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Hey Klaroliners! I had the pleasure of interviewing Klaroline Drabbles after her win the Klaroline Awards for Best Overall blog, Most Optimistic Blog and Most Dedicated to the Fandom Blog! Here are her responses:

KM: For those who don’t know you explain a little bit about yourself.

Klaroline Drabbles: My name is Stephanie, I’m 21 (about to be 22 though), I’ve had klarolinedrabbles for almost five years now. And I’m a double major in both Philosophy and English Literature.


KM: How did it feel to be nominated for the awards?

Klaroline Drabbles:  I’m so honored to get nominated every year and so it surprisingly feels the same each time. I’m always very shocked, and just so earnestly grateful to everyone who nominates me. This fandom became such a magnificent place for me, where I’ve made so many friends, amongst this insanely talented group of people. So to be acknowledged by nominations along with people I’m constantly in awe of is so wonderful, and inspiring.


KM: How did it feel to win an award knowing it was other klaroline fans voting?

Klaroline Drabbles:  It’s so exciting! I’m always grateful and very honored just to be here with everyone, and so to have been chosen to win something by peers that I wouldn’t trade for the world is very surreal. This fandom has talent in spades, everyone is so important, and so talented, it’s hard to really take it all in. They’re people I’m more than proud to be in a fandom with, so coming from them, it means the world.


KM: What inspired you to start your blog?

Klaroline Drabbles: It’s gotta be that iconic moment in 3×11, I’ve never been so enthralled by something as quickly as then. I was hooked to this pairing after that scene, and I was loosing a lot of followers on my personal blog because they took over a bit, so I just decided to make a fandom blog. I’d seen so many from different fandoms but didn’t have anything that I loved enough to dedicate the time to, until Klaroline. I was writing tiny drabbles on my personal blog and my followers were just not having it, so this blog was born!


KM: When/how did you start shipping Klaroline?

Klaroline Drabbles: I started shipping Klaroline almost immediately after 3×11. I remember telling my sister during the episode that I was so surprised a scene between those two was so beautiful, and I told her “yup, I dig it”. Then very soon after was 3×14, and we had stills, and clips in the promo, it was just all a whirlwind inside this show that I was obsessed with, so it was very easy for me to really jump onto this ship, and I haven’t looked back ever since.


KM: Is there anything you would like to say to those who voted?

Klaroline Drabbles: Yes, of course. I never in a billion years expected to find this community of people that I’d grow to adore. We’ve embarked on this massive fight for something we believe in, and years later we’re all going super strong. And we’ve stayed that way through fandom activities such as this one. So thank you, not only to those who voted for me, but to everyone who voted. Every single person in this fandom is important, and we wouldn’t have been able to stay as prosperous as we’ve been, without acts like these.


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