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Bloggers Interview With klarolinekolvina

Hi guys, this week we did an interview with klarolinekolvina on tumblr, she tells us about how she came to love Klaroline and her experience being a part of the Klaroline tumblr fandom, READ BELOW.


  1. So tell us about yourself.

I am Alicea and I just turned twenty three. I love being outside, gardening, weeding, planting bushes or flowers, building patios and steps to said, getting the sawhorses out and sawing wood. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, get cuts and scrapes. On the other hand I also like lying out and getting a tan or sitting on a swing writing. Painting my nails crazy colors/sparkles. I love the color pink and I wear something pink almost every single day.


  1. When did you start shipping Klaroline and when did you join the fandom?

I began watching Tvd after my cousin recommended it to me  then I came across one of xXWhisperofDreamsXx Klaroline video’s and instantly fell in love. In 2015. Initially I had been reading fanfics for a long time but later with a little nudge from a friend on FF.net I wrote my first story introducing myself to the fandom. Just last year I made a tumblr and have been more involved in the fandom.


  1. Which Klaroline scene is your favorite and why?

Their date in 4×07. It’s so beautiful as they both open up to each other. Klaus teases her about her miss mystic application, the hummingbird story. She tells him about her problem with Elena. I also like when he comes up to her when she’s yelling at Elena and he just leans down and says easy love your making a scene. And immediately she lowers her voice and remembers where they are.

Klaus has a positive effect on Caroline and she has the same effect on him.


  1. Which aspect of the fandom do you enjoy the most from the following and why? [Fanfictions, fanart and videos, twitter events or tumblr events]

The Videos, this can be said of fanfiction and fan art too. The people who make the videos are so talented when I watch them I feel as if it actually happened.

For example one of xXWhisperOfDreamsXx video scream feels like it actually happened, where she sort of depicts a new story where after the Mikaelson ball Klaus and Caroline begin sleeping together. I really loved it.


  1. One thing about the Tumblr fandom you enjoy most and one thing you wish you could change for the better.

Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. When one person is attacked by an anon hater everyone literally jumps in and defends that person.

I don’t think I’ll change anything.


  1. Which female/male character from the Tvd/To verse you identify most with? Who do you think you would have been best friends with from the cast/characters of the show if you knew them?

Rebekah, just like her I love too easily then get my heart broken.

I think I would be best friends with Caroline/Candice, Rebekah/Claire and Kol/Nate, Daniel, and Klaus/Joseph.


  1. If Klaus and Caroline had a tumblr account what do you think their bio would say? And what anon/public ask would you send them?

Caroline would probably make their tumblr accounts and manage it so it would probably say I finally found love and someone who wanted me for me. I will ask Caroline that what is her favorite place that Klaus took her to?


  1. If you had the option to make Klaus and Caroline any other supernatural entity what would that be?

Witches. I love witches as much as I love vampires.


  1. Were you happy with Caroline’s ending on Tvd finale? If you had a chance to give her an alternate ending what would you have done?

Yes and no, I loved the Klaroline letter scene and the song but I would have loved to see Caroline leaving Mystic Falls to be with Klaus and them going to Paris.


  1. We got our endgame in Tvd finale in the form of a beautiful letter. Did you think our Original Hybrid was too cheesy or just the right amount of cheesy in his letter to Caroline?

When it comes to Caroline Klaus is as cheesy as he can be and I love it. His letter was just the right amount of cheesy with him re-quoting his however long it takes and sending a check for 3 million, it was just so Klaus.


  1. What was your personal headcanon for Klaroline endgame?

Caroline showing up at Klaus’s door. Both of them have no children and she asks him if his offer to show her the world, still stands. Klaus gives her a genuine smile because she has finally chosen him to build a new life with her.


  1. TO got a season 5 and from the looks of all the spoilers there is a chance that Klaroline might be one of the Sl’s of the show this season. What do you expect from the new season in terms of KC?

I expect a scene with them both in it, I want a reunion, a kiss doesn’t have to be on the lips it could be on the cheek to acknowledge their past. Caroline is the only person Klaus trusts with his life. Also I want Rebekah and Kol teasing Klaus about his love for Caroline.


  1. If you had to sum up in three words your experience being a part of the Klaroline fandom, how would you describe it?

Amazing, supportive and family.


  1. Finally our message arena. This is the place where you can leave a positive message for one person in the fandom whom you think has left a conducive impact on you.

There are so many people I could choose from that have left an impact on me. I will leave a message for Ashlee Bree austenneridita2533 on tumblr. She has become one of my best friends. We have so much in common that if we ever met face to face we would never run out of things to say to each other. She’s my romcom- loving twin I love her like a sister.


This was klarolinekolvina. Do check out her blog HERE , if you are looking for some Klaroline goodness on tumblr.