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Bloggers Interview with klarolineepiclove

In today’s interview we got a chance to chat to klarolineepiclove aka Alex about why she ships Klaroline, her fanfictions, and why she is devoted to this fandom. Read what she has to say here:

KM: For all of the readers who don’t know you, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Alex: Well, I’m from Ohio. Almost 30 (yeesh). I’ve been in the fandom for a few years, and have met some amazing people through it. I’m basically a hermit, which you think would mean I’d churn out updates like crazy, but sadly no. I love Klaroline, Marvel, and Chris Evans.

KM: Klaroline is not the easiest ship to ship; what was it about this pairing that stood out to you?

Alex: I’m a crazy sucker for the “all powerful, super evil bad character falls for the sweet and good hearted good character.” Like…hard core. So I know that’s where it started, in Caroline’s bedroom on her birthday, when the big bad hybrid Klaus–who had been wrecking splendid havoc on the Mystic Falls gang–gave a heartfelt speech to our favorite blonde vampire about all there was to live for in the world. So that’s how it started, and as the next season progressed, their relationship evolved. Caroline brought out Klaus’ human side, while Klaus made Caroline a little more aware of the darkness that’s inside her, and helped her see that it wasn’t something to be ashamed off or to really repress. And I think that’s what I loved the most in the end. How these two completely different characters kind of crossed paths and ended up shaping the other’s future. I think they’re complex, but amazing together. Not without their faults, but there’s just something about their connection that you can’t ever really forget about.

KM: Have you taken part in any fandom events? Which has been your favourite?

Alex: I’ve done a few of the Klaroline gift exchanges, which have been super fun. I participated in a couple of the KC Gives Back fundraisers–one of which I still have to submit my incentive for (hermit who doesn’t write, remember?). I’m not sure I have a favorite, though. Everything the fandom does has been really cool and creative, and especially with the KC Gives Back, towards incredible causes.

KM: Everyone comments on how Caroline brings out the best in Klaus, but what traits does Klaus bring out in Caroline?

Alex: Well, as I mentioned before, Klaus brings out that inner darkness in Caroline that I feel really holds her back. And “darkness” isn’t really the right word, I don’t think. I think he just makes her appreciate the things about her vampire life she didn’t used to. His speech about the art and literature, the cities and music of the world that there is to see, in my opinion, really opened Caroline’s eyes to her immortality and helped her see that there was so much more than little Mystic Falls, a mindset she spent a lot of time in. I think he just helps her see that there’s more to the world than just what’s on her doorstep. He helps her see more of her potential, which I think her environment pre Klaus really stifled.

KM: What was your opinion on that letter from Klaus in the TVD finale and the potential for Klaroline endgame?

Alex: I loved the letter! I thought it was a brilliant touch. I know that a lot of people are just like, ” they haven’t had scenes in forever, so of course you’re excited when they even get a mention,” which is true…but what a hell of a mention! When you think about it, this is what? 6 years after they parted ways in the woods? They’ve both gone through crazy stuff, new relationships, magic!babies, years and years of not even seeing each other. And despite all of that, Caroline is still in Klaus’ thoughts. He admits he thinks a lot about what her life will turn out like, and his letter basically reeks of pride. There’s still their little touches of flirtation in his words, and he signs it Yours. Which pretty much tells you all you need to know. Their story is just beginning…

KM: You are a fanfiction writer, but what is it about this couple which keeps you writing about them even though they are seen by many to be a ‘dead ship’?

Alex: I think it’s passion. Something about Klaroline just ignited it in me from the beginning. I think it’s seeing all the potential that was wasted with the two of them, and just wanting to see it play out some other way. That’s what’s great about fan fiction, right? A ship can be dead as a door nail (which isn’t Klaroline, as much as some people would wish it was), but they can still live on as long as there are fans passionate enough to help them too. There’s a lot of passion in the KC fandom, which I think helps. To want to see that passion continue.

KM: Now that the Klaroline ball has been dropped in TVD, do you think The Originals will finally acknowledge Caroline’s existence or will it just be something that happens offscreen?

Alex: I certainly hope we’ll see it play out in the new season of TO! Despite the rough start we’ve had, the show has done a good job of slowly introducing her to their narrative. Subtle things here and there, nothing too in your face. And with the recent mention of Caroline and Alaric’s school, I think it’s a great way to finally tie her in somehow. I’ll be kind of bummed if it all happens offscreen, but I won’t necessarily hate it. I do have a good feeling we might be seeing more of them, though. So I’ll hold onto that!

KM: If you were stuck on an island and could only take one Klaroline fanfic with you what would it be?

Alex: Can I plead the fifth on this one? No? There are so many INCREDIBLE fics out there. I’ve devoured so many of them over the years. Wicked Schemes by willowaus has been a favorite of mine, though. Along with Two Lost Souls. And Timeless. This is an impossible question to answer!!

KM: If the luck of fate would have it and you were picked to write a Klaroline scene, what kind of scene would you write?

Alex: I constantly have a million scenarios of them seeing each other again for the first time running through my head, so I would love to write one of those! Or some kind of angst filled argument scene. Because I like to wreck my own feelings with pain. But obviously they come back together in the end!

KM: And lastly, what’s your one piece of advice that you would like to give the fandom?

Alex: Don’t give up. Our fandom has had such a tough road over the last few years, but it’s our faith and confidence and passion in this ship that has kept us going. Ignore all the negativity, and the people who try to belittle our moments, however small they are. We’re a strong fandom. Keep holding strong.

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