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Bloggers Interview with thedisdainfullysilentvisitor

In today’s interview we got a chance to chat to Bianca aka thedisdainfullysilentvisitor about how she jumped onto the Klaroline ship, the fanfictions she loves and the hopes she has for season 5. Read what she has to say here:

KM: For all of the readers who don’t know you, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Bianca: Well I first started on this account to read other conversations; I’d seen screenshots that went through pinterest and got shared on facebook so it was a whole social media-ception scenario. I wanted to be a part of those conversations; the one that said the funny thing or the one that had the truth-bomb. It’s not all that easy to make that happen. So when I started sharing things on my tumblr I wanted to share things that I liked, things I agreed with, and stuff that I saw as beautiful. It’s gone from basic what I like and don’t like to trying to be informative about politics and tv shows that I watch. Sometimes the things aren’t even from shows or people I know, it’s just them being incredibly truthful or funny. I try to have a beautiful and intelligent blog.


KM: Klaroline is not the easiest ship to ship; what was it about this pairing that stood out to you?

Bianca: When I first heard of it all I ever saw was their first dance in 3×14. She’s in the regal blue dress and he’s in the gentleman-tux, I thought that they were snobby vampires that had been around for centuries and both of them antagonized Elena and the other main characters. But I learned that wasn’t the case when I wanted to know about the couple, and when I learned about the things that Klaus and Caroline did to each other I had no doubt in my mind that I still loved them because of the one 3×14 image of them dancing. I was a loyal shipper before 5×11 ever happened but boy am I glad it did.


KM: What has been your fondest memory of Klaroline fandom life?

Bianca: Knowing that Klaroline is endgame. Even before all the different things that told us no doubt, they’re endgame, I was debating with everyone else on youtube and tumblr (youtube is just a blackhole for conversations usually but I can’t resist) about the bad things and good things about Caroline arguing with Klaus or Klaus interacting with Caroline. I normally don’t find anyone on youtube that thinks klaroline is endgame, but there’s more than enough positivity on tumblr for that. The more I argue my opinion for Klaus and Caroline despite everything they did to each other the more solid my stance is and I like it like that.


KM: Everyone comments on how Caroline brings out the best in Klaus, but what traits does Klaus bring out in Caroline?

Bianca: I think it mostly centers around their date in 4×07. Klaus was there by Caroline’s side before they went on their walk, and Caroline’s usually doing this stuff by herself, right? And then when Caroline was ranting on about Elena and talking about the cure, Klaus just listened and gave sound advice which I don’t think she got with any of her other dates. Klaus just let Caroline laugh and joked around with her. He made her relax and maybe I’d go as far as to say she felt safe. There was a small moment when they were coming back and walking over the bridge, she was holding his arm. I loved that, I wish I knew what the context was there, and that it could be a little bigger. She had fun with him, she forgot about worrying over everything and then he told her about the one moment he thought about being human. I think that hummingbird story floored her because it took her a while to react to it. But Klaus gave her everything she needed right there.


KM: Now that Candice King has been announced to be in The Originals season 5 premiere, and this their final season do you think the chance of Klaroline endgame is more probable than ever?

Bianca: Oh of course. That’s probably the only reason why TO’s having a fifth season, I heard somewhere that the whole cast thought season four would be their last, and then JP said she’d take over and there’d be a possibility of Klaroline if they got a season five, so I was urging everyone on my blog to watch it so we’d have enough views to jump to the next season. I don’t know if it actually helped or not but we got it!


KM:  How did you choose your url?

Bianca: It really just popped into my head, I saw other usernames that were about descriptive things or characters and I went with that. I was mostly thinking when I got this account that I’d be reading other people’s conversations. For the most part that’s what I’ve been doing.


KM:  Do you still watch TO? If yes, what do you enjoy about the show? If no, why not?

Bianca: Yeah, I loved it. Minus the klamille parts. I mostly watched it for Klaus, cause he’s my favorite in the klaroline ship, and I liked the storylines, despite how they all ended the same way. Was in a love/hate relationship with Klaus’s hair. I liked Hayley and Elijah and how their relationship progressed. I don’t think Hayley gets enough credit; she’s mostly just hated on because her magical miracle baby separated klaroline for a long time. Klaus and Hope though, I would not change a thing for that ship. They are adorable and one of the reasons I love Originals. When Freya appeared and helped her family get rid of Dahlia, that was powerful, because it was said that she was a lot like Klaus and that’s why they disliked each other.


KM: Your top 5 must read fics for a new reader?

Bianca: Well I have to suggest one of my own if that’s okay; it’s short but I loved writing it. My username is gonnahaveagreatday ‘This Love Came Back to Me’. And then ‘the guilty ones’ by grim grace, ‘Everything, Everything’ by Anya-Paradox I love that one. I don’t usually read human-klaroline but that was worth it. The Devil’s Backbone by willowaus, and ‘Break Your Promise’ by Fearfrost


KM:  If Klaus hadn’t made an appearance on TVD, with who you would ship Caroline?

Bianca: I don’t think I would ship her with anyone. Despite not knowing her well still, I can see that the only person who’s been the best for her was Klaus. No one else could handle her well. She’s a strong independent woman and she could’ve been an amazing journalist with or without someone. Although I think because Caroline seems to be a lonely person she would want someone.


KM:  And lastly, what’s your one piece of advice that you would like to give the fandom?

Bianca: Don’t ever give up. We got this far after being shut down and misled and lied to for three years, now we’ve finally gotten what we want. We knew this was going to happen since ‘However long it takes’ and it has now. We’re going to have a klaroline endgame whether or not anyone’s gonna say it, and maybe if we’re lucky there’ll be a movie. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

Check out Bianca’s blog HERE