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Blog of the week: gooddame


It’s time for another blog of the week and this time we have decided to switch the format up a bit. We have talked to the lovely Jennifer and she has told us a few things about her blog, about herself and of course about Klaroline. Let’s see what she had to say. And don’t forget to check out her blog after you read all this.


Hello! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jennifer, I’m 25 and I look about 16. I’m in between deciding to go back to school or get another job. I have four people whom I love and respect like my own sister, one of them actually is my sister. I lead a small life but I know that I’m difficult, dramatic, simple, kind and hopeless. I have literally nothing going on most of the time mostly because I’m an introvert to put it nicely. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy this site. I joined tumblr in 2011 and I still have no idea how it works half of the time. I feel very fortunate to be a part of a fandom that can forgive me for that because I can ask and someone will always drop in and help me find a solution.


Explain your URL and why you picked it.

My URL, it’s a short story, I picked gooddame because I felt it was self-explanatory. I suppose I thought I was being clever at the time. I picked up Dame from a supernatural show called Blood Ties in 2007 and I basically used gooddame for everything since then. I remember kindofamy a blogger on tumblr once say in description of her URL that she it was sort of her, a part of her or something along those lines and it kind of stuck with me. I believe that my URL is very much myself and very much a persona as well.


What made you start to ship Klaroline?

So many things. I feel like Darcy in Pride and Prejudice sometimes, I was in the middle before I knew it had begun. I knew I liked Klaus and Caroline separately. I loved the way their minds worked and I recall being in a bad place at the time. I remember relating to both of them, their angst, hope, the way they shared parts of themselves only to be shut down.


Why do you ship Klaroline?

I always say Klaroline kind of saved me. They gave me hope because while the dark thoughts that crept in my mind I didn’t try to hurt myself as often. I found myself waiting to see the next episode, watching them evolve and finally linked them together. As small as a tv show is, it saved my life which is why it physically hurts me now to try to watch how their characters have deteriorated. But anyway, Why I still ship them, the reason is because I love their dynamics. The way they say things without ever speaking, like even in silence they understand each other. There’s no reason for them to change because they like/love each other just as they are (Bridget Jones much?). And he’ll wait. He’ll wait as long as it takes and he won’t forget And I like to think Caroline tries hard not to remember and fails every single time.


How do you participate in the Klaroline fandom?

I wouldn’t say I do a whole lot, I mean this fandom is so gifted and I everybody is aware of it. Even adding a small comment at the bottom of a reblog is an added extra. I write bits and pieces of Klaroline almost everyday. Most of it is posted but most sits in my laptop for months before I go back to it. I do what I can just like everyone else to keep the spirit alive so to speak and I’m sure every single person that is a part of this fandom feels like they give a little part of themselves to this fandom everyday. That’s not to day that everyday is a good day in the fandom, we do have our rough days but we always come back and we believe that this ship is going to sail beautifully one day.


Tell us a bit about your blog and why a Klaroline fan would like it?

Oh my blog. My blog is a small blog, I have no idea how to mess with it and my tagline says just as much. I think that it’s a nice simple place like my mind. I think that it’s hard to explain why I think a Klaroline fan would like it because I’m not used to a fan actually popping up and saying so. I find that the people who appear to me genuinely care about not only our shared ship but about each other. I don’t see followers -I see friends and I hope that they see that in me as well. That’s simply how I feel about it.


Don’t forget to check out her blog here.