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Bloggers Interview with zukauskaites

In today’s interview we got a chance to chat to Marcelina aka zukauskaites about how she keeps her love for Klaroline alive, how she would have written things different, and the one fic she would want with her on a deserted island. Read what she has to say here:


KM: For all of the readers who don’t know you, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Marcelina: My name is Marcelina, and I’m turning 20 in just a few days. I’m from Connecticut, USA. I’m in college for human rights, and I want to one day volunteer and work in the Middle East/North Africa regions. I’m also a big ass nerd. Other than Klaroline, I’m obsessed with Star Wars, Star Trek OST, and several YA series. Padmé Amidala is also my space wife.


KM: Klaroline is not the easiest ship to ship; what was it about this pairing that stood out to you?

Marcelina: I’m a Caroline stan, especially of her characterisation from the earlier seasons, and never liked how she was treated by her family nor her friends, so to see someone as old and corrupt as Klaus see that she is capable of so much definitely gripped me by the balls when I was younger.

KM: We know how hard it is to keep this ship afloat without any new canon material showing up on the dashboard. How do you manage to keep the spirit alive?

Marcelina: I’ve read a shit ton of KC fics, particularly canon-compliant fics, and always end up shipping ships similar to Klaroline, so I think that combination has helped me still be passionate about them, especially after two years without a scene or mention. I’m also stubborn as hell and love to piss people off, so knowing my shipping Klaroline has someone pissed right now is exciting.


KM: What is your favorite Klaroline moment?

Marcelina: The “I intend to be your last” scene will always be my favorite moment without a doubt.


KM: If you were sitting in the Writer’s Room, what would you make happen with Klaus and Caroline

Marcelina: If I was sitting in the writer’s room, I would have never let the shitfest that is the spinoff get a pilot. I also would have never even let the baby trope touch Caroline’s ass.

KM: I see you are an ardent Dair shipper as well, do you see any similarities between them and Klaroline?

Marcelina: I’ve always felt there were actually a lot of parallels between KC and DB. KC are not just the “good girl/bad guy” trope, and neither are DB just the “rich girl/lonely boy” trope. To me, they’re both so beyond these simple tropes. Like Dan did with Blair, Klaus saw that there was so much to Caroline than just where she grew up, and that’s essentially what made me fall in love with both ships.

KM: Now that Klaus has bitten the bullet and made out with Cami do you think Klaroline is over in his mind?

Marcelina: I don’t think his relationship with Caroline is over for him, but with these writers, God only knows what route they’ll take it. TO is such a shitfest, and the writers apparently can’t decide which shit they want to shit that it is hard to apply logic to it and theorise about what’ll happen. Regardless, I’m still confident that Klaroline are endgame, especially given recent events.

KM: If you were stuck on an island and could only take one Klaroline fanfic with you what would it be?

Marcelina: If I was on an island and could only take one KC fic, I would definitely pick Paradise Circle by Lila2. It’s such a classic KC fic, and probably one of my favorite fics of any fandom I’m in.

KM: If you had the chance to remove any character from TVD or TO who would you pick and why?

Marcelina: I would definitely remove Stefan. I loved and enjoyed Stefan up until season 4; however, after the way he’s treated her since they began dating, it’s hard to still like and root for his character.

KM: And lastly, what’s your one piece of advice that you would like to give the fandom?

Marcelina: My advice to the fandom is that even though it’s been a fucked up two years, keep your head high. The syndication argument for TO is literal bullshit, and if TVD does get a short eighth season – the chances of KC being endgame is honestly more likely than not – we’re already halfway to the finish line.


Check out Marcelina’s blog HERE