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Blog of the week: blehllamyblake


Blog of the week time and what a lovely one it is this week. We have talked to the lovely Alice, who is super nice and sweet and has great taste in ships. Here is what she had to say. Be sure to check out her blog.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name’s Alice, I’m 17 and I live in Cambodia. I speak Khmer (Cambodia’s language), French and English fluently. I’m a science nerd.

Explain your URL and why you picked it.

My url is blehllamyblake. It used to be wontyoutakeachance not too long ago. I recently changed it but I’m not sure why exactly, I thought it was time for a change I guess. My url is based on Bellamy Blake, one of the main characters of the 100 and also my favourite.


What made you start to ship Klaroline?

Funny story. About 3 and a half years ago, I decided to watch TVD. A few episodes in, I was hooked and couldn’t resist going online to search for blogs to follow and other watchers to talk with. To my surprise, I found A LOT of posts and gifs with Caroline dancing with some unknown dude with a scruff and I was like who the hell is that??? He looked really old to me back then haha. I was really confused about people shipping them because I was still in S1 and Maroline was just happening. I eventually caught up to the show, it was around ep8 of S4. And guess what? To no one’s surprise, I was fucked the moment Klaus leaned into and told her about everything the world had to offer. Somehow, seeing him so different with her, seeing him turn out to be more than just a typical villain out for Elena’s blood made me see him in a new light and I don’t know, it just clicked.


Why do you ship Klaroline?

Phew, this is going to be long to answer and I tend to ramble a lot, only to repeat myself but please bear with me.

I ship Klaroline because of what they represent to each other and what they could offer each other. They could be epic, legendary. Let’s be real, they’d go down in history.

Klaus is introduced to us as a selfish ruthless merciless murderous sadistic monster in S2. S2 Klaus is still my favourite TVD villain because he filled that role so well. He’s heartless and unfeeling, but also clever and always one step ahead. And I loved that.

But what I loved even more was his character development in S3/S4, how he revealed himself to be more than a monster. There’s still good in him no matter how tainted with blood it is, no matter how hard his heart had become. He enjoys travelling, art, culture and history. I think it comes the fact that he contributed to shaping the world, writing history and creating traditions. The world is his oyster and he knows every corner and crevice of it. He values it even if he doesn’t value human life, as fickle it is, and he’s eager to show it all to Caroline. Sweet young Caroline who has so much potential and destined for greatness, Caroline who still has so much to learn but could one day know the world like the back of her hand. It may look like he was trying to change for her sake, especially when she told him to show her that he could be good. This isn’t about his redemption or about abandoning his old ways. It’s about her making him want to believe in himself. Klaus hates everyone but he hates himself even more. The fact that Caroline started to warm up to him and trust him proved to him that he was capable of reaching out to others after all, that he’s not completely the monster he’s made himself to be. Love isn’t about changing who you are, it’s about learning yourself all over again, about seeing yourself in a new light and realising that you’re more than you thought you were. And that’s what she does to him.

As for Caroline, she’s gone through a lot, searched for love in so many people, craved for attention and clung to so many. Tyler was good for her. But he wasn’t enough. In fact, he chose revenge over her. Isn’t it refreshing and thrilling to see Klaus pay so much attention to her when so many had dismissed her? He cares so deeply for her and loves everything about her that it confuses him. I think the lamp stick stab was his breaking point. She’s made him feel so much and he believed they were starting to get along. He knew she was deceiving him and distracting him the whole time but he was so convinced that she was having a good time too. Then to have her spit such hateful words filled with venom at him, as if she was above him as she played him for a fool, I think it made him lose it. And Caroline was right, he hurt her because he was hurt and he was sick of being in love with someone who’ll never see past his evil deeds. When she almost died, his whole face showed how much it broke him to know that he did that to her, how much he regretted it but also how much he wished she didn’t have so much power over him. They’re fucked up and abusive and tragic but this is a fictional show and all the angst really did it for me. Also, the chemistry between these two characters is undeniable.


Do you do anything for the klaroline fandom? Like drawing, painting, writing, polls, manips, graphics, etc.

Unfortunately, I’m not very talented and don’t contribute much to the fandom aside from promoting and sharing everyone’s work and trying to keep up good morale in the fandom. I don’t know if it does much but I usually try to spread positive vibes and remind people that we’re in this together, that it’s not just a random couple we like. For some of us, we chose them but for others, shipping them has always been beyond our choice. It’s not a simple ship you can let down when you want anymore and it’s important that we show a united front.


Tell us a bit about your blog and why a klaroline fan would like it?

My blog is multifandom. I stopped watching TVD after S4 and I don’t watch TO but I occasionally reblog the Mikaelsons because no matter how much the writers ruined them, they were once my babies. I obviously reblog a lot of Klaroline related posts and the occasional Katherine ones, because QUEEN. I don’t like Damon so if you do, it’s probably not a good idea to follow me.

I watch other shows like the 100, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Elementary, Sense 8 and Stitchers.

If you watch the same shows as me and ship the same ships as me, I think you’ll like my blog enough. But don’t follow me expecting me to drag other ships or characters with salty posts everyday. I like to stay in my line and like what I like in my corner. I’m generally very peaceful and tolerant so if I fight you, you’re probably an asshole. But chances are, I’d just block you and won’t even bother fighting you.

I like to spread a lot of feels and make everyone cry about the same things as me, by sharing really sad posts and fanfiction/videos I’ve read/seen so if you like crying over fiction, I think you’ll like my blog! Also, Percy Jackson. Who doesn’t like Percy Jackson?


Check out her blog here.