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Blog of the Week: klarogasms



This time we’ve chatted with Amanda, who has a very nice and smutty url. We love it.

Here is what she had to say. Don’t forget to check out her blog.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name’s Amanda, I’m nineteen and I live in Germany! I’m currently living with my mom and my little brothers after finally graduating High School in 2015 (WOOHOO). I plan on studying fine arts in the UK, I just have to get my art portfolio together before I finally can apply!


Explain your URL and why you picked it.

Well, my URL used to rawrdelena, then transformed into delenamyklaroline before I finally settled on klarogasms about two years ago. I stopped shipping DE, so naturally I wanted them out of my URL. This URL came to me while reading KC smut fanfic, because Klaroline + orgasms = klarogasms! And that’s how my URL was born.


What made you start to ship Klaroline?

I can’t pinpoint when exactly I started shipping Klaroline. I used to be a BIG Forwood shipper, but I read a lot of KC as side pairing in DE fanfics. So I did my research and it was around the same time that I came to the conclusion that Tyler’s and Caroline’s relationship is mostly sex and that he doesn’t really deserve her (IMO). And that’s when I started shipping KC. I only know that I was already completely in love with them during the epic ballroom dance scene at the Mikaelson ball. I remember binge watching season three before it completely aired in Germany, so I probably started shipping Klaroline a bit more than three years ago.


Why do you ship Klaroline?

Well, that’s the question, isn’t it?

I think the main reason why I ship KC is because they complete each other so beautifully.

Klaus challenges Caroline, he brings out her strong and mature side, he brings out the darkness in her in the most beautiful and ugly way possible. At the same time Caroline challenges Klaus, she brings out his caring and loving side, she brings it out and forces him to deal with it. They both have a hard time dealing with the polar opposite within them, and when they are confronted with each other, it’s like they’re confronted with themselves, with the side of themselves that they don’t know how to properly deal with.

But they’re also alike in so many ways. Both have been abused and beaten and cast aside. Both have been the second choice, and nothing but the second choice all their lives. Both know the feeling of never being good enough, of being the loneliest person in the world, of fearing that there will never be anyone capable of loving them. They’re so similar and yet so different and it’s just beautiful to see them interact with each other and to watch them discover all those things. It’s beautiful to see that yes, Klaus is capable of loving and that yes, Caroline is capable of returning that.


Do you do anything for the Klaroline fandom?

Yeah, a bunch actually! I write fanfiction, do graphics, I draw (very rarely), I make gif or photo sets and I even made two playlists πŸ™‚ You can find all of this stuff on my blog on the sidebar! I take requests to do stuff, btw. So if you want a graphic or a gif/photo set or a one shot just shoot me an ask πŸ™‚


Tell us a bit about your blog and why a Klaroline fan would like it.

Well, my blog’s actually a really big multifandom mess with a bit of aesthetics here and some people rights and awareness stuff there. And then there’s a bunch of Klaroline, of course. If you really want a bit more of all of that in your life and if you don’t mind my random rants and personal posts you’ll probably really like my blog. A bunch of other people seem to! And whenever my dash is a bit void of KC I’ll dive into the tag and queue a bunch of stuff. Oh yeah, I queue my stuff, so there will almost always be posts for you πŸ˜‰


Check out her blog here.