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Bloggers Interview with wanderlust-in-nyc

In today’s interview we got a chance to chat to wanderlust-in-nyc about her history in the fandom, her must-read fanfics, and what inspires her to write. Read what she has to say here:

KM: For all of the readers who don’t know you, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Wanderlust-in-nyc: I’m NYC based hence my username. I had to change it because ppl got super creepy and were finding my personal acct. My ff.net name is wanderlustfaery.

I’ve been on tumblr for a LONG time. I’ve been in a lot of different fandoms, though I try not to get sucked into too many. Anyways. based in NYC, I travel a lot bc I don’t have the conventional 9-5 job. I work, make enough money and then I’m on a plane headed somewhere. I got to spend the night in the Sahara Desert and go to Essoira where they filmed Game of Thrones. I had a Khalessi moment there. Every time I travel and land in JFK I instantly get angry, I think it’s because NYC just makes you angry. And if you look at my cameraroll you’ll find a ton of pictures of food. XD

KM: Klaroline is not the easiest ship to ship; what was it about this pairing that stood out to you?

Wanderlust-in-nyc: I didn’t watch TVD until way later, only because True Blood was on hiatus and I kept seeing these gifs for TVD. So I started watching, it was the season where Stefan went off with Klaus on a killing spree. I think it was that scene where Klaus goes to heal her after Tyler bit her that I was like yes. There is just something about you two that makes me WANT to watch this show. Something about their chemistry, their scenes together that just makes me want more. Plus Klaus is a snarky little bastard, and Caroline is not having any of that and calls him out on it. I love that dynamic. And it’s not flowers and candies, and endless declarations of I love yous, it’s messy, it’s gritty and it’s real life. Relationships are never easy you have to work at it.

KM: What is your first fandom?

Wanderlust-in-nyc: Damn you’re gonna go there aren’t you? Ok, I’m going to say my first real fandom that I was really involved with, making graphics, writing fics, and talking on forums is The Adventures of Sinbad, a cheesy show back in the day. But surprisingly a lot of the ppl I met then, I’m still friends with now. Don’t google that show, it was so cheestastic, and I honestly just didn’t know any better at the time. Damn I feel old!

KM: You have the opportunity to bring Caroline to The Originals, what storyline would you give her, to fit into NOLA?

Wanderlust-in-nyc: Honestly I’m afraid to bring Caroline over to the Originals. Mostly because TO has been a total trainwreck, and I don’t want to touch it. BUT if I could, I’d have Caroline rescue Klaus, break him out of that prison, pull the blade out of him and tell him he’s been having a horrible nightmare in his head for the past 5 years, and that nothing that happened on the show actually happened. Then I’d have her trying to help him get his family back and his life back in some form of order. Marcel would want to know why Klaus is being so nice to her, there will be fighting among the factions, the Originals would all be there. And once it seems like everything is back to normal, well somewhat normal, Caroline would leave to live her life, and Klaus would ask her to stay. She’d say no because she wants to see the world, and she’s not going to wait for him to show to her. She leaves, and Klaus follows her, because there’s really nothing for him in NOLA to keep him there.

KM: What was your opinion on that letter from Klaus in the TVD finale and the potential for Klaroline endgame?

Wanderlust-in-nyc: That Klaus has never stopped thinking about her, and that he’ll never stop, never give up because he’s a possessive little hybrid. And they are endgame, we just don’t know when, but it’s ok because they’re both vampires, and they have nothing but time.

KM: How did you choose your url?

Wanderlust-in-nyc: I had to change it because my other one was leading people to find me in real life. It was scary AF. Wanderlust because I like to travel and I’m going to keep traveling. and the NYC part is because no matter where I am going, I’m always based in NYC and I’m always heading back to NYC at some point. It is crazy living here, but there’s no other place I’d rather be.

KM: You are a fanfiction writer, but what is it about this couple which keeps you writing about them even though they are seen by many to be a ‘dead ship’?

Wanderlust-in-nyc: Haters to the left! I love the dynamic between the two, the fire, the chemistry. I feel that these two are always going to be pulled and attracted to each other. There are endless possibilities with these two because they’re not the typical couple, where they just want to spend all their time together holding hands and prancing under flowering petals. They’re both dominant personalities and when they come head on, sparks fly. He’s willing to do anything for her, even though it goes against who and what he is. He wants to do better for her, but he’s not the good guy. He’ll never be the good guy. He’s inherently flawed, which makes him more relatable, rather than the hero who can do no wrong. And she’s a neurotic control freak who’s always been 2nd choice and for once someone has put her above everything else. I just want them to get their happy ending.

KM: Now that the Klaroline ball has been dropped in TVD, do you think The Originals will finally acknowledge Caroline’s existence or will it just be something that happens offscreen?

Wanderlust-in-nyc: I’m just gonna keep it real. Those in charge of TO have refused to acknowledge Caroline because they are butt hurt that whatever ships they tried to create with Klaus just sucked. Period. Though I will say Genevieve was interesting in that it was a power struggle, and Aurora was just bathit crazy, but you knew they weren’y going to last. They’ll try to bait us to make us watch and no I’m so not doing that. If anything, they’ll push it to something offscreen because they’re not going to give us anything to make us happy. It’s petty, but whatever.

KM: Your top 5 must read fics for a new reader?

Wanderlust-in-nyc: Hellbound, cause it was amazing! Hello Clarice

Coven (it’s not finished yet) but it’s still amazing!

Prowl it was one of the first fics I read and I was like wow…..

Beauty & the Geek – it was pretty funny not gonna lie.

Between Heaven & Hell

and Alpha Female, which sadly isn’t online anymore but damn it was good

KM: And lastly, what’s your one piece of advice that you would like to give the fandom?

Wanderlust-in-nyc: Have fun, you’ll meet great people, and you’ll meet not so great people. You’ll meet people who can’t stay in their lane, people who run their mouth, people who write amazing stories and then just disappear. Don’t take it all so seriously, you’re not going to get along with every person you meet in life, so enjoy it, have fun, laugh and remember there’s a whole world out there….don’t spend it miserable.

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