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Blog of the Week: misssophiachase


This time we’ve talked to the lovely Cristy, another super sweet Klaroliner. Read what she had to say and check out her blog.


Name and any other personal info you’re comfortable with sharing.

I’m Cristy, a normal (well relatively) girl who lives in Melbourne, Australia and works in communications. Some people refer to it as avoiding icebergs but there’s still a lot of herding cats involved, not sure if that translates in every language but it means I spend a lot of time running around trying to organize people who sometimes don’t want to be organized! Oh, and nothing against cats. Ollie, the furry love of my life, is very laid back.

In my spare time, and besides living on tumblr and fan fiction, I like doing the usual things like spending time with friends, watching live sport (mainly Australian football and cricket) and travelling. I have also just started boot camp and it’s kicking my ass!  


Explain your URL and why you picked it.

My middle name is Sophia, and my family dog’s name growing up was Chase. A little strange but it’s grown on me! It is still my original fan fiction name, I just added the Miss to my URL.


What made you start to ship Klaroline?

The tension between them had been building since 3.11, but for me it was their interaction at the ball in 3.14 that made me swoon. Let’s look at why –

  1.      She didn’t have to go to the ball (or wear his dress or bracelet), so why did she?
  2.      These two barely knew each other at this point, but yet they could have a deep and meaningful discussion about their fathers.
  3.      She isn’t afraid to call him out on his behaviour and he didn’t react angrily, it just made him like her more because she was honest.
  4.      The fact that Give Me Love was the part of the soundtrack was an added bonus.

Why do you ship Klaroline?

Why not? Sorry, I’ll stop being facetious. I’ve always been a big fan of opposites attracting and I love how their differences complement each other. She’s the light to his darkness and not only does she make him a better person he brings out her adventurous side. And don’t get me started on those looks and that sizzling sexual attraction. There’s no one else for them except each other, fact!

Do you do anything in the Klaroline fandom? Like drawing, painting, writing, polls, manips, graphics, etc.

I wish I could do the majority of those like so many of our talented fandom but I’m technically inept! I do enjoy writing though.

I have nine stories on Fan Fiction (under Sophia Chase), some complete, some ongoing. I have written a few drabbles, here or there, when there’s a great event like 25 Days of Klaroline or Klaroline Winter Wonderland. I also write fan fiction reviews for the Klaroline Magazine, which I enjoy immensely. I usually don’t have a lot of time to read other stories but this gives me the perfect excuse, and I’ve found quite a few gems already!    

Tell us a bit about your blog and why a Klaroline fan would like it?

My blog is probably 95 per cent Klaroline, except for the shameless exploitation of my cat and a few other little things. So hopefully that in itself will appeal to a Klaroline fan. Otherwise, it’s just a collection of my drabbles and my fan fiction updates. So, if anyone would like to do a little reading then head on over.

My favourite part about this fandom and our amazing camaraderie is sharing everyone’s work which is why I love reblogging all of the fantastic gifs, videos, drabbles, etc which come my way. It’s also a great way to find other blogs you might like to follow.

Check out her blog here.