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Bloggers Interview with accidental-rambler

In today’s interview we got a chance to chat to Kate aka accidental-rambler about what inspires her, what drew her to Klaroline, and how she would envision her perfect Klaroline reunion scene to go. Read what she has to say here:

KM: For all of the readers who don’t know you, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Kate: Oh, boy. This is the one question that I always have absolutely no idea how to answer, haha (it’s really not funny). Alright, as I try to overcome the horrifying awkwardness of talking about myself, let me tell you this – I’m Kate, 26, a hopeless book addict and an even more hopeless fangirl with entirely too many OTPs and things to obsess over. Working a semi-mundane, semi-entertaining corporate job by day, gallivanting around with my favourite fictional characters in the world of fandom and fanfiction by night ☺


KM: Klaroline is not the easiest ship to ship; what was it about this pairing that stood out to you?

Kate: A lot of things, to be honest. There was definitely that first moment of unexpected connection, a spark, that hooked me in the beginning. But what made me love this pairing, what kept me going – what still keeps me going – is not only the push and pull between them (although it’s hella entertaining) but also the fact that when they’re together, they’re the best versions of themselves. They exist not only as a ship, but as two individuals, with tons of development possibilities. At first sight, they’re so very different – but when you look closer, you can see the numerous similarities between them. They push each other to extremes. They force each other to face their demons, the ugly truths about themselves. It’s intriguing. It’s amazing to watch and interesting to analyze and write about and in the end, that’s what I’m looking for in my ships.


KM: One of the special things about the Klaroline Fandom is that we are so resilient, why do you think it has been possible for us to remain so active for so long?

Kate: People, of course! And spite, lol. Okay, but I really, the people are what makes the fandom and the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet here? You are a truly amazing bunch! And in the end, I think that’s what makes us all stay (and causes new folks to come on board)? People who are still passionate about Klaus and Caroline, no matter how…unsatisfying both shows have become and no matter how many times we’ve been strung along and let down. People who still care and continue to put themselves out there, creating content, making posts, organizing twitter trends and fandom events.

We’re in it for the long haul!

KM: Everyone comments on how Caroline brings out the best in Klaus, but what traits does Klaus bring out in Caroline?

Kate: That’s an interesting question! I think that most of all, Klaus makes Caroline…wonder? What else is there, what else can she be if only she let herself? He makes her question things –things about herself, those she’s always thought she knew as well as all the preconceived notions she’s had on what’s Good and what’s Bad and how she fits in all of this. Klaus makes her realize that the game has changed since she became a vampire and he makes her face who she is deep down, when she’s alone and no one’s looking and that’s part of the reason Caroline acts the way she acts around him.


KM: You won the Klaroline Award for Jack of All Trades, where do you get the inspiration from to write and GIF? And also how do you find the time?

Kate: I did! Still cannot quite believe it but it’s a true honour ☺ When it comes to inspiration, I get it from a lot of things! Real life situations, klaroline parallels I glimpse in movies or other tv shows, talks with my friends and fellow shippers…For example, one of my favourite things I wrote this year is this angsty drabble titled “Silhouettes” and it started with Kait (she-walked-away), Jo (fanfantasticworld) and I speculating on how Klaus would act if he turned human and how different, compared to Stefan, his behavior towards Caroline would be in this situation. Once the idea was in my head, I couldn’t focus on anything else until I put it into words. Same with edits, these last few months, I’ve made a series of sorts with Klaroline/Warnette parallels (a ship from Shatter Me series) and the reason for it was just that some of the similarities between the two ships were so vivid that I just couldn’t help but make them into something and put it out there.

As for finding time and juggling work, social life and fandom life…I sleep an average of 4-5 hours a day, that’s how, haha. But also, as some people probably noticed, I’ve slowed down with creating content a bit. It’s partly due to my venture into other fandoms, of course, but it’s also because it felt like I put too much pressure on myself, to a point where it started to stifle my creativity. And in the end, not matter how much frustration and hair-pulling is involved, writing is supposed to be fun ☺


KM: Now that we know that Candice King will be in The Originals season 5 premiere at the very least, how do you think the Klaroline will go down?

Kate: Well, I am trying to keep my expectations low but still, I can’t help but hope! And for what exactly? The thing is, both shows changed dramatically over the course of the last few seasons – and same with Klaus’ and Caroline’s characterizations. So honestly, the least I want to get out of season 5 is Candice and Joseph’s chemistry lighting up the screen again! And as I’ve mentioned before, those two tend to bring out the best/the most interesting traits in each other so I hope we’ll get a glimpse of old feisty Caroline “I won’t take your shit” Forbes and Klaus The Evil Mastermind Mikaelson.

So here’s to more banter, Caroline not putting up with Klaus’ fuck-ups, Klaus challenging her to dream bigger and of course, all the sexual tension!

And in the end, no matter how Klaroline will go down, I fully trust our fandom to make the most of it <3


KM: How did you choose your url?

Kate: I always joke that it was totally accidental (hilarious, I know xD) but it really was! But it’s also true! I do ramble – A LOT – and it’s usually not intentional at all. Plus, I wanted an url that was more about me than a fandom or a ship? Changing my tumblr url feels about as inconvenient as changing my phone number so I wanted something that would stick with me, no matter my current obsessions 😉


KM: Do you still watch TO? If yes, what do you enjoy about the show? If no, why not?

Kate: I do not. I did try to watch it but stopped sometime in the beginning of season 2? There was honestly nothing in it for me to enjoy. I hate the baby plot with a burning passion and I prefer my Mikaelsons as they were in the early TVD times – bloodthirsty, cunning and intriguing. Or, you know, as some people like to call them – the actual Originals.


KM: If the luck of fate would have it and you were picked to write a Klaroline scene, what kind of scene would you write?

Kate: Oh, what would I give for one of our amazing fandom writers to write for a show, haha! As for me, there is one scene to love to wonder about and write it out and that is Caroline and Klaus re-connecting, of course. So either Caroline finally realizing Mystic Fails Falls is no good for her anymore and showing up at Klaus’ doorstep to tell ask him to make good on his promise to show her the world (although the idea of Caroline first travelling and discovering the world outside of MF by herself appeals to me even more, tbh) or Klaroline randomly (it’s not like Klaus would keep tabs and stalk her, not at all xD) meeting in some far corner of the world and things picking up from there.

*sigh* A fangirl can dream, haha!

KM: And lastly, what’s your one piece of advice that you would like to give the fandom?

Kate: To just keep doing what we’re doing, to be honest ☺ We’ve managed to get by for so long on mere mentions and (almost) no scenes at all. So just be patient a little longer, sweethearts. We’re playing the long game here and the endgame is near.

Good things are coming our way, I can feel it!

Check out Kate’s blog HERE