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Blog of the week: honestgrins


Time for another blog of the week. This time we’ve chatted with a lovely lady named Morgan. Read what she had to say and check out her nice blog.

Tell us a little something about you.

I’m Morgan, 24, from the US Midwest. I watch far too much TV (and talk about it even more). I’m trying to figure out this “adulting” thing, and I’m grateful for Diet Coke to keep me functioning.

Explain your URL and why you picked it.

My URL is honestgrins, because the smallest smiles can mean the most. It’s totally cheesy, but there are always those moments in TV and movies where a romantic partner just looks at the other with the most genuine smile. I swoon every time. My favorite example off the top of my head would be Mr. Darcy in 2005’s Pride and Prejudice. Matthew Macfadyen only unabashedly smiles like twice in the whole thing, and I just die of feels.

What made you start to ship Klaroline?

I’m terrible at telling this story, it gets so long. Klaroline is such a sore spot with my best friend, because it’s entirely her fault that I watch TVD and ship KC (even though she hates it). She owned the first two seasons of TVD and told me I should watch it so we could talk about it, because we literally became fangirl friends when we realized how obsessive we are with things we like. Anyway, she lent me the first two seasons, which I zoomed through just as the third season was starting. By the time I caught up with watching live, here comes the Original hybrid to heal poor, little Caroline. Oh, my god. Here’s this girl that couldn’t even enjoy her birthday because she’s dead and her boyfriend was breaking her heart by circumstance, and this jerk has the boyfriend bite her so he himself can heal her as a power play against her mother. Rude, and she lets him know that. Still, he tells her there is more to see than Mystic Falls, that being a vampire isn’t as bad as she makes it out to be. She was despairing of her undead status, only to be told of the opportunities that come with such power; it was exactly what she needed to hear the night she celebrated her death, her life, and her renewed life as a vampire. For those few minutes, a 1,000-year-old hybrid saw value in her life and her potential, and she decided she wanted to see it, too. Keep in mind, I had to wait another week for the next episode (which I was still getting used to), so I just stewed in the potential for this relationship, which only skyrocketed with the Mikaelson ball. I was lost, and my friend hated me for it (she hates Klaus with a passion). I’ve at least turned her into a Caroline-stan, though, so I should get half-credit.

Why do you ship Klaroline?

Okay, that was just how I started to ship Klaroline. I still ship KC because there’s something incredibly right with this pairing. I don’t know if I should blame the actors, the writers, or the directors, but everything just clicks for KC. Caroline always thought of herself as something “less than,” something that is reinforced by those around her even as she begins to expect more of herself. The only person who sees her as she’s starting to feel is Klaus, and it shocks the hell out of her. They challenge each other, stand up for themselves, and hold each other accountable (even if they don’t want to hold themselves to the same standard). He’s the man who couldn’t love, and she was never the one. They both proved the other wrong.

Do you participate in the Klaroline fandom?

I write! I am always happy to take prompts for drabbles, and I have a few collections already which are posted on AO3, FFnet, and my Tumblr. I have the same username for all three.

Tell us a bit about your blog, why would a Klaroliner like it?

My blog is a mess, and honestly, a KC fan might not always like it. I am, first and foremost, a Caroline Forbes stan. I will always take her side in fandom nonsense, and I will probably ship her with absolutely anyone who can treat her right. Though Stefan and Enzo have fallen far on that list, they are still there. Some KCers may find that content objectionable, which I completely understand. However, I do post KC drabbles more than any other ship, so that probably gets me some brownie points. I also reblog whatever catches my fancy, so prepare for many, many outside interests other than KC. I like it, though, and I’m a Klaroline fan!

Check out her blog here.