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Blog of the Week: shelikeshummingbirds


This week’s botw is shelikeshummingbirds. The blog is run by Cherie who prefers the name ‘Selia’ on the Internet and she is currently 19 years old, living in somewhere Klaroline exist in canon Hong Kong.


Selia started using the url ‘shelikeshummingbirds’ quite a while ago. She always wanted an url that could tell people she was a Klaroline shipper from the moment they saw it. Hummingbird is one of the huge symbols of our ship, along with champagne and the elephant. Moreover, 4×07 is one of her favourite Klaroline scenes. And she just had to include that in her lovely url.


She started watching Vampire Diaries because of Klaroline, and yes, she is serious! She’s kind of new in the fandom. Since mathematics is her weakest subject (mine too), she is unsure if she has counted this correctly but she has started shipping Klaroline in May/June 2013, right after someone on Weibo posted a gif-set of that epic ‘However long it takes’ scene, so approximately 2 years and 5 months ago. Time flies! Selia remembers when she saw those lines, and she thought, ‘Aww, it’s so sweet that he will wait for her!’ *sobbing*


It’s hard to explain why she ship Klaroline this much. Klaroline is perfect, they’re the definition of one true pairing. <3 Their chemistry is overwhelming, how can someone deny that. Klaus shows kindness because of Caroline; Caroline can dream big only with Klaus; Caroline can challenge the big bad wolf and remain alive; Klaus is willing to put Caroline first, even before his own sister. She isn’t going to say how perfect they are and why they should be together, because we all know that already. What she is going say however, is, we have come too far and we’re not going to take that little hook up as a closure. Klaroline is her #otp4life. Hear, hear.


While Selia thinks she really sucks at drawing, painting and using photoshop she knows how to write (although in Chinese)! She is still struggling to finish her Klaroline fanfiction (in Chinese). Writer blocks really suck! She’s edited a Klaroline Cut Video (included S3-S5 & TO S1) with Chinese/English subtitles and posted it online (you can watch it here).


Her blog is full of Klaroline (of course), along with some posts about Kalijah, Stebekah, Team Barbie, Katholine and other ships and characters in the Vampire Diaries. The blog isn’t a only TVD blog, so other things she likes are here too. Selia tags almost everything, The Originals related posts (like gifs set & characters & even the actors) will not appear on her blog. Her blog is like a canon-free place.


Go check it out and say hello here.