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Bloggers Interview with onlyklarolinefeels

In today’s interview we got a chance to chat to Wind aka onlyklarolinefeels about how she fell in love with Klaroline, what she appreciates about the fandom and what she predicts for the future of our favorite couple in the TVD final season. Read what she has to say here:

KM: For all of the readers who don’t know you, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Wind: Well my name is Wind and I’m a 19 year old girl from northern Spain. I’m currently attending my second year of university, doing a degree in ‘business management and administration’. My hobbies include mostly reading and swimming. I’m not a very outgoing person, I’m an introvert so I just have a few friends and I like it that way 🙂

KM: Klaroline is not the easiest ship to ship; what was it about this pairing that stood out to you?

Wind: Their personal strength, both Caroline and Klaus are strong-minded, they have their own opinions and ideas and they’re not afraid of sharing them. That’s one of the reasons why I think they would be great together, because even if they are compared to “Hades and Persephone” (dark and light) they share parts of their personality.

And of course the SEXUAL TENSION hellooooo??

KM: We know how hard it is to keep this ship afloat without any new canon material showing up on the dashboard. How do you manage to keep the spirit alive?

Wind: Tumblr and Fanfiction tbh. All the work the members of our fandom do is amazing, from the tiniest drabble to the most amazing art, it just makes me fall in love with klaroline all over again. So I just want to thank every klaroliner for helping me keep the spirit alive!

KM: What is your favorite Klaroline moment?

Wind: The “Friends, then?” scene from season 4 episode 18, which will always be my favourite episode. Because when I first watched it, I could feel the change in the relationship. They were past all the hating and betraying and moving on to another phase, the beginning of a friendship and maybe something else. Sadly we never got to see the “something else” but I like to imagine it in my mind or read it in fics so I guess I’m happy with that.

KM: If you were sitting in the Writer’s Room, what would you make happen with Klaus and Caroline?

Wind: I would invite other kcers who write much better than me to make some sort of angsty stuff with a happy ending lol. But if I weren’t able to do that, I would probably just end whatever is going on on TVD/TO with Klaus killing everyone who pisses him off and inviting Caroline to tour the world with him. Yes, my favourite fics are the ones where they travel around and visit different places while ruling all the different vampire societies and wolf packs, aah it would be awesome.

KM: You are a fanfiction writer, but what is it about this couple which keeps you writing about them even though they are seen by many to be a ‘dead ship’?

Wind: As long as I have the inspiration and ideas I’ll keep writing, I don’t really care what others think. I just feel like I know Klaus and Caroline much better than any other fictional character of all the other shows I watch because it’s been so long since I first started watching their scenes and reading fics about them, probably I’ll still have different scenarios of them in my head when I’m older, perhaps I won’t write them down but they’ll always be there for me.

KM: What do you think is going to happen in the final season of TVD? Do you think we will getting our Klaroline endgame?

Wind: I don’t care as much as canon klaroline as I did before so I’m not worried about getting/not getting the endgame scene, but we will get it, I’m pretty sure of it. Unless JP just decide to f*ck with us one last time and idk kill Caroline or something, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised.

KM: Which song do you think represents the relationship between Klaus and Caroline the best? And why?

Wind: Wow well I will just go with the classics “Young and Beautiful” Lana del Rey, “A thousand Years” Christina Perri and “Give Me Love” Ed Sheeran AND “Wildest Dreams” Taylor Swift, because they are sad but happy songs, they make you cry and smile just like Klaroline.

KM: If you were stuck on an island and could only take one Klaroline fanfic with you what would it be?

Wind: Omg don’t do this to me ughhh Let me think… I would probably take anything by willowaus either “Wicked Schemes” or “The Devil’s Backbone” because they are some of the best written kc fanfics out there. I would like to add that if “The Contract” was completed I would include it but we don’t always get everything we want in life hahahah

KM: And lastly, what’s your one piece of advice that you would like to give the fandom?


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