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Blogger Interviews with gooddame

This week we had a chance to chat to gooddame, about her triple win in the Klaroline Award wins, why she blesses our inboxes with those beautiful snippets and her history with Klaroline and the fandom. Read what she had to say here:


KM:  For all of the readers who don’t know you, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

This is a fun question, I don’t think anyone really thinks about it so much -Kind of like your own phone number, you struggle with it a bit before actually getting it out.

I’ve been on tumblr since 2011, and I’m closer to my thirties than the beginning of my twenties at this point. I don’t have any kids, and I work part time because I’m always planning on finishing off the five classes I need to graduate college and never quite get there. I enjoy learning, it’s a joy to figure out something new that frustrated me before or I was clumsy at.

I talk excessively, sometimes it’s like white noise because it’s so quiet either at work or there’s a lag in conversation. I do not enjoy silence even in my solitude so something is always playing in the background and essentially I’m a walking jukebox.

I write because I seem to have a knack for overthinking basically everything and writing helps me to filter out the unnecessary thoughts and convert that energy into something positive. Plus I have severe idle hands so I always have to be up to something so I’m always trying something new to do.

Some of my amateur skills include, baking, fondant making, jewellry making, sketching, painting, napping, phone gaming, organizing, mixing drinks, researching, and obviously writing. So I’m definitely the kind of person in a conversation that will be reminded of some random fact and need to tell everyone right away from excitement.

KM: Klaroline is not the easiest ship to ship; what was it about this pairing that stood out to you?

In the beginning I can honestly say I never thought I would ship them together. I loved Caroline, in the beginning she seemed like a character everyone might dismiss and I’m sure many did. Even at times her own friends and I think at times we can all feel left out in that way. So yes, I related to her in many ways especially at that age when she was just trying to be the best she could be to get her mother’s attention or approval and it would end up wrong in some way.  

As for Klaus, I don’t know how but he spoke to me all on his own, in my darkest moments, he said things about loving his family so profoundly. He spoke of feeling second to all just as Caroline and about deep familial betrayal even as the siblings had fought for centuries to stay united against their father and at times their mother. The originals reminded me of real family dynamics, loving and loathing your siblings, your parents but always figuring out a way to co-exist through love, leverage or some other form.

As for shipping them, I always describe it a bit like Pride and Prejudice when Darcy has declared himself and admits to Elizabeth that he was in the middle before he knew he had begun. Truly, that is what happened. So by the time 3x 11 rolled around and I was tucked into my dorm room alone watching the scene I was a goner.

His words, the slight lisp as he talked about hope, eternity and things about art and cities while Caroline sat there in her loathing at being enticed with a future she might not have. I think it was just beautifully done and I knew they owned me then even just platonically, I felt as long as they were aware of one another I was sold. It was their future that was quite the adventure for me as well.

KM: What has been your fondest memory of Klaroline fandom life?

My fondest memory? I think it’s a bit of this and that really that probably nobody remembers because it was so long ago. I remember I had no tumblr, I thought I was alone in my shipping and I had essentially no idea I was in fact shipping, I was just rooting for their characters. I had just left school, my sister was like ‘get on this site, you’re tragic’ and I did.

I hardly liked it at first, I was so lost until I started looking around and found out Klaroline had a name and a tag. I kind of fell into it and I was terrified. I read through posts and followed (When I figured out how) some people I hardly thought I would ever be true friends with. It took me a bit to talk myself into fanfiction. I would just scroll past like ‘No’ but then I fell into another rabbit hole.

That lead to me seeking out the authors on tumblr and I realized just how lovely everyone was, how engaging and personalities that were wild and their ideas just blew my mind. And I remember they were just turning out drabbles and lemons and such almost daily for the pure joy of it. It was a beautiful time and it truly took me a long time to get myself to talk to even re-blog a post for kudos. Moreover to even think about posting a story and probably the most daunting actually talking to the people whose comradery I had enjoyed incognito as unknown I was.


KM: You have the opportunity to bring Caroline to The Originals, what story line would you give her, to fit into NOLA?

*cracks knuckles dramatically*

Given what we have to work with, it would be really easy to put her in a Mary Poppins role of taking care of her daughters and of his which is what has actually happened. And it’s a lovely idea but that shouldn’t be the end of it, we’re all complicated beings.

Sometimes Mommy has to kill, or make mistakes and drink blood between classes and parent-teacher meetings. If there is a threat to her kids and students she has to intimidate to protect her own. There are different ways to out maneuver someone and Caroline has just as good of a mind as Klaus if not better.

I think in his own way Klaus has always encouraged her clever mind and even come to enjoy the way it works even if sometimes it’s ludicrously more different than his own. And Honestly I do hope that they don’t rush their romance if there will in fact be one because I am modestly hopeful with the writers we’re being given to dole this out.

As previously stated they have centuries, eternity really so when the show premiers I would like to see them more as confidants. Late phone calls, weekly check-ins that aren’t about their kids at all, just a general:

‘Are you still seeing that bloke you met where?’ Klaus asks deceptively casual like.

And Caroline rolls her eyes as she sips her tea, ‘Farmers market, I’ve only said it four times, and no. I bit him.’

Klaus is mildly impressed/aroused/happy as he changes the subject.

Witty banter is my weakness and I feel like towards the end of season four we got less of them throwing words at each other, sparring really and moved into interesting little tidbits that inspired the fandom to flourish.

KM: Now that we know that Candice King will be in The Originals season 5 premiere at the very least, how do you think the Klaroline will go down?

I think most KCers like myself are excited but also wary about getting Klaroline on the last season of TO though I am enjoying the mystery in filming the final season. I think if there was a picture or a spoiler out we would all be in a tizzy before it even premiered and most would-be viewers would have decided to not watch by them if they saw or read something they didn’t like.

As for what I would like in ways of Klaroline and their relationship I think I answered it in the above question. To elaborate, I would like to get more of an insight to Caroline’s work and how not only Klaus but the whole Mikaelson family contributes to her school.

How Hope and her (Caroline’s) children get along, if they truly fight or get along in a realistic way even in a supernatural show. (Also as little of Alaric as is allowed.) For me at least it’s all about family and friendly dynamics, how the show represents supernatural realism to us as viewers and makes us believe in the story.

I’m certain I wasn’t the only one wishing TO would be an extension of that relationship. Now that the opportunity has come up in the final season I would like to see more sparring but also more platonic/intimate moments that could lead to more between them.

I do want Klaroline to have a relationship, I want them to court, to woo and date. For us to experience the way they like to tease and kiss and love one another. I would like to see how they fight and rage and have serious drama like only Mikaelson’s can have but sort it out with level heads and proper planning like a Forbes.

Obviously a smut scene. We deserve that, I mean do we deserve that.

And proper clarification to two things: One is Caroline a Salvatore and Two, was Klaus a virgin. I need canon answers for obvious reasons.

So to end my long answer, it helps me to write Klaroline and have AU dreams for them. And it’s kind of fun, if not odd to think that when I head down to NOLA one day I might run into them in a bar or in the middle of a parade.

KM: You are very unique in your blogging in that you are known for dropping little drabble snippets in people’s inboxes and its beloved in the fandom. What gave you the idea to do this?

Essentially it was when I decided to try my hand in actually writing for Klaroline and for this, I blame kindofamy of my start because of her story Delirium. It’s nothing at all like what I write but it was the first story I read, and it was my gateway story into fanfiction.

I remember I had this idea for this long fic and a short one I had no idea was called a drabble. I wrote out both ideas and had no idea if they were any good or even one person to share it with because I knew no one. At all. Had no idea what a beta was.

I was hindered and thought well what do I do? Up to that point I had been leaving anonymous reviews because I had no account and so I made one on the sight under my same user name. In an act of bravery or stupidity I posted them both on the same day, mistakes, no spaces and all. I remember I was mortified and depleted just waiting to see what might happen.

After the first mixed reviews I felt even more alone than ever. I don’t know how or why it struck me but I posted my short drabble Clubwear on tumblr. That led to KCMoments, and that tag overall which included small chats, moments, thoughts, made up quotes, poems and such between Klaus and Caroline.

So I realized I needed to put myself out there for the first time in years, my anxiety having introverted me to a severe degree. For the first time I was fighting back, I was battling my depression/anxiety through Klaroline in posting each chapter and it felt like every review was a cheer to keep going. Each chapter was like a mark on a day in a calendar.

These snippets as they’re now known developed from my idea to fit so many words into an inbox message before I hit the limit. So I would test it each time. I would take a deep breath and send. I think the first few times I did it on anon just to see how it would go because I wasn’t always a mutual so I couldn’t send it though our now dead fanmail service.

The punchline is that I thought it up as an icebreaker, and through that I’ve met the loveliest people that I have often felt I can rely on more than most of the people in my real life. And now it serves as KC feels that I will not suffer through alone so I’m only too happy that KCers enjoyed my snippets then and continue to now.

KM: You are the triple winner in the 2017 Klaroline Awards for Best Fluff Author, Most Underrated Blog and Nicest Blogger. How does it feel to win these coveted awards?

In a word, unreal.

I’m effortlessly brought to tears by KCers and their generosity with one another on a daily basis from fandom event to charity events. This fandom does it all. Our fandom is tenacious, it perseveres and I am very proud to be involved year after year in voting, and cheering on my fellow KCers who give so much of themselves to this fandom. It’s so talented and kind-hearted. I aspire to be like them.

I love my little spot in the fandom because it allows me the opportunity to spread happy thoughts and words of encouragement just to remind them they are wonderful. They are beautiful people, no matter how they view themselves I will view them as my rescuers. My KCers.

As much as I can do I will do for them because they have made me feel as alive as I’ve ever been by just chatting about random Klaroline or life things. I feel like I don’t know how to say how moved I am by these awards and the people that keep them going year after year. You’re the true underrated ones.


KM:  You are a fanfiction writer, but what is it about this couple which keeps you writing about them even though they are seen by many to be a ‘dead ship’?

This little community that I was welcomed into has been like my home for years now so yes, I was worried when TVD ended that we too would fade. It was a deep fear of mine that we would not be as active as other fandoms but here we are sometime later. I can only hope it stays like this for newcomers as well during and after the new season of TO.

I know a lot’s changed in the last few years between us and our ship but the fandom has done a lot to stick together and stick up for each other. Im proud of what each KCer has contributed to this fandom and of our friendships that started with a ship and will now probably never end.


KM: Does Klaroline remind you of any other ships from other shows/books/movies?

Klaroline is the kind of ship to me where I can relate it to anything no matter how singular their chemistry is I feel like I could drop them into any AU and they would just click. I can relate it to something someone says at work and laugh to myself.

I’m so trash for it that I can make any song a Klaroline song and I find myself singing along to it so passionately so that it feels like I’m the one living their story. Movies, gosh, pick a movie and I will tell you how Klaroline could be in this movie and how I would make it work. Books, there are literally endless possibilities. Books are my weapons against the world’s troubles and filling my laptop and notebook with pages of Klaroline has solved so many of life’s little puzzles or big hurdles.


KM:  And lastly, what’s your one piece of advice that you would like to give the fandom?

Advice for the fandom?

Always, always, comment on a story, drabble, video, gifset, graphic, sketch, quote, idea. I just read this post the other day and it struck a chord with me, negative people will find the time to say mean things. So be sure to make time to spread positive light.

Advice for living?

Do your best (as often as you can) to encourage the good of others in your life and in your fandom because not only is it nice it makes you feel and be nice too. And always be learning even if it’s just a bit at a time. Life will always be teaching you lessons like zits are forever.

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