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BLOGGERS INTERVIEW WITH @themikaelsoncupcake

For this installation of bloggers interview I decided to have a chat with @themikaelsoncupcake whom some of you might know as Rachel. I talked to her about her experience in the tumblr Klaroline fandom, shipping Klaroline and finally getting our endgame. Let’s find out what she had to say.


  1. So tell us about yourself. When did you start shipping Klaroline and when did you join the fandom?

Hi, my name is Rachel. I’m 27 years old. I’m from Perth Western Australia, I’m recently married and also just got a puppy too! I love Klaroline (and many other ships), sports and video games. I absolutely love reading history and everything about the subject. I work in landscaping design with my dad.

I can’t say when exactly I started shipping Klaroline as I have terrible memory but I think it might of been sometime around mid 2015. I joined tumblr nearly 3 years ago.


  1. Which Klaroline scene is your favorite and why?

My favourite scene would be from season 5 episode 11, when Klaus and Caroline finally do the deed. I love the whole encounter between Klaus and Caroline plus THEY FINALLY DID IT!


  1. Which aspect of the fandom do you enjoy the most from the following and why? [Fanfictions, fanart and videos, twitter events or tumblr events]

Fanfictions and Fanarts. I mostly enjoy  fanfiction because there are just so many great stories out there and I love reading romance especially anything fluffy or Kc with kids. I also enjoy the fanarts, they are simply amazing.


  1. One thing about the Tumblr fandom you enjoy most and one thing you wish you could change for the better.

The thing I’ve enjoyed the most on tumblr is the friendships that I’ve made on my time there, personally I don’t think I’d change anything about the fandom.


  1. If Klaus and Caroline had a tumblr account what do you think their bio would say? And what anon/public ask would you send them?

Klaus’s would probably be along the lines of, “The Original Hybrid, King of Nola and Caroline’s last love.”

I think  Caroline’s might say, “Barbie vampire, Queen of Nola and Klaus’s last love.”

(P.s I’m terrible at thinking up bios.)

For an ask, I’d ask what their favourite thing about each other is.


  1. If you had the option to make Klaus and Caroline any other supernatural entities what would that be ?

Well I’ve always liked the idea of Klaus being Death/Grim Reaper which I guess is a supernatural entity in a way, so If Klaus was Death then I think Caroline would make a good entity for Life/love I guess, with them being star-crossed lovers.


  1. Were you happy with Caroline’s ending on the Tvd finale? If you had a chance to give her an alternate ending what would you have done?

In a way I think I am happy for Caroline’s ending with her staying a vampire. I think I would have wanted Klaus to show up at her door or for her to go to him.


  1. We got our endgame in Tvd finale in the form of a beautiful letter. Did you think our Original Hybrid was too cheesy or  just the right amount of cheesy in his letter to Caroline?

He was the perfect amount of cheesy, I mean we’ve all seen the smile that lit up Caroline’s face on finding Klaus’s letter and OMG he gave her $3 million.


  1. What was your personal headcanon for Klaroline endgame? How did you want to see our otp end up together?

My own personal headcanon is Hope going to Caroline’s school and Klaus always being there, teasing and being a pain in the butt to Caroline and of course her secretly loving every minute of it.


  1. If you had to sum up in three words your experience being a part of the Klaroline fandom, how would you describe it?

Fun, kind, loving.


  1. Finally our message arena. This is the place where you can leave a positive message for one person in the fandom whom you think has left a conducive impact on you.

Honestly, there are so many wonderful people I want to leave a message for. But since you asked one person I’ll leave one for Cristy @misssophiachase, as she’s always been super supportive and helpful with everything especially when it came to my fanfictions. I’ve always loved sharing story ideas with her. Hope you’re doing well Cristy, love reading your fanfics.