Best Overall Video Winner in the Klaroline Awards 2015: You Won't Ever Be Alone by xBenQCatx

General-Klaroline-ArticleAll right, all right, I’M GUILTY. This video has already been our video of the week once, and what am I trying to do here? There’s no way I could ever praise it as beautifully as Isabelle did back when it was first chosen in January, but asdfgFSGDH IT WON BEST OVERALL VIDEO AT OUR FANDOM’S AWARDS LAST WEEK OKAY? AND IT’S ACTUALLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE VIDEOS EVER. SO YOU HAVE TO CAREBEAR WITH ME NOW (see what I did there? *giggles* No, uh? I’m so lame, whATEVER).

First of all (spoiler alert: there’s actually not going to be a second of all, but that sounded cool to say/write/blUHBLAH): Ed Sheeran. I mean, he’s obviously a secret Klaroline shipper, writing songs about them and sobbing over them while eating ketchup on… probably everything according to Tumblr gifsets, what do I even know. SERIOUSLY, his music is the best kind of soundtrack when it comes to Klaroline videos and this time is no exception. Press play and try not to cry as his voice goes ‘Wait for me to come home’ while Klaus promises Caroline the ‘however long it takes’ of our most perfect dreams, I DARE YOU. And YES, I WENT THERE. THAT’S HOW PRECIOUS THIS WHOLE VIDEO IS. From the first second to the very last, it just manages to take you on a journey through all of Klaus and Caroline’s past scenes, giving you a newly-found hope about the future in a way that only this vidder is, in my opinion, able to do.

This girl… she’s never lost hope, she’s never lost inspiration. And I know that, I mean *inserts Stiles’ weird hands gestures and DUH face* familiar, much? That’s all of us. But, when it comes to vidding (and I say this from experience), it’s just a little bit harder to remain positive. Editing a video is not really the same as, for example, writing a fanfiction – both are equally amazing feats, but, while with stories you get to create a whole new universe of your liking, with videos all you have is the reminder that you can only work on so many scenes because we haven’t had any new ones in a very long time. So to be able to keep vidding Klaroline almost on a monthly basis, always with this sort of magical and classy touch that just makes everyone watching relive their relationship from the very start in a way that kicks your hopes in full swing, that’s a true talent. AND I DON’T WANNA TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM ANYONE, I WOULD NEVER, but this girl is truly deserving of an award and I’m glad that she got one through this video in particular.

Because it’s utter perfection aND GO WATCH IT NOW OR I’M SUING. And because I AM waiting for Klaus and Caroline to come back home to each other; I will always be waiting.

*grossly sobs all over YouTube while petting the video’s head* You is important. (Not YOU, the video. Well… you too, I guess, if I have to.

Just kidding, I love you.)


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