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Bloggers Interview with cupcakemolotov

This week we had a chance to chat to Ravyn a.k.a cupcakemolotov, about her opinions about fandom events, what she wants to happen when Klaroline are reunited and the one fic she would take with her to a deserted island. Read what she had to say here:

KM: For all of the readers who don’t know you, why don’t you tell us about yourself?  

Ravyn: I’ve been writing fanfic for almost two decades now, which is mind boggling. I love my precious Klaroline monster ship, and that how I prefer to write them. I avoid angst, love fluff, and somehow find myself mixing fluff and gore on a strange and regular basis. I write the occasional AH fic, but they are a rare thing.

KM: Klaroline is not the easiest ship to ship; what was it about this pairing that stood out to you?

Ravyn: I’ve always really loved the dynamic of Klaroline. I absolutely adore the idea of a monster having a single soft spot, and that Klaus and Caroline challenge each other constantly is such a great bonus. I came into this fandom a little sideways, through fanfic instead of the show, so for me it’s never been a difficult ship. You can’t have a relationship where the characters are stagnant, and I firmly believe that no matter what shape the growth takes, in the end they’ll circle back to each other.


KM: Have you taken part in any fandom events? Which has been your favourite?

Ravyn: I’m a big fan of the Klaroline Gives Back and Klaroline Gift exchanges! I think the first is a great way for people to be able to learn about a variety of causes and that they come pre vetted. One of the hardest parts of figuring out where to give is digging in to see if they are a solid organization. KGB is awesome. And I really, really love the exchanges even if I always end up complaining about word count! Writing for other people is fun, but getting a chance to personalize those gifts and surprise someone is even more so.


KM: Is there anything you would change about Klaus or Caroline?

Ravyn: I think if anything, I’d wish the writers took more care in their shows to be true to who the characters were in the beginning season. The stagnation necessary to keep them in certain situations was detrimental in so many ways. So it’s not that I want to change them, as much as I’d just like to see them thrive.


KM: Now that we know that Candice King will be in The Originals season 5 premiere at the very least, how do you think the Klaroline will go down?

Ravyn: Honestly, I hope they call each other on their crap. Klaus seriously needs a kick in the pants, and Caroline needs to be reminded that her expectations shouldn’t be human anymore. I think KC are at their best when challenging each other and I hope we get to see that dynamic again.


KM: How did you choose your url?

Ravyn: It’s a bit of an inside joke with my roommates, regarding our time spent playing video games. Involving my love of fire and cupcakes. 🙂


KM: You are a fanfiction writer, but what is it about this couple which keeps you writing about them even though they are seen by many to be a ‘dead ship’?

Ravyn: I personally find the suggestion that any ship is a dead ship to be a weird one. Fandom waxes and wanes, but as long as someone enjoys it, then it will never be truly dead. But for KC, for me, my writing is driven by the dissatisfaction for how their stories were handled by their shows. There is so much potential there, so many interesting possibilities that were squandered. But the great thing is that no matter how the show ends or how the writers decide to write their upcoming material, it in no way truly changes those future possibilities. KC can never truly be written off and I love that.


KM: Which song do you think represents the relationship between Klaus and Caroline the best? And why?

Ravyn: My favorite song for them remains Eternity by Rachel Taylor. I think it just fits.


KM: If you were stuck on an island and could only take one Klaroline fanfic with you what would it be?

Ravyn: This is a terrible question, because I hoard fanfic, and the KC fandom has a lot of really amazing stories. But my current favorite would be Whisper to Me, Help Me Remember by LaLainaJ. Partly because it’s my birthday present, partly because I have the finished version, and all because it’s amazing and how I wish New Orleans had gone down.


KM: And lastly, what’s your one piece of advice that you would like to give the fandom?

Ravyn: With The Originals wrapping up this next season, regardless of what happens story wise, KC won’t just flip a switch and be gone. Things may slow down, people drifting in and out as they no longer have new source material, but as long as you love our OTP, it’ll be here for you.


Check out Ravyn’s blog HERE