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Blog of the Week: lclrgsl


Time for another blog of the week. This time we’ve chatted with a lovely French lady. Read what she had to say and check out her nice blog.

Tell us a little something about you.

I am Luce, I am 20 and I come from France. I am in Law school (more like trying to survive it!), and I really don’t know what to say. No really, I love food, I knit, and I am still crying over The Last of Us. My computer is getting bored of me, I am sure, and my phone must always be in my pocket. I use “lol” too much even if I hate it, and I also use too many “!!!” and emojis!

I love unicorns and Disney, and I live not too far from Disneyland Paris! (I know this place like my second home). My parents don’t think I am funny, but I hope to prove otherwise. I sleep too much, but I am always tired. I am really interested by serial killers (that’s incredibly weird but true, hence why I am in Law school) and I love horror movies (let the fake blood flowing!).

I have the most stupid irrational fear, and when I was younger, I thought that cats were females and dogs were the males. And I also believed they were multiple mini-me in my head, talking to me, like there was the intelligent Luce, the stupid Luce, the crazy Luce, etc.

I play the ukulele, which I think is cool, because I can play Justin Bieber and Radiohead. I work as a camp counselor because I love kids, especially their crazy stories and imagination.

Actually, I once pretended to be the Tooth Fairy (or the little mouse in France), I let a little letter for a little girl and she responded and that’s probably one of my most precious memories. (This whole answer is really messy and strange!) I love cheese so much, and I eat it with some jam, it’s perfect (and the more it stinks, the better).

What more can I say? You must think I am a really weird person, and I guess it’s true, but aren’t we all crazy? We should all embrace our craziness and eat cheese while watching Disney movies!


Explain your URL and why you picked it.

It’s really simple actually! My full name is Luce Laure Gisèle, so it’s my name, without the vowels! So unfortunately nothing about Klaroline!


What made you start to ship Klaroline?

Hard question. I started watching TVD really late, maybe during season 4. I started thanks to Tumblr, where I saw this cute blond couple dancing and I wanted to watch this! I lowkey shipped them then, I reblogged gifsets, edits, I loved them but I enjoyed Forwood too, so I was in my happy little shipper bubble, just enjoying the ship.

Then one day, I was confronted with the Klaroline fandom. Kaboom, it was the end of my sanity. I started reading fanfiction, and became obsessed with the couple and even more with its amazing fandom, so passionate, talented and supportive.

The fandom is mostly what made me ship Klaroline.


Why do you ship Klaroline?

Because I have good taste. No, joking, I am not that sassy (I am only like this behind my computer, I would probably laugh like a pig if you talk to me in real life!).

I love Klaroline for a lot of reasons. I think it’s because both characters were supposed to be hated. Caroline, in the first episode is shallow, and clearly meant to be the mean popular girl, but she had such an amazing development, you find out that her confidence is hiding true insecurities, she is the most relatable character of the show, I totally relate to her.

As for Klaus, he is the villain, the antagonist, and I am always more interested by antagonists. He’s sassy, he has dimples, and an accent (I have a soft spot for English men), and thanks to Ben Hur TV show, we are all aware of his glorious butt.

I love the fact that on the surface, it seems like it’s the bad boy/good girl trope, but their relationship is really something more. They’re alike, and they know it, she loves being a creature of the night, as much as Klaus, but they have their differences, Caroline’s holding onto her humanity and Klaus is forgetting about it. Yet, they complete each other. He wants her to embrace her vampire self, and she wants him to admit his part of humanity.

I love Klaroline because it allowed both characters to grow so much, to have more depth. They are blurring each other’s categorical point of view about life (as eternal as it can be).

I love Klaroline because it reminds me of classical vampire movies but with a modern twist. Klaus is the original vampire, powerful, indestructible, dark, and he meets this girl, who’s supposedly his opposite. She’s drawn to it, to darkness, and it reminds me how vampire movies used to be about women’s sexual desires, dark and obscure. There is something deeply sexual about Klaroline, the thick tension, but there’s more, it’s about discovering each other and themselves, more than sexual desires but also bloodlust, humanity, and also inhumanity, but also power and control.

I love how Caroline stands her ground, she’s not afraid of him, the ancient creature. I love how he seems impressed by that. I just love how different and how alike they are, how they both represent something diverse. He’s from the old world, he’s the alpha male, and she’s really all about the modern world, she’s a girl living with her time, trying to figure it out without forgetting to accept herself.

I ship Klaroline because their dynamic is truly interesting, and the fandom is wonderful.


Do you participate in the Klaroline fandom?

I try! I write drabbles and fanfiction, I write prompts some amazing people send me, I also try to make some graphics but I am not really that good!

Tell us a bit about your blog, why would a Klaroliner like it?

Oouh! I don’t know if they’ll really like it lol (here again this awful lol). It’s really a multifandom mess, I reblog everything I like or find pretty, it’s a chaos.

I reblog Klaroline, thus I guess it’s a good reason for a klaroline fan to like my blog!

I try to write, so I hope they’ll like what I do, and they can come talk to me, because when I am behind a computer, I am not as shy as in real life, and I can rant about anything, food, unicorns, our patriarchal society, everything really! So come say hi! And even leave a prompt and I’ll write it!

Check out the blog here.