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Blog of the Week: thedenimofrose

Thedenimofrose – it may not be a klaroline URL, but this blog is definitely one of the best klaroline blogs out there. It is filled with all kinds of klaroline goodies. This blog is run by Rebekah. But you can call her Bex or Bekah if you want. She is eighteen years old. She love paradoxes, symbols, and Evie and Jackie’s swoon worthy writing.

Bex first started to ship klaroline when she saw the diamond bracelet Klaus gave Caroline and realized he liked her. She says there is a quote that says “I do not believe in love at first sight, but sometimes there is a click. I believe in that click.” Klaus and Caroline clicked with her and with each other.

She says that klaroline has also affected her in ways no other ship has, which astounds even her friends. She has experienced the obsessive/passionate influence of an OTP before. She vowed never to love a ship more than her Doctor Who OTP, but then she met klaroline. It quickly became the most important aspect of TVD to her. When she searched youtube to find the klaroline scenes of season 4, she accidentally stumbled upon some strange gem now known as the klaroline fandom. It was the fandom that took her vow to keep klaroline in her heart and tore it to shreds. The fandom became her family and their passion for the ship acted as fuel to her fire. Because of us Klaroline is no longer just a ship. She says it is a revolutionary tale of ancient misogyny bowing before the modern woman. It is the twist of beauty being the beast and the beast always having been a beauty. It is a unit of siblings leaning on each other in times of torment and jubilation. It is a cause and we, the fans are the movement. It has influenced her to her core and ignited a purpose within her. Klaroline is not just some ship, it is the facet of her character. She cannot part with herself. That is why she continues to ship klaroline.

What does Bex do that is significant for the fandom? Well she is known greatly for her love messages. She has her own image of the fandom and of its greatness. She says we are flawed like any other family and a bit dysfunctional sometimes. But she sees such promise in it and she is proud to be in this fandom. So she sends love messages because we are a tight knit community. She wants to encourage that loving spirit because peace and happiness can be infectious. That is the unit she sees through her eyes. This fandom is a family and we should love each other and laughter should mutually spill from our lips and we should whether the storms whenever they are foolish enough to come against us.

Bex also helped a fellow klaroliner organize a love project for the klarogang skype chat. She put in a lot of effort and helped out to her max. She came up with the idea and the fellow klaroliner helped her make it possible. It lasted over a month and it brought a smile to everyone’s faces. It was definitely something special. Bex is always willing to spread the love and that is an admirable quality. She just has this way of lighting up the room she is in. Kind of like Caroline. And she does that on her blog too.

Why should you follow thedenimofrose? First off, you should follow her because she has an amazing klaroline blog. And you can never have too many klaroline posts on your dashboard. Second, Bex is a great friend. She is always there when you need her and she slowly talks some sense into you. Third, she sees things in people that we don’t normally see in ourselves at times. That is a great quality and it can be seen through her messages with her friends. Fourth, she reminds me of a real life Caroline Forbes, she sees the good things in people and this fandom. She doesn’t let all these other fandoms bring her down and she sees the potential this fandom has. Fifth, you really should just follow her blog already. There is NOT one good excuse for you not to follow her blog. It’s just a fact. So just please click that follow button. I am not just saying this as one of Bex’s friends. I am saying this as a klaroline shipper. As a klaroline shipper she definitely instills all those klaroline feels in me.

A message from Bex herself: “We throw welcoming parties, and we have cookies and cake! Jade aka talkingklaroline is one of the fandom’s chefs. If you are not in the mood for desserts, we can whip you up something else. :p”

Check our Bex’s blog HERE

Written by Emily. Find her on Tumblr