you write from multiple points of view. These dreams go on constantly changes narrators, and in doing so bring a new sense of depth to the story. The ability to portray not one character’s thoughts realistically, but a multitude of them is difficult to get to. The story then goes to another level, from seeing the situation from one persons eye view to seeing it in everyone’s, gives you a much broader view of the plotline.

These dreams go on has managed to create stories that are very much worth reading. The story progresses naturally and the characters stay true to themselves. You see all the good sides and the bad sides of Klaus and Caroline.

Caroline’s work ethic and insecurities. Klaus’s loyalty and temper. All these aspects of the correctors are shown in complex and realistic ways.

And that, beyond anything is why these dreams go on deserves an Author’s Spotlight.

Personally, I would like to thank her for writing these stories and I’m so excited to how and where New Choices proceeds.


A few notes:

-I highly recommend these stories but be warned, they are definitely M rated

-The first two stories, New Lives and New Paths are the same plotline, but the first from the Mystic falls gang’s perspective and the latter from the perspective of the originals

-The most recent story, New Choices, is as of now ongoing (incomplete)

-go on and R & R!


Check out these dreams go on’s fics here

Written by Dorothy. Find her on Tumblr

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